The Game

The Game by Terry Schott Book Summary

The Matrix/ Ender's Game meets The Hunger Games ...

What if, instead of traditional schools, children learned by participating in a virtual reality simulation, one that allowed them to experience, "life" from birth to death - multiple times?

What if one player,
on his final play,
could change the world forever...?

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The Game (Terry Schott) Book Reviews

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- Very Meta, Couldn’t be Betta5 star

One of the best books I’ve ever read. Couldn’t put it down.

- Gr8 read5 star


- Solid existential story4 star

Overall a good read. Characters are developed quickly, and they don’t seem to get muddled together. Not a 5 star due to the book being riddled with typos, and editing mistakes. Hoping the next book’s grammar and syntax are remedied.

- So good!!5 star

This whole series has been soooo good so far! I’m currently on book 5 and I can’t get enough!

- So different5 star

Never read a book like this. Very intriguing

- Loved it5 star

I’ve been reading this for 15 minutes everyday and sometimes I have to read extra because of how good this book is

- Really enjoyed5 star

Great book

- Good concept, bad execution2 star

I like the concept of this book a lot, but throughout the book, it just felt very badly explained. The characters were NOT likable, and the environment the book is set in is not realistic at all, as this book is trying to make it seem like. The Tygon world is not realistic and honestly make me cringe sometimes. Trew and Danielle is so arrogant and pretentious but the book tries to say the opposite? I was very excited to read this but I’m very disappointed.

- Loved it!5 star

This and the rest of the series are amazing!

- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯4 star

I mean for a free book it’s pretty good. A little too romantic for my taste but there was definitely an amazing sci-fi element to it. It’s got a lot of interesting viewpoints and I definitely recommend if you’re trying to kill some time.

- Life changing5 star

I now view life as though it may be one large game. I also pray more and recognize responses from God and I don’t take anything for granted

- Give me more!5 star

I could not put this book down and now here I am reading the second chapter to it. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in this second chapter! I highly recommend it!

- Yep5 star

I like it because I don’t know how I can do that but I’m not gonna it does that mean that the man who I know I ever do for you you know I do that for a while but I know that I don’t know how to do it because I know that I know how I can do that but I’m not gonna because I don’t want that to happen to e I can edo that but I’m not gonna it is because of you and how you do it all right and you can do that but I because you are not gonna it because you know that I’m not that I don’t know how I ever gonna is the same thing I do I know that I know how I can do that do it for you because I know you don’t know how you can yesterday’s your own life and I do not mirror it because I know that you can do a good mirror

- Amazing!!5 star

Goes into a lot of detail about the game simulation theory. It’s an awesome book, one of my favorites now.

- This has been a good read.5 star

Today the story continues farther...

- Really great!!5 star

This book is nothing short of excellent. The concept is so relatable and yet so mysterious that I was hooked right until the last page. The book is really worth it

- Poorly Done1 star

This is such a compelling concept, but the writing was painful to get through, the characters were beyond bland, and there was no worldbuilding. There were so many plot holes that were quite clearly just left because the author did not know how to explain them. Disappointing. I don’t know why this is getting good reviews

- Mind Blown5 star

Wow. This book is like Ready Player One meets The Matrix.

- A good read4 star

Read during lunch breaks, didn’t feel forced to continue as the story progresses nicely. Keeping some characters straight is challenging as they have human and avatar personas. Could be a title for book clubs or in classroom on topics of faith, reality, loyalty, etc.

- Great read5 star

Great book loved it📖

- Really good5 star

This was a really good book. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in a weekend.. that’s how good it was. I would definitely recommend it to readers that enjoy video games (unlike myself) and virtual reality. If I had time, I would one hundred percent read it again.

- AMAZING!!!!5 star

This book is by far one of the best books I’ve read. Once I started, I could not put the book down! I have now read all of the books in this series and WOW... I can’t get enough. It’s very different from the genres I’m used to reading but somehow it grabbed my attention and I’m so glad it did. You won’t regret downloading this FREE book!!

- Stunning5 star

This is my third time around reading this series. It blows my mind. There is so much real life advice in here that you’d never expect.. besides being a great story, it’s also very motivating!

- Gr85 star

Good read, really buttered my croissant even after the fourth time reading itᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

- Life’s a game5 star

Got this book off iTunes free years ago read it, loved it, thought it was very imaginative ( read it in my early 20s, I feel old just typing that) and now at ripe age 29 (cusp of 30) read it again and I am changed! The Game is LIFE!! Must read!

- Very Captivating!5 star

I don’t read often, but this book had my eyes glued to my phone. After finishing the book I couldn’t keep myself from buying Digital Heretic to continue following the story. After that I knew it was safe to just buy the whole series! The Interlude Brandon and Shadow books kinda threw the flow of the series off, but the details from those stories answer a lot of questions and really help with the character development. All in all, definitely a good read for a free book, but be prepared to buy the next book because you won’t be able to stop after this one.

- Riveting5 star

This book series hit me at the perfect point and changed my life. Love them all.

- The Game A Great Book5 star

A great dystopian book, with lots of twists and turns it’s almost as if you’re on a roller coaster. Would highly suggest to read.

- SO GOOD5 star

Amazing read!

- Excellent writing.5 star

I was engaged from start to finish. It makes for an interesting view on life....

