Real Maidol 1

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Real Maidol 1 Book Summary

In a not-so-distant future, the otaku capital of Akihabara has drastically transformed from a center of manga, anime, videogames and figures to a town of entertainment rife with cosplay bars and live music houses. There, Miyu, Ruri and Moe pursue their dream of becoming idols while working at a maid café. However, all three girls are far from the top of the popularity list. What will it take to get them noticed…?(Special thanks:[email protected]☆)

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Real Maidol 1 Book Comments

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Real Maidol 1 - Kenjiro Kakimoto, Leo & [email protected]☆ Reviews

  • 😑🔫

    By Da Meanie >;)
    This book is sort of cliché about the popularity thing. Also, the figures were obnoxiously gullible. Ruri's hair changes length in the cover. The artist can't draw heads in side view, and even I can do better. There was practically no plot or story. Too many characters. What were the figures even for?!

Kenjiro Kakimoto, Leo & [email protected]☆ - Real Maidol 1 E-Book

Real Maidol 1 - Kenjiro Kakimoto, Leo & [email protected]☆ E-Book coming soon..