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The Cop Who Stole Christmas

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 465104937733992105
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Cop Who Stole Christmas Book Summary

It’ll take a tall, hot Texan and a little holiday spirit to mend a broken heart and catch a Christmas killer . . .

Savanna Edwards is feeling downright Scrooge-like. Who can blame her? A truly unjolly Santa—suit, beard and all—just repossessed her car because of her ex’s shady business dealings.  She’d like to murder the no-good lying cheat, but somebody already did that for her—and left him right in the middle of her kitchen, wrapped up with a bow.

Detective Mark Donaldson has a rule against getting involved with his neighbors. He can look—and he’s studied every sweet curve of Savanna from across the street—but he can’t touch. So when she lands on his doorstep in need of help, he finds himself torn between being naughty or nice, and fights every urge to unwrap her like a shiny new Christmas present. 

Trouble is, even Mark can’t resist a little holiday magic . . . and there’s definitely something magical happening between him and the girl next door.

“Readers will be instantly drawn into this suspenseful story that is balanced by a fun, sexy romance. Marc and Savanna are perfectly matched. . . .” —Romantic Times

About the Author:

New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig is an award-winning writer, photojournalist, motivational speaker, writing teacher, and author of thirty-four books. Her complete New York Times bestselling young adult paranormal series, Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls: After Dark, are available now from St. Martin’s Griffin. Her new young adult series, The Mortician’s Daughter, is now available and her contemporary young adult debut, This Heart of Mine, will release from Wednesday Books in February 2018. She also has a new romantic suspense series coming from Forever Books in 2018.

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The Cop Who Stole Christmas Book Comments

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The Cop Who Stole Christmas - Christie Craig Book Reviews

  • Great story (Rhonda GC)

    This was a great story. I really enjoyed Savanna and Marks attraction and the crazy things that bring them together. Even though it was kind of a insta-love relationship it felt like a lot longer with all that happened. I would have liked more about his mom especially since he obviously was in touch with her to get the Christmas present.
  • The Cop Who Stole Christmas, by Christie Craig (Proper grammarian)

    Delightful mix of cute and sassy characters in a quirky mystery. It’s a fun read I was sad to see end. And then, surprise! It’s part of a continuing saga of strong, handsome Texan lawmen and their equally strong, independent women. Ms. Craig may teach creative writing but this novella needs many corrections in grammar, punctuation and clarity. Better proofreading would likely have caught them. I still plan to buy the full series.
  • The Cop Who Stole Christmas (3rdb)

    Great. Good story line and character development. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series.
  • The Cop Who Stole Christmas (PJSPhotogirl)

    What an adorable story. Mark & Savanna we’re great!
  • The cop who stole Christmas (Clean romancer)

    Nice story. Clean fun. Want to read the series.

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