- Yee5 star


- Beautiful!!!5 star

This is a great read from start to finish! I couldn’t put it down until it was over. I was moved to tears throughout! I honestly want to read the book over again because I want to memorize the lives the author created when writing this book.

- I love this series!5 star

So good, I’m actually writing a review. Solid cast of characters and a gripping plot kept me turning pages until the wee hours. I plowed through one book after another and every time I thought it couldn’t get any better....mind blown again. Once I started with the first book, I couldn’t get to the next one fast enough. Hand down, one of my favorite series EVER.

- Almost Perfect4 star

Great concept and book but wish there was an audio book for it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

- Addicted5 star

I love this series it’s so addictive definitely a must read

- Great book3 star

Great book, it’s very interesting, and brings a new concept to traditional dystopian novels. It makes you want to get the next one right away. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book in this genre, can’t wait to read the next ones.

- A Must Read!!!5 star

Hands down one of my all time favorite books and book series. I couldn’t put it down and have reread it at least 6 times. If you love science fiction, dystopian societies, mystery, action, all combined with a lot of hope then this is for you. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!!!!!!

- Great book.5 star

I don’t know if you watch Netflix or whatever to go sleep but start reading this book in order to go to sleep at night. You probably will fall asleep faster and have more vivid dreams. The science behind it works like this. As you read your eyes will get tired. They will send a message to your brain that your body is tired so you’re going to eventually feel sleepy and fall asleep. Check this tho reading is highly stimulating. Multiple parts of your brain are active when you’re reading. Your body is going to fall asleep but your brain is still highly active so the energy has to go some where. (This the part where my theory comes in.) I believe that when you’re sleeping you’re getting a glimpse of what your subconscious does to use that energy. Therefore what you’re seeing is no longer what your conscious brain processes as you see through your eyes. You’re actually seeing your subconscious. Read the summary. If you’re as interested in the summary as I was then when you start using that technique you’ll see what I mean.

- Great Read5 star

This book is amazing and held me captive the entire time. This would be a great movie or series!!! All the characters are amazing and I’m about to start the 2nd book. Love it

- Brings up thought provoking ideas5 star

This book starts out light hearted, but then there are many ideas that can change the way you view life, a must read for just about all readers.

- Love it5 star

Great book.

- The Game5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book!!!!!

- Great story w/ good lessons5 star

An amazing story. Many good ideas and thought on how to live life. A self help book wrapped in an exciting story. Great read :)

- I love this book5 star

I love this book

- Most enjoyable read in a long time5 star

I am in love with “The Game” series. Every single book in this series is a great read. The writing is so smooth, and easily puts you right in the world of these books. I am going to read all of Terry Schott’s other works while I wait for the next book in this series. I am so happy to have found this book. If you want a pretty easy, super entertaining read, please try this book out. I guarantee you will enjoy this.

- *****5 star

Wonderful book with plenty of twists and turns. Depth of concept is amazing throughout the series

- Loved it!5 star

Enjoyed reading it! It was hard to put it down but looked forward to continuing it each time! Congratulations, great book!

- Interesting4 star

What a different thought process this was! It will make you think about the world we live in and what we don’t know!

- Great Book!5 star

I had so much fun reading this book. I was really interested in the concept, and I think the author fleshes it out pretty convincingly. The story twists and turns and keeps you guessing the whole time. After finishing all the current books in the series I went back and started it again, and the second read-through was just as good.

- The Game1 star

I read this book in 2 minutes duh duh boa boi

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- Absolutely stunning!5 star

This book changed the way I view religious practices that I participate in

- The Game - Nice Surprise4 star

Saw this book through Bookbub as a free download and decided to try it.... Found this to be a story that kept me reading and wanting to read the next in the series. Our main character Trew, aka Zack, discovers he, like so many others are living in a computer game. While living a charmed life on earth, his body resides in a medical bed on Tygon. Around Zack, members of his team are trying to ensure his virtual life is successful and entertaining to those viewing the game. Unbeknownst to them, other forces are at play trying to complicate matters and end both Zack and Trew’s lives on both worlds. I like the characters of Trew and Danni, although much too perfect, and enjoyed the excerpts added into the story of fictional editorials that provided insights into the lives of the characters and ourselves. I had hoped Danni would have been a more significant character as I found her much more interesting than Trew. Perhaps in the second instalment of this series.

- AMAZING5 star

Absolutely outstanding couldn’t put it down

- I rly.1 star

Too long

- Amassing series5 star

This is a great series. It sucks you in and makes you very invested into the characters lives. I can't read the books fast enough to find out what happens next.

- Amazing5 star

Loved this book. Have read it a few times now

- Trust me just read it5 star

It will open your eyes and mind to everything around you so trust me and just read it it changed my life forever

- Incredible5 star

I have read this book and every book in this series now. I get so absorbed in the world every time I read them! I hope to see this some day as a movie! Amazing job, I'll be buying your next series as well!

- Free5 star

amazing book that's free

- The game4 star

Excellent story! Universe and premise very good overall. Character development awesome. Great idea externals and infernals. Interesting way to bring in the religious aspects. Cliffhanger ending a Little bit of a let down, but it will keep me reading. Overall. I rate this book in my top 50.

- The Game5 star

I really suggest giving this book a read. It was wonderful. Once I started reading this book, it was extremely hard to put my phone down. This book teaches a very good lesson while containing suspense that could make your heart pound and have you gripping the edge of your seat. I highly recommend giving this book a chance.

