Real Maid ZERO 1

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Real Maid ZERO 1 Book Summary

In the year 2030, computer networks have advanced to an unbelievable degree. A college sophomore during this era, Gennai Hiraga spends his nights going back and forth between all of the maid cafés in the cyber-town of Akihabara. Right when he thinks he’s had enough, a peculiar CG life form suddenly appears on his PC and directs him to a strictly members-only maid café that was completely off Gennai’s radar. There, he meets his match in Sara, who gives Gennai a run for his money…

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Real Maid ZERO 1 Book Comments

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Real Maid ZERO 1 - Kenjiro Kakimoto & Leo Reviews

  • Stupid

    By Jujubeans100
    Okay i like reading manga but the book was soo stupid! Hate me all you want but the book was sto stupid

Kenjiro Kakimoto & Leo - Real Maid ZERO 1 E-Book

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