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Bound by a Dragon

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 875905703875905564
  • Book Genre: Paranormal
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4.5 star
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Bound by a Dragon Book Summary

Keira is content in her small, medieval village - well, sort of. Her mother is pressing her to marry, but her suitors are less than desirable. So when handsome Aaron Drake arrives in the village and sets his sights on Keira, she cannot help but be interested. But Aaron is not the only new arrival in the area - a fire-breathing dragon has also taken up residence in the mountains, not far from the remote alpine castle that Aaron calls home. Keira finds Aaron intriguing, but there is clearly more to him than meets the eye, for why would a man of wealth, intelligence and charm forgo life in the city and choose to live in a remote mountain village, with a dragon as his nearest neighbor?

Bound by a Dragon, Book 1 of The Dragon Archives, will sweep the reader far from the modern world into a world of castles, medieval markets and fantastical romance.

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Bound by a Dragon Book Comments

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Bound by a Dragon - Linda K Hopkins Book Reviews

  • Bound by a Dragon (Notsohappy633)

    Found this book so different from other book, I️ absolutely loved it, it was funny, witty adventurous, and a true love story with the happy ending, keep them coming!
  • Amazing story (HJ28)

    I just finished reading it for the second time and couldn’t believe how much I love this story even after reading it a second time now im off to read the second book for the second time
  • Bound by a dragon (Chert4518)

    I like dragons. A little faster pace blade
  • Bound by a Dragon (GA in Florida)

    Th e prose is fluid and it is an easy read. Characters are sensitive and sensual. Descriptions are detailed which allows the reader to easily share the scenery with the characters. Nice storyline.
  • Bound by the Dragon (Anitri Nicole)

    I enjoyed reading this book of love, adventure, finding happiness of one man, one woman intertwined with both sides of family. As this is first review, I have given, I find interesting and unable to put a book Down, to be the best part of the book.
  • Bound by a Dragon (raynehanley)

    This book was very poorly edited. Character development and timing shifts as well as unnatural vernacular make it difficult to find the sweet spot of “suspended belief” while reading most fiction.
  • One of my favorites (attebery)

    By far the best book I've read in a long time
  • Dragon Fantasy & Romance (Bvreal)

    This book is good for all ages. It has lots of romance and some fantasy. The romance is PG so safe for YA readers. The dragon is an interesting aspect but not overly ferocious or scary. I really enjoyed the characters and how they developed. And I stayed glued to the book and it was an enjoyable read. I'm ready for the next one!
  • A little tasty (Kellykoala2001)

    I enjoy this read because it was not graphic in detail when it came to the sexual parts. Loved that. It was cheesy and predictable in parts but I think that's what made me keep reading. Will continue series.
  • Bound by a Dragon (Docfos)

    Enjoyed the story but I was disappointed at the end because Alan's fate was never resolved.

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