- Jawn banging5 star

Jawn was tuff bro write another like this #solid

- Pleasantly surprised4 star

I got this book because it was free on iTunes. I assumed it was a series and if I liked it, I would be compelled to buy the next book. Well, it worked. There are quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes, it is hard to over look those kinds of things, but I got used to it. Good story, good pace, good characters, and I can't wait to read the next one.

- Best book I've read in a while!5 star

It makes you think, swoon, and want to throw your phone across the room.

- Good fun and intriguing read4 star

There's a LOT of ideas in a relatively short book. It can seem choppy and rushed at times but the ideas are all rich and wonderful to explore. Well worth the read and might expand your thinking in all sorts of unexpected ways.

- Good read5 star

Entertaining and simple. A fun ride to segue into more! Excited to read the second one!

- The Game5 star

Really enjoyed the concept and the storyline. Good characters that keep you engaged, enough to want to read the next book in the series.

- Game is Life5 star

Love this series so much!!!

- Excellent book!5 star

This book was amazing and left me on such a cliff hanger! Now I have to beg my parents to get me the 2nd and 3rd books :3

- Amazing!5 star

This novel is wonderfully compelling and heartfelt. I am hardly ever compelled to take the time to write a review but this book is so moving I had to create one. I stayed awake all night to finish reading it. If you are looking for a thought provoking, emotionally charged read, I can't recommend this book strongly enough! I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

- Wow just wow5 star

This was amazing and when I saw 'end of book one' I literally cried 😥

- Fantastic!!!5 star

This was such an amazing read! I loved how well designed it was! It just fit all so well!!!

- Great concept, good delivery4 star

TL;DR This was a worthwhile read and I would definitely read the sequel. Overall, I loved the concept and congratulate the author on a good execution. The plot had an appropriate pace, and the characters were distinct and relatable. My favorite parts of the book were the excerpts from different sources at the beginning of most of the chapters. They were an effective way of giving different perspectives within the story while also giving the reader food for thought. I was occasionally distracted when the author would tell rather than show, i.e. we were told about a character's reactions but little about what they were reacting to. Nonetheless, I still reached for this book on my phone whenever I had spare time. All in all, I think the book is well-written and I hope to get around to reading the sequel!

- Phenomenal5 star

Amazing makes you wonder about our world, is it truly just all a game....? Second book is out digital heretic and third interlude-Brandon and fourth virtual prophet and there is even book 1 of the next series set in 'the game' called shadows!!! ENJOY

- The Best Book Ever5 star

This book is the most amazing book you will ever read, it became my favourite book in the very first chapter.

- Pretty good4 star

I loved the story really well done I would recommend this book to anyone!!😋😋

- The Game5 star

The Game was one of the most amazing and exciting books i've ever read! It's just wonderful!

- Awesome Book!5 star

Awesome book! I've always wanted a book like this! It makes u think if YOUR life is in a simulation! Please come out with book 2 soon!

- The Game5 star

Lots of thought went into this science fiction story. A little hard to believe at times, however, overall a decent enough story about decent people. I liked the insight into living your life on a daily basis. No long range plan needed. Just live your life. Everyone you meet wants you to plan your life. Have to have a plan..... Sometimes when we over plan our lives we end up disappointed with what we are left with. Overall very entertaining read.....

- Quite amazing story line5 star

The book is wonderful. The end left me wondering us Tygon also a game; or who gave instructions to Brandon's father!! Can't wait long for the next book. Pls release it soon

- The game5 star

Definitely worth reading. And more than that, worth thinking about. Are we on Earth, or........? Can the "games we play" affect reality? What are the winning conditions? Can't wait for book two

- A Love Story or Not A Love Story4 star

Very interesting concept, sat down and read the whole thing start to finish. I highly recommend having a go at this book if you are looking for something just a little bit different then your average love story.

- Amazing5 star

Great book, very different from what I expected. It's still scifi but it's a lot more drama and kind of GodvsDemons in a way so more supernatural. It makes you see the world in a new light. Great cliffhanger too.

- Next Book!!!!!5 star

This book is amazingly done. Really made the effort bubble through the text. Can't wait to find the next book!

- Loved it5 star

Loved every word

- Great concept3 star

The premise of the book is fantastic (if somewhat a blend of existing ideas as opposed to truly original) and overall an enjoyable read. The writing, however, lacks the ability to genuinely connect the reader to the characters and overall reflects the distinction between an amateur versus professional writer

- The game is life 15 star

Omg!!! One of the best books I have ever read!! Can't wait to begin the second book!!😍😍😍

- good book5 star

it is a good book but a bit slow at first. It becomes very intense and ends in a big cliff hanger that was not expected

- Stunning5 star

I don't write reviews often but that book deserved one. It's so clever. I couldn't put the book down. Can't wait to read the 2nd one!!

- Great read5 star

Couldn't put the book down until it was finished.

- The Game5 star

A highly entertaining read. Draws in the reader with cleverly presented parallels to our world and present social behaviours .

