The Watched - CSI Reilly Steel #4

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The Watched - CSI Reilly Steel #4 Book Summary

From the bestselling author of TABOO. CSI Reilly Steel series:

#0 CRIME SCENE - Series Prequel


CSI REILLY STEEL BOX SET: First 3 books in one great value box set.

Quantico-trained forensic investigator Reilly Steel is back in the country of her birth. Unsure about both her future and her position within the Dublin police force, Reilly hopes that a relaxing stay at the Florida beach home of her old FBI mentor Daniel Forrest will help get her thoughts together.

When Daniel's son, policeman Todd Forrest, is called to the scene of a gruesome murder where the body of a beautiful woman has literally been torn in two, he is stopped in his tracks. Not just because of the grotesque and theatrical nature of the crime but because he recognizes the victim as Daniel's goddaughter.
In an attempt to find swift resolution on her old friend's behalf, Reilly finds herself drawn into the investigation. And when another disturbing murder occurs soon after, Reilly can't help but feel that she has come across something like this before. But where?
And will Reilly's brief hiatus in the US force her into a decision about her future in Dublin, and the unfinished business she has there?

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The Watched - CSI Reilly Steel #4 Book Comments

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The Watched - CSI Reilly Steel #4 - Casey Hill Reviews

  • The Watched

    By Cindrella15
    I have enjoyed Book Nos. 1 thru 4. They have been full of suspense and action. In a couple, the capture of bad guys was a little anti-climatic with little fanfare, but that can be also be true in real life capture of a bad guy or girl. I did notice a discrepancy on my page 289 and I have an Apple Pro. It identified Detective Delaney as Pete Delaney and not Chris. Usually I find that I do not like books written by more than one person, but this husband-wife team proved me wrong. I would find myself putting off doing chores or going to sleep just to find out what was going to happen next. Enjoyed learning interesting things about Dublin.

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