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Lost in Distraction

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 634513175764349938
  • Book Genre: Suspense
Lost in Distraction - BJ Harvey Book Score: 3.5 0 5
3.5 star
141 Ratings

Lost in Distraction Book Summary

An heiress with a tragic past. A sexy stranger paid to protect her. 

Alone and shut off from the world, Elise Halliwell is simply going through the motions, waiting for the next step in her pre-destined life. 

Until a chance meeting with the dark-haired, blue-eyed Brax James shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do; he makes her feel again.

As much as Brax wishes things were different, fate has not brought him into Elise's life. His job is to keep her safe, not fall for the very woman he's supposed to protect.

Elise has no idea of the threat she faces and Brax wants it to stay that way. 

Unfortunately for both of them, they'll have no say in the matter. 

Full of twists, turns, and revelations no-one sees coming, you won't be the only one lost in distraction.

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Lost in Distraction Book Comments

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Lost in Distraction - BJ Harvey Book Reviews

  • Don’t bother reading... (johnny-cs)

    Not only are there a lot of grammatical errors which should have been caught by a proofreader, but you also don’t know why the bad guys are the bad guys until towards the end of the book and even then it’s not a good explanation.I guess it in the next sequel book but she’s not about to get my money.

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