- Great read!! 🔥🔥😁4 star

Can't wait to read the next one! 📖📚😆

- Second book please5 star

I can't wait till you put the second book on iBook it looks like it good to be good because of how the first one ends I really can't wait to read it please put the second book on iBook soon I can't wait to read the other books you have written as will I hope you release them soon so we can read your amazing work

- Awesome5 star

Wish these games exists in the real world

- The Game. Book one5 star

Wow! Super bon, j'ai hâte de lire le 2ème

- Fantastic read! Worth every page5 star

Really makes you enjoy reading. A hint of Enders Game, hunger games and the tv show fringe all mashed together. Just download and enjoy for sure

- The game is life!5 star

I read this every morning before work and my mind is blown by the ending! Side note: It was a little hard at times to tell that you were now writing from the other persons point of view until I was a few sentences in.

- Amazing5 star

This book was phenomenal

- The Game5 star

I loved this book! It almost makes you think we really could be playing a game. It also makes you think about choices in life. Am I living the best life I can live? How well am I doing in my "play"?

- Wow5 star

Excellent book. Very entertaning. Can't Way for book two

- Amazing5 star

This book was fantastic good job Terry Schott

- A stroke of genius and a very well written book. I live for this type of story.5 star

I loved this book, if I could rate it any higher I would. The concept is awesome, AI mixed with virtual reality makes for a great story. The way that Terry started every chapter was cool too, it was good to understand the world that she created and how she mixed that into the chapters made it so interesting. After every chapter, especially the first half, I couldn’t help but praise how good it was. I usually lean toward a fantasy read, but this gave me such an appreciation for sci fi? Is that the right genre? Very very well done and a big thank you to the author for writing this gem :D

- Spellbinding.5 star

I first read this book when it was released, and it is still one of the best books I’ve read. Buy it. Make sure you get the series, and start reading when you have a couple of days off, because you won’t want to put them down.

- Great book5 star

Loved it!

- Favourite new fiction of the last 8 years.5 star

Such a FABULOUS interweaving of ideas, spirituality, science fiction and current themes on our planet. Major shifts in the exploration between story and life, in each compelling chapter... This book has altered how I see life, in my every day. Paradigm shift and warp.

- Can't stop reading5 star

Amazing series of books! I am re-reading them while waiting for the newest book in this series!

- Just believable enough that you feel you are there4 star

Great start to a great series. Looking forward to the instalments.

- LOL1 star


- Not a kids book!5 star

It's funny... I started this book in the middle reading with my son each night while my husband was away ~ normally a beautiful father/son activity at bedtime... but the book grabbed me & then as I downloaded a copy & put it on my phone. I put my other book down & started from the beginning. I Love the concept, the idea is brilliant & fascinating. So much of it are thoughts & concepts that are not new, but presented in a new & thought provoking way! I can't wait to start the next one!

- Loved it !!!!5 star

These Game books have joined my top ten books along with Harry Potter and the Hanger Games. I can't understand why everyone hasn't read them!! Do yourself a favour and read the whole series..

- Great book!4 star

I loved this book. It's that good that I will definitely be reading it again. I can't wait to read the next one! 👍👌👏😄

- Good book4 star

Very nice, I enjoyed reading it

- Good4 star

The book is awesome and has all the right aspects

- -- true opinion3 star

Just like everyone else.. I found the concept of this story highly intriguing.. However I found it hard stay excited and my anticipation was wearing off due to the slow styled pace this writer chose..

- Book 1 of 4 (so far)5 star

If you don't want to hooked on a series then don't read this book. It's addictive! Thought provoking. The concept of real and reality is well done. Slow in part as you would expect from and 1st book in a set (3rd booking is a prequel and is extremely dry). A very hard series to put down

- Disappointed2 star

Reading this book was like watching a season of the TV series "Lost": there were too many unresolved issues that seemed to arise from poor plot development in this book, and probably throughout the series. The writing was lazy, more suited to young adult fiction. This had the potential to be a good book but the author seemed more concerned with creating cliff hangers and hasty writing.

- Incredibly engaging.5 star

This book was a great read. I was thoroughly engaged and it made me think.

- Patience is a virtue5 star

Almost a year and a half and I regularly check if the next book is out. Please please please? The concept of this book is so great.

- Captivating5 star

A fantastic sci Fi book. I was completely engrossed. Brilliantly written with a fantastic plot. I'm not into sci Fi but I couldn't put it down and am desperate to read book 2.

- Amazing!5 star

I've never read anything like it and I certainly couldn't put it down! Can't wait for the next book!!

- Captivating5 star

Fantastic book and I loved the concept! Biggest disappointment - where are the next books iTunes?! You can buy the next 3 books on kindle, why not iTunes? If you really wanted this book and the author to succeed on iTunes they should be available, especially when this book is free at the moment and has a great ending that leaves you wanting more. I would have bought all the following books right now if you had them available.

- My head hurts!!5 star

Awesome book! Bit pissy that you can get the 2nd book, digital heretic, on kindle, but it's not here??? Pull your finger out Apple!!!!

- Definitely worth the read4 star

It's only short and a bit hard to get into with all the swaps between characters each chapter, but the freshness of the plot and the characters being great against the odds and through gambles is definitely enough to make me want to read more. Bring on book two!!

- Great but crappy ending4 star

This book had a fantastic story line and made you want to keep reading but I found the ending so irritating. All in all it was fantastic and can't wait for book 2.

- Great concept...4 star

Loved the concept, was a bit long and slow in places especially towards the end but very clever idea!!

- Addictive!4 star

Blitzed through this in a couple days, so entertaining and captivating! Def reading the rest in the series

- Great5 star

Can't wait for book two. Mind trip, though. Awesome stuff.

