The Happy Sleeper

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The Happy Sleeper Book Summary

Many parents feel pressured to "train" babies and young children to sleep. But kids don't need to be trained to sleep—they're built to sleep. Sleep issues arise when parents (with the best of intentions) overhelp or "helicopter parent" at night—overshadowing their baby's innate biological ability to sleep well. In The Happy Sleeper, child sleep experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright show parents how to be sensitive and nurturing, but also clear and structured so that babies and young children develop the self-soothing skills they need in order to:

- Fall asleep independently
- Sleep through the night
- Take healthy naps
- Grow into natural, optimal sleep patterns for day and night

The Happy Sleeper is a research-based guide to helping children do what comes naturally—sleep through the night.

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Heather Turgeon MFT, Julie Wright MFT & Daniel J. Siegel, MD - The Happy Sleeper E-Book

The Happy Sleeper - Heather Turgeon MFT, Julie Wright MFT & Daniel J. Siegel, MD E-Book coming soon..