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Bite Me

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 645385879701660087
  • Book Genre: Paranormal
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4.5 star
540 Ratings

Bite Me Book Summary

I had the perfect life; an awesome job in advertising, a gorgeous high rise apartment, and a flirtation with the guy down the hall. Then it all came crashing down.  Two months later I was a cocktail waitress living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I had also developed a serious ‘men suck’ attitude.
That all changed the night I met the beautiful and enigmatic Conner Savage. But there was just one little problem…he said he was a vampire. Figures a man that hot would be b*****t crazy. Or so I thought. It didn't take me long to realize that Conner wasn't a nut job and that I was addicted to him. With every moment we spent together he drew me deeper into his world and the supernatural culture in which he lived.
Now I had a choice: the vampire I craved or a normal life. Couldn't be easier, right?

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Bite Me Book Comments

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Bite Me - C.C. Wood Book Reviews

  • Best book I’ve ever read (A Nice Review person)

    A great story with a wonderful plot
  • Like!! Read this. (Gourmet43)

    I like this story! The heroine is funny, endearing, and strong in character. I like that she has a strong sense of self. Her girlfriends are hilarious and I’m hoping to that I will get to know them in their own stories. The author put a different spin on the vampire lore that works for me.
  • Great series! (natrebel)

    Gray series loved it! I’m waiting for more. This first book got me from the beginning
  • Sexy and easy reading (beccaluv9289)

    Great story line in my opinion. Sexy love scenes to boot. Excited to purchase the next books in the series.
  • Don't waste your time (Art61588)

    Didn't even make it past page 10. Too slow and very poor writing
  • BOOOO (Dads mom bob kid love45444)

  • Awesome! (Sophia14443)

    Truly enjoyed this book! Hot sexy scenes. Great storyline with a different spin on vampires. Thanks to the author for sharing your writing gift❤️
  • Meh (KellyG198)

    Wasn't great, but it wasn't the worst I've ever read. Pretty boring. Skipped quite a few pages. Just felt more like the work of a high school student, albeit a high school student with some talent, but it just never really came together for me.
  • Steamy and Seductive👌🏼 (genevaschlepp)

    A new twist on vampire books with a strong female lead who isn't prepared to bare her neck on the first date. So so good. Loved it!
  • Meh (Sarahlavigne)

    Nothing to write home about. DULL!

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