- Great story4 star

Great original story. Sucked me in and kept me wanting more. Not a literary masterpiece, but on the flipside there's no labouring through flowery metaphors that so characterize prize winning novels. Main criticism is that a lot of the dialogue between characters seemed to formal, not what people would really say to each other. But overall a good read.

- The Game Review5 star

AMAZING BOOK! I really loved all of it, start to finish, when I wasn't reading the book, I could only think about what was going to happen to Trew next, when I was I couldn't focus on the rest of Earth. I need to read the second book, please? Terry Schott, an amazing writer with a great habit for description and fantastic at perspective writing. Where is the second book?!? I must know how Alexandra react to the news on Earth and on Tygon! -Nicole

- Interesting reading5 star

Amazing book with a hell of an idea about life and world. At some point, i do question myself about this. Cant wait for the next book!

- The game5 star

WOW... What a fantastic concept, very original and thought inducing. Dying for the next book :)

- Great concept4 star

I have such mixed feelings about this book! At times it was brilliant, other times it was a slog, reading through all the detail. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, but in saying all of that I'm extremely excited about the next book. It would make a fantastic movie!!

- Loved it5 star

The concept is amazing and I could not put this down the only thing I'm disappointed in is that the next book is not ready yet. Can't wait to see what happens next.

- Interesting4 star

Loved the concept - hated the writing. The poor writing style was childish and was often very distracting from the actual storyline. But idea was so good, that I couldn't help but keep reading.

- The game5 star

Crazy mind warp . Almost makes you feel like you are in the game . Crazy can't wait for book 2 .

- Very Good Read5 star

This one is a bit spooky, and sure makes you think but a very entertaining read all the same.

- Hooked5 star

I got recommended this book by a work colleague. I have never been one for reading. But this book #1 had me hooked from beginning to end. I have read all of the 8 books in this series. And when questions get answered, you’re left with more questions. You will not be disappointed. I now recommend this book to anyone I know that reads.

- Lenkaspace5 star

Loved it

- Great storyline , great characters and brilliantly written5 star

I picked this book pretty much at random as I've caught up with all the other authors work that I usually read. I found myself really impressed by the storyline and the characters and found it easy to read and a book that made me want to get started on the next right away . I've just bought book 2 and think it will be just as good :)

- Excellent5 star

Great story, really well thought out and different

- Brilliant, but flawed4 star

Enjoyed the book, but dislike the cliffhanger ending. More authors are doing this to make you buy the next book. I will not do so, as there are 5 more books, each no doubt with its own cliffhanger. A shame, as the concept, originality and style is of the highest quality.

- Great read 😊5 star

Can't wait to read the rest of the series 😊

- Wow5 star

This was the best book I have read in a long time. Great storyline, definitely going to buy the rest of the books! Would highly recommend to all people

- Brilliant!5 star

An absolutely amazing book! The writing style isn't hard to understand unlike some hard core science fiction yet it still draws you in from the very beginning, the characters are believable and you empathise with them very easily, and there are also many plot points to figure out in the next books.

- Absolutely Incredible5 star

This book is absolutely fantastic, it has literally changed my life. I am so obsessed with this book - it should be so much more well known than it is! Terry Schott is an incredible author and he deserves to be so much more well known! Incredible concept - get reading!

- Outstanding5 star

All the books in this series are simply outstanding. Well written, great pace and characters you care about. Good old fashioned story telling at its best

- Did a child write this?1 star

Why does this have so many good reviews? I feel like I'm reading a schoolboys attempt at a first essay.

- Great Book4 star

Very interesting story line, is there part 2 coming out soon?.

- Absolutely loved it!5 star

The book kept me gripped from start to finish would definitely recommend, can't wait for the second one really hope it comes out!

- The charitaters are annoing.2 star

I wont lie, I find the way the charicters exsplan everything incredably annoying. I wont get into the things that I dislike about SL because I think its a good idare for a book just with a few annoying details. But if it was a film (so people could play the charicters less iratating, plus I feel like the people in the book are crap acters hows that possible) it would defantly be one to go see.

- Brill5 star

Really enjoyed the book and all the characters. Makes you think! Buying the rest of the series

- Mister5 star

Well I am hooked! Ruined first few days of my summer trip with my girlfriend, spending every second turning pages. Are those sequels I see after turning the final page? YES PLEASE!!

- The Game5 star

Excellent read,couldn't put it down

- A good read4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Could of been longer just to beef it out a bit but the concept of the book is interesting and its pulled me in enough to want to check out the next book in the series.

- Wow5 star

Outstanding first book, defo Worth the read

- The game5 star

This is not my usual read, I downloaded it on the off chance it might spark my imagination. I wasn't disappointed. Fantastic concept, well written and I've already decided to search the author for other titles. Thank you.

- 5 star read5 star

One of the best books I've read, had me hooked from page one.

- Not a big fan of fiction.5 star

But this one.....damn it's good. Will have to buy the 2nd book to see what happens next.

- Mr5 star

I'm not really the one for reading, this is the first book I've finished off. Wow what a book, very good story and very addictive. Can't wait for the second book.

