iPad User Guide For iOS 7.1

iPad User Guide For iOS 7.1 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPad, in a handy format. Get to know iPad and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPad, straight from Apple. The iPad User Guide covers iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad 2, and iPad.

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iPad User Guide For iOS 7.1 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- Dear3 star

K den db shut ex fun no St db add arc we will.in b

- Using the phone1 star

I could not find anything about the phone such as operation with power switch in the off position

- iPad new to me4 star

Just got my first iPad 9.7 inch 6th generation in 2018. Put instructions into iBook but it comes up in Korean... I want English.

- Hello4 star

They put lots of instructions and information.

- Coquane3 star

If aVee ceeeerzz🎹🎟🏳️‍🌈addi

- Was good why can't I update?1 star

Why does this thing plague me? It will not stop bugging me to update it, but it won't update? I finally thought I got rid of it. Hello OS10, hello stupidly outdated book. Fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!

- Outstanding5 star

Love it all thank you

- Opinion5 star


- IPad User Guide for iOS 75 star

Simply excellent. Great step by step detail and instruction. Much superior to How iPad Works.

-     5 star

    

- Kae5 star


- letdown2 star

I downloaded the users guide to get info on why my ipad did not fully download the new ios update. Now my ipad is stuck in update mode and will not finish the update or download. I had hoped to get some help troubleshooting this problem as now my ipad is out of date for the support team to help me!

- Great5 star

Excellent book thank you.

- Jackson5 star

The iPad User a Guide is very helpful if you want to take advantage of all the features the iPad offers. The Guide is well written and easy to understand even for one who is new to Apple products.

- Comentario5 star

Esta muy bien estructurado pero lo ideal sería que estuviera en español para hacerlo más versátil a los usuarios de habla hispana .

- Cool5 star


- iPad User Guide...it's ok3 star

I rated this 3 stars only, because while I'm glad there is some kind of guide available, this one is very difficult & time consuming to use. If you are searching for 1 item in particular, you have to scroll through every page as there is no 'Table of Contents' or 'Index' (that I could find) nor any way of going to one particular chapter. Very annoying. I find I'm still better off just going to the old Google standby.

- iPad User Guide:5 star

Useful and informative book. Learned some extra thing I didn't know about.

- Won't even download...1 star

I've downloaded hundreds of books to my iPad, yet, ironically, this is the only one that somehow got stuck part way through. Now it will neither let me re-download nor delete the partially downloaded version in my library. Too bad I can't solve this by researching the problem in my handy iPad user guide!

- Hate it1 star

iOS 101

- iPad book5 star

Very good review. Excellent for newcomers.

- iPad User Guide for iOS 73 star

Excellent overall guide. It needs a companion book concerning how to use the iPad for business.

- iPad User Guide iOS 7.1 Won't Download1 star

Got alert to update to 7.1. Selected Purchase button. But, get symbol that is available in my iCloud, but it won't download. Selected UPDATE ALL, button changes color, but no download. Deleted User Guide 7.0, but still nothing. Clearly not an Apple priority.

- Good read.5 star

Helped a lot must read for newbies.

- Boring1 star

This was very boring to me

- A surprisingly thorough read!5 star

Very good, very thorough, very well written treatise on how to use the device.

- Good but...2 star

It's a good starter book but if you are looking for advanced features you won't find them here

- Super5 star

Super book awesome it explains everything in iPad thanks apple

- Ipad user guide doesn't work1 star

Downloaded iPad user guide for ios 7 but it doesn't work. Nothing happens - cannot get guide app to work on this NEW iPad air! WHY???

- Wow!5 star


AirBNB 🎁5 star

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- it’s ok3 star


- derien4 star

jai bien apris

- En Français s’il vous plait?1 star

quoi dire?

- iPad1 star

C’est pour quand la version en FRANÇAIS?

- Guide en FRANÇAIS S.V.P.1 star

Est-ce trop vous demander de livrer ce guide en FRANÇAIS? Tous les acheteurs du iPad Air ne sont pas bilingues! Que faites-vous de ceux qui ne parle que le Français? Vous les ignorez? C'est pas fort. Très très déçue et ne recommanderai pas.

- Good4 star

Tell You the basic thing you need to know

- Owner of tablet.5 star

This book good info for all to read.gives you the best you need.

- ipad ios 73 star

Guide disponible en français sur apple.frde de; jgl

- not instructive3 star

bringing video would make it easier to teach new features or to new customers. At least more pictures

- iPad User Guide2 star

There is so much basic info missing! Today I wanted to know how to edit Favourites (delete, move, rename). Surely to goodness there is a way to do that!

- En français1 star

iOS 7 est sorti depuis un mois. Quand aurons-nous un guide en français?

- Ipad1 star

En français s.v.p

- En français1 star

En français svp

- Français1 star

Guide français ?

- Does not download1 star

This book would have been good if it was downloadable. I have tried many times and it never downloaded properly. It had nothing to do with my internet connection either.

- Glob5 star

Apps store

- Apple Star5 star

This book will help all people that are new to these products

- Good!!!4 star

Amazing book to know about iPad!!!

