Just One Song

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Just One Song Book Summary

Nicole Parsons had the perfect life, made complete with the suburban home and the proverbial white picket fence. When tragedy struck and she lost the most important people in her life, she turned away from everything she loved before; shutting out every reminder of the perfect life she lost.

It has been one year, three months, one week and six days since the accident, and Nicole is ready to stop counting the days she’s survived, and begin living again.

On a dare from her best friend, Nicole encounters Zack Walters - the popular alternative rock star and man who signifies so much of her past – and suddenly everything in Nicole’s safe and quiet life changes.

When she’s forced to face the pain she’s carried for so long, will she truly be able to heal from her past and begin to live again?

Or will her new adventure ruin her completely?

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Just One Song - Stacey Lynn Reviews

  • Just One Song

    By Jd2008gt
    Loved the way each emotion of the characters seemed so real. Easy to lose myself in the story!

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