- Couldn't put it down!5 star

I absolutely loved this book, everything is so cleverly explained, it has you actually questioning the world we live in! Can't believe this was a free download, and I'm definitely buying the next one now

- Worth reading5 star

The idea behind this book is brilliant. Kept me turning page after page to find out more about how it all works. And had me questioning my own existence. I do agree with other reviews that say you don't really connect with the characters. Their lives feel rushed, you never really feel like you get to know them. I still give it a 5 star rating though. I enjoyed it a lot despite not getting emotionally attached to any of the characters.

- Amazing5 star

Kept me reading it all day! Can't wait for the second one!

- Intriguing.5 star

Took a while to get going, but when it did, brilliant.

- Love it!5 star

Downloaded for free & what a great book! Have already downloaded the rest of the series, can't wait to get reading!

- Amazing5 star

I could not honestly recommend this book more. I've read this and two of the sequels and I just want more, completely. It can seem quite simple at first, then it takes an unexpected twist which is incredibly gripping and makes you need to get the next instalment to see exactly what happens.

- Loved it...4 star

Bit slow to start..middle had me thinking 'is my life a game'......end, poor Danielle xx

- Compelling read5 star

I read this 500 page book in just under a day, I could not put it down and loved every single chapter. What a brilliant writer and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. The storyline was so interesting and the theory was so plausible. I am downloading the next book right away. Read it and see if you are not hooked like I was from page a well deserved 5 stars

- Loved it.4 star

Loved it!

- Truly WOW!5 star

Makes you think about life in a whole new way. Couldn't put it down and have read every book Terry Schott has written now. Addicted!!

- Fantastic!5 star

Couldn't stop reading! Loved it

- Great book5 star

Omfg can't believe the ending wow seriously oh:) A definition of perfection

- Amazing5 star

I loved this book. I guess there was an echo of The Truman Show in the concept but Schott developed twists and turns and some inspirational ideas. I was utterly captivated by this story and have been left wondering now and again about the ending. This is a very clever book that finished on a cliffhanger. I need book 2-now.

- The game5 star

Excellent book, really well written. Kept me intrigued all the way through! A*!! Must read :))

- The game5 star

Awesome read. Totally addictive, can't wait to read the next book.

- Great if you are ten1 star

I'm sure this is a swell book for the under twelves, if you happen to have never seen the matrix. Generally well written but I've seen high school stories with a greater depth of originality.

- Amazing book4 star

An absolute page turner... I look forward to reading more

- good storyline3 star

I think the storyline was very creative and it was interesting to read, however, I could not get into it. Usually it takes me a few days to read a good book but this one took me almost two weeks to read! I could not connect with the characters and didn't like the writing style.

- Wow5 star

Amazing... Couldn't put it down, read it in 2 days aside working full time. Have had to purchase the 2nd book to discover all this unanswered questions.. 😊

- An astounding and unique read!5 star

Everything about this book is brilliant - the characters, the storyline and the writing style itself. I would definitely recommend The Game, to others.

- Wow5 star

This book makes for a fabulous reading! xx

- Great book5 star

I was gripped from start to finish. Thank you

- The Game4 star

Worth reading, good finish.

- Gripping4 star

Very enjoyable. Thanks for the free download.

- Duno just looking at price tells me it's not a very good book5 star


- Excellent5 star

A great book that deserves more recognition

- Lacks 'character'2 star

An interesting concept but I just couldn't feel any empathy or connection to the characters. It was as if I was reading about a story instead of getting involved with it.

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- The Game is... Mediocre3 star

I really, really enjoyed the premise of this book. The beginning stages of explaining the game and how it worked were very interesting, however the book just wasn'tnt descriptive enough when detailing Trew and Danielle's lives together. I was turned off by that fact during the second half of the book but overall it was a good read.

- Crap1 star

This is an interesting story premise but poorly written with no character development, not enough back story to fully understand the setting, and an abrupt ending.

- Yes5 star


- The Game4 star

Interesting book and fun to read.

- The Game Is Life5 star

This book has been one of my favorites since I was fourteen years old. I recently read it for the fourth time in as many months; it still doesn’t quite get old. While the writing is far from perfect and many characters, particularly children, suffer from “Same Voice Syndrome,” The Game is conceptually one of the best books I’ve ever read. The philosophical questions raised and the exploration of the role of religion in personal and societal spheres are fascinating and well-handled; the characters are interesting and the world built is equally compelling in its dystopian deterioration. If you’re too much of a stickler for smaller writing follies, or only accept works written to exact style and grammar specifications, this may not be the book for you. Otherwise, I’d recommend it to just about everyone else. I can no longer count the number of times I’ve read it; it’s worth reading at least once.

- BRAVO5 star

Even during a second read through I am not only captivated by this story, but intrigued in my personal life by the concept. This idea is fascinating and well written. I would HIGHLY recommend.

- I love it so much5 star

I like the game! It’s a great book so far I just started reading it! I think they should make a movie about it it’s such a great book!

- Not a huge reader5 star

So maybe someone who doesn't read much , doesn't have what it takes to review a book . Never the less , I'm going to write one any way . I really loved this book . It has great flow , and plays like a movie in my head when I read it . Yep I've started reading it again . Well written , well thought out . I'll be purchasing the others in the series for sure . If I had one critique it would be that it was difficult for me to relate to the main characters as they were children . Most children I know aren't like that , actually there aren't any children that I know like that . Though to be honest it was part of the allure to the book . I'm a fan !

