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Bed of Bones Book Summary

USA Today bestselling novel. 

"Bradshaw does a wonderful job in this fast paced, modern day novel that combines the best elements of both the mystery and the thriller genres."- Stephen Campbell: Murders, Mysteries, and Mayhem Radio Show

Sometimes even the deepest, darkest secrets find their way to the surface. 

Thirteen-year-old Willie Compton and his younger brother Leonard stumble upon a mine shaft while hiking the hills of Park City, Utah. A Slinky Leonard's been flipping back and forth between his hands slips through his fingers. Leonard bolts forward and reaches out to grab it, but he slips, then he falls into the shaft. 

Bed of Bones tells a tale of murder, shining a big, bold light on Park City's tragic past. A past that's about to revisit the present.

If you enjoy stories full of twists and turns and authors like Sue Grafton and James Patterson, Bed of Bones will keep you guessing. 

New York Times bestselling series. Praise for Bed of Bones: 

"An intricately woven mystery that'll have you turning the pages faster than a force ten gale." Mel Comley, New York Times bestselling author of Justice Series

"Whether or not you're familiar with the works of Cheryl Bradshaw, or with the peppery Sloane, there is no better time than now to take a bite. Delicious. As usual." - Janet Green, The Word Verve  

"Before the story plays out, it becomes a nail biter." - Warren A. Lewis

"Bed of Bones is a well written mystery/thriller that will please all readers of this genre. Highly recommended!" - Alan Nayes, Author of Abominable 

"A riveting plot, enough twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing, and an ending that is satisfying." - L. Smith

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Bed of Bones Book Comments

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Bed of Bones - Cheryl Bradshaw Book Reviews

  • Bed of Bones (bjs70)

    Very good murder mystery with a surprising ending.
  • Great read! (Mysbev)

    This was a great book! I didn’t want to put it down! Really like this author! Now I’m going to have to get the next book to see what if anything happens between Sloan’s and Cade
  • Awesome mystery (Inuvik)

    Loved the book. Quite the brain tease. Loved the characters, they seemed to come to life as if you really knew them. Bravo!!!
  • Great mystery (Gramm j.)

    Loved this book. Lot of murders but not so graphic that it was difficult to read. Several different plots at once that it will keep your interest. A fine mystery.
  • Bed of Bones (Osmalo)

    One of the better murder mysteries. This book was exciting and I highly recommend reading.
  • Good Read (Merry65Heart)

    This is the first book by Cheryl Bradshaw that I have read. I enjoyed this mystery! There were a few places that dragged just a bit, but I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Bradshaw.
  • Not bad but... (Rap is (c)rap)

    I read a LOT of mysteries/thrillers/crime novels and I’ve noticed something about authors. At the risk of sounding misogynistic I definitely prefer these types of novels when they are written by men, because they think like I do. Thrillers written by women invariably have sub plots revolving around romance. Thrillers written by men never really do, and when they do it’s from a male perspective (of course). There’s never any of the “he had the most beautiful eyes” or “he was so handsome and strong” type of stuff. While it’s interesting to see things through a woman’s eyes, I prefer my thrillers when written by men. Another thriller I recently read was written by a lesbian, and yes, there was some “women lusting after other women” in that book, it’s just the way the author thinks, and while I’m not offended by that, I’m just saying that this book would probably appeal more to female thriller readers than it would to male thriller readers. It’s just the nature of the beast. That being said I did enjoy this book but there are some things that slightly annoyed me, such as what does Sloane do for money? She never got paid a dime by anybody in this book, which struck me as a bit implausible. The heroine in the book struck me as a bit naive at times as well. So while I enjoyed the book I don’t think I’ll be reading any other books from this author.
  • Bed of Bones (Bethinmb)

    Love a story that I can’t figure who did it. Lots of twists and turns throughout the whole book. Couldn’t put it down.
  • Best thing ever (E.le1)

    I have never liked reading before reading this book. I got bored one day and had absolutely nothing to do so I downloaded this book and I finished it in 5 days which is crazy for me to do. Since I hated reading books. Now I'm buying and reading book, something I never thought I would do
  • Bed of Bones (kathywamsley)

    Great book enjoyed the fast pace! Thanks k

Bed of Bones - Cheryl Bradshaw Book Reviews

  • Bed of Bones (sanitaa)

    Weak and simplistic plot, underwhelming characterization, poor writing skills. You just want the book to end, already. Free is still too much to pay for this book...

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