The Egg Cookbook: The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs

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The Egg Cookbook: The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs Book Summary

The real chicken-and-egg problem: What to do with eggs once they’re in your kitchen? 

If you are looking for a fresh, nutritious, and creative approach to the almighty egg, The Egg Cookbook is for you. With The Egg Cookbook you’ll get more than 110 unique recipes that let the egg shine—from savory to sweet, and from breakfast to dinner. The Egg Cookbook is also your guide to the amazing culture surrounding the world’s most versatile ingredient, with a useful primer on raising chickens and understanding egg types, so you can take your egg appreciation (and savings) to the next level.

The Egg Cookbook offers a fresh approach to preparing eggs, with:

• More than 110 elegant recipes, including Baked French Toast, Ratatouille with Poached Eggs, and Vanilla Bean Pudding 
• A basic guide to 10 classic egg recipes, from fried eggs to the perfect scramble 
• Egg dishes from around the world, from frittatas and quiche to tortilla patatas and meringues 
• Q&A to find out whether raising chickens is right for you, from the editors of The Egg Cookbook 
The Egg Cookbook guide to more than 50 chicken breeds 
• Detailed information on the different types of eggs, from free range to organic 

The Egg Cookbook makes it easy for egg lovers to enjoy fresh and creative recipes from their home kitchen.

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The Egg Cookbook: The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs Book Comments

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The Egg Cookbook: The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs - Healdsburg Press Reviews

  • Loads of egg-stras

    By Dave_L_K
    This book is great. Not only are the recipes all inclusive (from easy to difficult) and tasty, but it covers all the information you ever wanted to know about eggs. Want to raise chickens? There is a whole slue of information about the types of chickens and what you would need to raise them. Ever wonder what the difference in all the eggs is? They got that covered as well. Great read.
  • Eggceptional

    By gkornblatt
    This book offered a lot of information both on eggs as well as on chickens. It really had more information than I ever expected to find on chickens. The recipies looked interesting, though. I was disappointed that there were no pictures at all. I think that really enhances cookbooks and would have like to see more.
  • So much more than a cookbook!

    By Evergreen Terri
    This is so much more than a cookbook! I was looking for some easy recipes and new ways to cook with the eggs that I always seem to have on hand and this book delivered. There are so many great recipes that I can’t wait to try. An added bonus was all the information on raising chickens and about eggs in general.
  • Eggs for a fresh beginning.

    By genilyyn
    The egg cookbook recipes were thoroughly explained and the preparations were easy to follow. The ingredients were specific and easy to find. What I like about this book is that it got alot of helpfull ideas on how to use eggs appropriately. It also gives you the idea on chicken farming which has alot of uses thus a verly low cost when it comes to expenses. It challenges you on how to incorporate more ideas and techniques in creating a fun and healthier lifestyle using eggs.
  • An Exceptional Resource

    By consettagold
    This is an exceptional book! It is definitely a valuable resource which provides a wealth of information that includesinformation on raising your own layers. In addition to being a comprehensive guide on eggs and chickens, there are twelve chapters of sumptious recipes for creating egg dishes beginning with the basic egg recipe and ending with dessert with everything else in between.
  • Great Book!

    By tootyg
    Great Book and I will definately recommend !I loved how it discussed the different types of chickens and it even had a handy chart on each chicken breeds' temperament, color, and how many eggs they laid in a week, and even how cold hardy they are. The recipe section was also very detailed. It covered breakfast meal ideas as well as dinner, beverages,and dessert. As A whould I would give this book a 100%. I will definately be using it and referring it :)
  • Treasure Trove of Information

    By Penn IV
    The Egg Cookbook is a treasure trove of information regarding eggs and chickens. It covers topics such as raising your own chickens, including the appropriate coop to use and what to feed them, the various types of eggs and chickens, health considerations, cooking tips and techniques, storage tips, FAQ’s, and more. The book ends with a listing of 110 easy to follow recipes from around the world. It is a book any egg lover will refer to often or simply to browse for new and creative ideas and recipes.
  • chickens & the egg

    By kimkellyismyfriend
    I recommend this for avid egg eaters who want to harvest their own - there's a guide to chickens and chicken care - and shoppers who want to know what they're getting at the supermarket or farm stand. The sections on Understanding Eggs and the Egg FAQ were surprisingly informative. And with over 110 egg recipes from all over the world, lots of tips for preparing your eggs more efficiently, and a long list of egg tools, it makes preparing this versatile food a snap.
  • Book is the best

    By yurch11
    The book is great and answers so many different questions such as what the different types of eggs seen in grocery stores. There are many recipes from breakfast to dessert that are offered in the book. My family tried the spinach frittata which was delicious. I’d suggest this book to anyone that uses eggs in recipes!
  • Eggs are Great!

    By Brenda Brody
    Before reading this book, I am sure I was like most people and thought I knew all there was to know about eggs. Boy, was I wrong! It never occurred to me that the taste of the egg is affected by what the chicken eats. Or that the color of the chicken defines what color the eggs will be. This was full of great information and delicious recipes that I want to try. Maybe it will even make me like eggs!

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