- It was interesting...2 star

It’s a very fascinating concept and very thought provoking. I enjoyed the plot and seeing how even in the future the economy is still the irrefutable authority for both the better and the worst, but I feel like the focus shifted too quickly at times and the writing strategy, Show don’t tell,” would greatly improve it. The idea of avatars having “Talent” was intriguing but the reader is left oblivious to what it actually is.

- The Game5 star

Beyond actual aspects rise understanding. Our, God, Jehovah, bless.

- The game5 star

This book is excellent

- Mind Changing5 star

This book is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. This book has everything I want to read about: mysterious, romance, unpredictable, and scientific. I love this book and will continue the series.

- Ttttt3 star


- Wow. Just wow.5 star

It is 2:49 in the morning and after reading this epic first edition three times in two days, the only thing I can think is wow. As an aspiring writer myself, I can only dream of writing a masterpiece such as The Game.


I 100% would give 10 stars if that were an option. My mind is blown. I couldn’t put it down.

- Great read5 star

Certainly kept me engaged the entire book.

- Amazing5 star

This was a great book but definitely needs a second book to go with it!!!!

- Couldn’t put it down.5 star

I absolutely loved every book in this series so far, waiting impatiently for more.

- It was amazing it’s the only book I have been able to actually read.5 star

Definitely worth a read.

- The Game5 star

The book is based on a really neat concept. I thought the flow of the writing was very nice. The author did a great job of story development and produced a great quality product.

- Excellent5 star

This was perfect: the book perfected the balance of happiness, sadness, confusion, anger, and every other emotion there is.

- Couldn’t put it down5 star

Definitely one of the best free books the Apple store has ever offered. I literally couldn’t stop reading it and of course with that ending I had to buy the next book and I will probably buy all of the ones in the series. I could see this series becoming as big as Divergent and even being made into a film.

- Page turner for sure5 star

I didn’t think I’d be too interested. It was something I picked up because I was bored but wow. Made me get the whole series

- THE GAME5 star

To be completely honest I'm not a video game chick. In a different situation, I would have just skipped over this book because I'm into the mystery and romance books but when one of my guy friends said I had to read it because it was an awesome book I didn't believe him. I almost stopped reading it because the first couple chapters where boring but he said read 1 more chapter and I got hooked big time. I stayed up until 2 a.m just to finish the book. It is now one of my favorite books and I recommend it 100%.

- Great book5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I rarely read books anymore but had a hard time putting this down. Finished the book in two days and loved every word. The plot is exciting and I plan to see where it goes in the next book.

- So cool5 star

Super cool book because it has 61 chapters the more the chapters the better

- Amazing!5 star

Awesome series, just started 3rd book

- Must Read5 star

I downloaded this book a while back on my iPad because it was free. I had no idea what I got myself into. I read this book everywhere; during meals, on the bus and I just couldn’t put it down. Definately a must read.

- Amazing5 star

Too good to put down already bought and read all 8 books.

- Great reads!4 star

Couldn't put the game down. Other books in the series are fun too!

- Great Story5 star

10 out of 10 🤘🏼

- Brilliant5 star

Must read

- Fantastic Series5 star

In order to fully get this book you have to continue reading. I was fully hooked after the first book and it just kept getting better and better. The plot twists, the way in which the author explains things is society is top notch. I especially like the way everything fits together. I don't want to give any spoilers so I'm sorry for being vague but I literally walked around talking about this book to everyone. It blew me away. If you like sci-fi and fantasy, I would definitely recommend this book and the other seven in the series. Just a note since I read other reviews that comment on grammar, punctuation and poor editing. The author is from Canada which is the reason for some different word selection. Also, this is an Indie (independently published) so you will find a couple grammatical errors and an occasional run-on sentence. That doesn't change how awesome the story line is and I can't wait for the ninth book to come out!

- Intriguing5 star

I read 1-4, iTunes is having an issue with #5 downloading, but 1-4 flow so well with such a deep story and great characters you’ll be hooked immediately. Great book and series.

- Cool idea5 star

I really enjoyed this idea and story. It pulled me in so much that I eventually bought the whole series. Great read!

- Loved it!5 star

Great book can't wait to read the next one soon

- Great5 star

I took a chance on this book because it was in the top free charts and fell in love with it. I've read the entires series numerous times as well as schott's other book ascension and really enjoy his writing style and story lines.

- Just got done reading...5 star

And I really liked this book! It’s addicting, and I’m the type to not read much. Really liked the book, and I’ll be reading the next 3!

- Amazing!!!!!5 star


- 🎉5 star

It had me on the edge of my in mind seat while I sat comfortably on the train to work, I never thought I'd read a book for the fun of it but this book gave me so much life I shared it with my wife and she likes it almost as much as I do. After finishing book two I'll definitely be buying the rest 😁

- Intriguing and Exciting5 star

What if we all really live outside of The Game?

- Nice5 star

It’s a realy good book

- Great book5 star

One of the best books i have come across amazing story

- Average3 star

Good not good it’s average!

- Held my interest5 star

I️ don’t read often because I lose interest in the book. This book made me think enough and feel enough to keep reading to the end, and now into book 2.

