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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author DIANE CAPRI Does It Again! NEW Hunt for Jack Reacher book!

"Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too. Kim Otto is a great, great character - I love her." Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers

Jack Reacher: Friend or Enemy?

It's been a while since we first met Lee Child's Jack Reacher in Killing Floor. Fifteen years and sixteen novels later, Reacher still lives off the grid, until trouble finds him, and then he does whatever it takes, much to the delight of readers and the dismay of villains. Now someone big is looking for him. Who? And why? Hunting Jack Reacher is a dangerous business, as FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are about to find out. Otto and Gaspar are by-the-book hunters who know when to break the rules; Reacher is a stone cold killer. Reacher is a wanted man, but is he their friend or their enemy? Only the secrets hidden in Margrave, Georgia will tell them.

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Don’t Know Jack - Diane Capri Book Reviews

  • Don't know Jack (Tparadigm)

    This was the first of Ms Capri's books I discovered. However, i'm buying all the others as soon as I finish this review. I read it today. Could not put it down. I have to say that it would do Lee Child proud. Same fast paced action and straight forward story line. Just the thing for a fascinating indulgence of time. Many thanks to you, Diane. Keep up the good work. You have another faithful fan.
  • WOW!! What a thrill ride!! (J Trowbridge)

    Couldn't put it down & the adrenaline rush is gonna keep me awake. Lol. Diane has done it again & I for one can't wait for the next adventure!!!
  • Don't Know Jack (Donnie55r)

    This is the first book of the series, and I've read three others on my iBook. Very suspenseful with very likable characters. The author says that you can read any of these books at any time, but I highly recommend readers to read this one first if possible. I say this because there are differences in the habits of the character, Gasper. Luggage handling, plane preference seating, leg stretching exercises and a couple other minor things.
  • Don't Know Jack (Ecoladean)

    An avid fan of Jack Reacher, I found this book to be an outstanding supplement to the Reacher stories
  • You Don't Know Jack (Franko in Houston)

    This is a fun, fairly quick read. I really enjoyed it.
  • Don't know Jack (Lynnp1953)

    Fast paced. Reacher style....👍
  • Great Book (Waldo'sGran)

    Riveting story! Interwinding plots were woven seamlessly into a cohesive unit.
  • Frustrating read (Wheaten greetin)

    Only the town of Margrave has anything to do with Reacher. Every time Reacher's name is mentioned you might as well replace it with"squirrel". Will make as much sense. The Reacher thread is pointless.
  • Don't know Jack (Ron 8200)

    If your a Reacher fan you will enjoy this book. The characters are like able, interesting, the story has a number of twists. A little too much like 24 no one could be effective going with so little sleep. I read in two 2 hour sets great for airplane reading. enjoy!
  • Jack (Yooper31)

    It's a great sleeper! Boring!

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