- Reply.5 star

Hello Apple. Thank you SO MUCH for making this book. It has given me so much good details and information for iOS 7.0 . Guess what my name is! You can find out what it is by looking at my Apple ID. My device is an iPad 4th generation. I don't like the small pin because it takes longer to charge than the iPad 2, 30 pin charger. But apart from that, it is all great. I have heard of your new iPhone 5c and 5s. People all over the world have gone crazy for it. Why do your iOS updates always require a WI-FI connection? I have not got any WI-FI hotspots around here and I really want to get this update before it is gone. I don't want to miss out on it just like I missed out on the iOS 6.1.3 . Please reply!

- Unable to delete1 star

Why can’t i remove this item once my system is upgraded.

- Awesome Work awesome4 star

TASeYes as the first tax The Court, Humber Rd, North Ferriby, HU14 3DW. Yes

- Very handy1 star

Everything you need to know about iPad, very useful

- iPad User Guide for iOS7.14 star

This book is clear and concise and very helpful. It is well written and, pretty much, avoids jargon and incomprehensible tech-speak. Best of all ir’s free:-)

- Good5 star


- One thing missing4 star

This would have 5stars if it had a navigable index and or contents listing. Great info. Easy to follow instructions.

- Very good - but...4 star

Like all things Apple it's great eye candy, but this time it has content. Should have been loaded onto the iPad in the first place, better still a hard copy should have been supplied - the iPad costs enough to include it!

- Very helpful!5 star

Enjoyed this book thoroughly which I know is strange to say on a user guide, but I honestly did! Even though I already knew most of the things in this book, I did learn one or two helpful tips, especially the VoiceOver tips which are quite useful.

- Mrs bridgette baillie5 star

Brilliant. Easy to understand.

- Good enough3 star

More than u need

- 70grey4 star

Very useful but am I alone in thinking it would be much better if it had an index

- happy5 star

awesome guide very helpful. :)

- Help5 star

Very help full

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- New update4 star

Like the new update but lost all my sound to games & videos.

- Running program in back ground won't stop5 star

It's getting bugs and more bugs. I guess apple don't care if they trash you programs. Giving untested updates and selling apps that are completely bugs. User manual not rely any help. Or maybe we'll have to buy the manual to. Starting to become unprofessional and deserves unprofessional rating

- Attempting to get guide1 star

I cannot made heads or tails out of the update to os7 on my iPad. So far I do not like it at all, and need the guide right away! for some reason! I'm having difficulty downloading it!

- Helpful5 star


- O.K.4 star

It told me stuff everyone knows it was kind of 💩

- Five stars!5 star

This is ok but I gave I five stars anyway :/

- Question...5 star

I was still wondering about the blue dots next to my application's title. For example, the dots are next to iTunes U, Find iPhone, Quick Scan, Candy Crush, Kik, Line Brush, IMDB, and Google Drive. Thank you.

- Go to Reference4 star

I constantly refer to this guide when I have question or when I require details on using some feature. The contents organization with the imbedded links allow quick access to what I need. I make the download of the latest iPad or IOS guide available to assist me in better understanding the capabilities of Apple's products.

- Best Guide Book5 star

Love this book, it's the best guide book for Apple devices and for iOS7.

- Very informative4 star

The iOS 7 manual for iPad is very useful for those who have purchased their first iPad.

- iPad user guide iOS75 star

It was very helpful now I know how to use my iPad.

- A review of the ACTUAL Book...5 star

This is an excellent Guide for iOS 7 and the iPad in general I gave this to my grandmother so she could learn how to use her iPad and we haven't ran into any problems as of yet, it seems to have helped her. Many reviewers think that this is an appropriate place to share their complaints/thoughts concerning the iOS 7 software but if your looking for review if the actual text, ignore those reviews it is a simple guide and worth looking into.

- Not too bad..4 star

I have to say I was pretty skeptical about iOS7. But now that I've been using it for four days, I really like it. My iPad is for sure way faster and does not get hung up or stuck hardly at all now, not that that was ever an issue. Others are not liking the look of the new iOS7, but Im like it's simplicity. Overall I think iOS7 was a great improvement. The only bad thing I have to say and the one thing that kept me from giving it a 5 star rating is what you did to the New York Times. Absolutely awful, ugly and just a train wreck of a mess! I'm hoping you all are looking at the bad reviews on the NYT app page because very few are positive. Please, please revert my favorite newspaper, the only one I consistently read everyday, back to what it was.

- Don't care much for it3 star

I prefer the last iPad software because ALL of my downloaded episodes were in the videos app. According to the "about" I have 23 videos but 10 of them are not in the videos app they are under purchased! It does not make sense if they are already downloaded why are they not under videos with the others? And what if I lose a Wi-fi signal? How can I watch them if they are under purchase and not under videos? Answer me that! If this is a glitch I want it fixed if nit I will give apple a call and hopefully find out if I can get the old software version for the iPad back!

- GREAT!5 star


- iOS 7 is complex2 star

I like the upgrade, the new and old have its bonuses and flaws. I feel like I am developing many frustrations with Apple and some of it's customers. Well, cheers to iOS 7 and the good within it. Boo to the bad...

- This is wordy3 star

Needs more pictures and basic differences of pervious iOS.

- Excellent Strong update - iOS75 star

I tried iOS 7 in my iPad and have to say that I am enjoying it. Very Powerful and Speedy.

- haha4 star

I haven't finished downloading the iOS 7 actually, but to be the first to leave a comment, so I'm here. Quite excited thou.

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