- Wow5 star

Shook idk what to say i am speechless

- Wow.5 star

This was a phenomenal read. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed this book. A few days before I stumbled across this book in the store I had was sitting on the couch while my husband, who works in the evenings, was still at his job. I often get lost in thought, and this was no different. I think of random scenarios. I get lost for hours imagining in great detail, fantasies built on a fleeting thought. On this day I found myself remembering a quote, “we are all living on borrowed time” I do not know the original author of it. Though, this quote always resonated with me. It would give me a deep pang in my chest, pulling me into myself. This particular time, there was less pulling and more of an urging. I let myself explore what it really meant. Something I tended to not want to do, I never felt like I could handle exploring the possibilities. Well, I began to think, “borrowed time? What if it is bought time? What if we each get a certain amount of time to live our lives and earn a spiritual currency. This currency would let us pay for our next life when we die.” I began to wonder if we didn’t earn enough money then we would be forced to buy a short life, hence child deaths or still borns. What if we weren’t able to afford a human life at all? Would we buy an animal life? What if we ran out of currency? Would we then, finally, enter our permanent after life? Would our spirits then inhabit a heavenly world for the rest of “time”? After a couple of hours of really thinking about this, I looked at my watch ad realized I needed to begin dinner for my husband for when he got home. I shook off the pensive mood and went about my evening as normal. I remind you that I often get in these moods, so I didn’t bother to think about it again. A few days later I decided I wanted to read a book. I hadn’t read one in a few weeks but I wasn’t able to get to the library that day. I decided to get on my iBooks app for the first time in a while. I was not sure what I wanted to read. I just went to the top free books. Most of the books were romance, phone manuals, and a book called the Game. Nothing appealed to me and I decided to look through various categories. Through all the categories I saw The Game and did not click on it. I read a few samples of other books. I even downloaded one. I decided better of it and continued to look. I thought “the Game” seemed like a silly, simple name and that the book would be boring and not written very well. Eventually I got frustrated at not finding a book and decided to download this one. I didn’t get much of a description, I just started reading. When I realized what the book was about I nearly fainted. I couldn’t believe it. While I did not think of the computer simulation, the similarities struck a nerve. It definitely got my attention for the subject matter. It held my attention by being unique, well written, and having amazing twists. This book is able to take a very unique storyline and do it justice. Many great ideas fail at the hands of a creative but unskilled writers. Many well written books lack imagination. Terry Schott handles his project with care and originality. He takes his readers on a ride that keeps them on the edge of their seats. This book makes you care about the characters and wondering what is going to happen next. The mixture of technology and religion is done in a way that leaves the reader wondering if we ourselves are in this computer simulation E.A.R.T.H. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I do not want to spoil anything. I began the book knowing nothing about it but the name. I encourage others to do the same. Start with a blank slate and open yourself up to a rewarding experience. I would like to thank Terry Schott for such an amazing book and I look forward to reading the best. The first installment has left me pining for more.

- Great book5 star

I loved the book! Mr. Schott did a really good job on keeping the suspense. At times it was boring but the rest of it was not. I would definitely recommend reading it.

- Terrible1 star



Then read every other book in the series. I won't have to convince you. If you start reading this one, you won't be able to stop. Best series I've found in years.

- The game5 star

Best read I've had in awhile quick and entertaining when is book 2 coming?

- This is probably my new favourite book5 star

This book was seriously incredible, I didn't put it down once! I do hope to read the second book as soon as possible, though I'm not a huge fan of series I really do want to finish this one. I've waited for a book like his for a very long time and I'm so glad that I've finally come across one!

- Fantastic book4 star

I just finished it and it's excellent, I was glued to it right until the end, I'm really looking forward to reding part 2

- Excellent5 star

Looking forward to the second book!

- Great book!5 star

I can't wait to read the next one already. Left us hanging!

- The game is amazing5 star

This book is written in such a unique style and is very moving. It's a message and a story rolled into one. I can't wait for the second book and to anyone who hasn't read this please take the time to do so, you won't regret it.

- Refreshing5 star

Refreshing concept, good writing, great story. Now I am waiting for the next books release, soon I hope!

- What a book!5 star

I'm literally speechless. This book makes you believe there's a happy ending in the middle of the book, but I didn't except what to happen at the end! Cliff hanger indeed. I really hope to see the next book come out. I really really want to know what happens!

- Wow4 star

Great book. Could not put it down. I can't wait to get the second one. Please put it on iBooks! Would love to read more!!!

- Really Good5 star

Such a great book. The second book needs to come out because it leaves you on a major cliff hanger.

- The Game5 star

What a mean trick to pull: write a fascinating book like this one and not have Book 2 available when I want it!!! I loved it. It is definitely on the list of Recommended Reading.

- Amazing!5 star

This book was so good that I read it in a day. I just couldn't seem to put it down. Truly the best book I have read in a while. I cant waite for the next book. Hurry :)

- Love it5 star

I simply love those books. In 1 month, ive already read the 1st,2nd and 3rd!!!

- Beautiful!!4 star

An amazing book with a glimpse of how the future might look like and a little incorporation form the hunger games it's just superb..can't wait for the second book👌👌

- Amazing!4 star

The book was written beautifully as the author was able to incorporate all sides of the plot into the book without taking away from the main idea. Very good read as well as the plot was very realistic in incorporating real world events into the idea.

- So good!5 star

Please release the second one soon!!

- I loved it!4 star

This book was amazing. I would recommend this to everyone that loves science fiction books. The only thing I didn't like was the grammatical errors that I was able to find.

- Awesome!!!5 star

This was a fantastic book!! Great concept could you make the second book soon it leaves you on such a cliff hanger! 😃😃😃

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