After We Collided

After We Collided by Anna Todd Book Summary

Book 2 of the After series—newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up one billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the internet's most talked-about book for yourself from the writer Cosmopolitan called “the biggest literary phenomenon of her generation.”

Tessa has everything to lose. Hardin has nothing to lose...except her. AFTER WE COLLIDED...Life will never be the same. #HESSA

After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, Tessa and Hardin were on the path to making things work. Tessa knew Hardin could be cruel, but when a bombshell revelation is dropped about the origins of their relationship—and Hardin’s mysterious past—Tessa is beside herself.

Hardin will always be...Hardin. But is he really the deep, thoughtful guy Tessa fell madly in love with despite his angry exterior—or has he been a stranger all along? She wishes she could walk away. It’s just not that easy. Not with the memory of passionate nights spent in his arms. His electric touch. His hungry kisses.

Still, Tessa’s not sure she can endure one more broken promise. She put so much on hold for Hardin—school, friends, her mom, a relationship with a guy who really loved her, and now possibly even a promising new career. She needs to move forward with her life.

Hardin knows he made a mistake, possibly the biggest one of his life. He’s not going down without a fight. But can he change? Will he change...for love?

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After We Collided (Anna Todd) Book Reviews

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- Perfection!5 star

Didn’t think it could get any better then it did! Never loved a series more than this!! HIGHLY recommend!

- I Cannot put these books down!5 star

So I started reading the After series after watching the movie! I wish I could of started reading these books a LONG time ago. But WOW I just cannot seem to want to put these books down so far! I literally finished AWC in 2 days!!! 2!!!!!! I was so surprised of how much I loved this book! It's truly an emotional ride. You just want to keep reading to find out what happens next! I really loved this book very much! Thank you, Next! ☺️

- Great Book!!5 star

I really loved this book the ending left me on a cliffhanger but it’s okay I still loved it and I can’t wait to read the next one!! ❤️❤️

- I. Can’t. Even.4 star

I love the fact that this book shares both the lead character’s point of view, however I find myself enjoying Hardin’s chapters WAY better. Speaking of chapters, I don’t like the way the book will have FIVE Tessa chapters in a row, then have ONE Hardin chapter! Why not just combine everything into a longer chapter and alternate between Hardin & Tessa’s POV? Question-Does anyone else almost feel bored with the sex scenes? Which is kinda humorous & contradicting because it is probably the best part(s) of this book. Tess is getting on my nerves. Not only does she have conflicting feelings for Hardin, but she does things to get under Hardin’s skin & is upset when Hardin starts acting the way he does 🤦🏻‍♀️. UGH!! It’s so annoying & infuriating, but yet I can’t put this garbage down!

- Loveeed!5 star

OBSESSED I can not wait for the movie!!!!

- Emotions!5 star

This series continues to make me smile, excited, angry, sad, and shocked! I love the deep characters and the view points being shown from both Hardin and Tessa!

- Amazing5 star

I can’t stop reading this series

- Keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!5 star

I have to admit I started reading the books once I saw the movie “after” I must have been living under a rock! Anna is amazing! I don’t normally read books.. I just never have the time. But this one different! I CAN NOT put it down. I read “after” In a week, (I’m easily bored with books, they can’t keep my attention) and “after we collided” in 4 days! Hessa’s relations is a whirlwind of passion and insecurities. But nothing is ever repeated. The drama is always elevated chapter after chapter. I even cried a few times, that’s how great Anna’s writing is! It really moved me and made me feel something for characters that are obviously fictional.. she made them “real” to me. I love this book series and can not wait to start the next one!

- Loved it.5 star

This book has everything. Never get boring

- Interesting5 star

Very addicting to read

- Can’t get enough5 star

After watching the movie I had to know more, I started reading the books and I literally can’t stop! Anna is such an amazing writer! I’m so happy I found a series I can’t put down!

- Deep romance but too much cussing3 star

The way the romance was described and evolved between the two characters is simply beautiful and in part very pure. But the constant cussing was tasteless and too much.

- i love it!5 star

hardin and tessa are my favorite couple in the universe! i’m so happy about the end of the series!!!

- Great!5 star

It’s a page tuner, I’m coming into these books pretty late in the game. But proud to say, I read the book in 2 days& am not disappointed. I hope these movies turn out to be as great as the books. On to book #3. Great, great books. Literally, felt like I was going in all the emotional roller coasters with them. It was an enjoyable read.

- Love Anas work!5 star

Amazing series 😭❤️

- Good book5 star

Was good. Plz 2 read.

- Obsessed5 star

Cant stop reading.

- After we collided5 star

Best book I have have ever read . It was absolutely amazing , the love story between Hardin and Tessa is just amazing , filled with so much passion and yet so much pain . I couldn’t stop reading. I loved the movie and I hope they make more !


The second of the After Series is by far my favorite. It quickly picks the pieces of your heart up off the floor and puts them back together. This love story is exhausting but you’re always crawling back for more!

- Amazing!! Best series ever!!5 star

I literally couldn’t put this book down. Once I finished with it, I went back to read it again.

- Best Series Ever!5 star

I flew through this book!!! I can’t wait until the movie comes out!

- Loved it5 star

Tessa and Hardin got me so mad wen they kept on letting each other go, but still it was an amazing book:)

- Love this5 star

This was great to not like the first but still great!!!

- After5 star

After is such a addicting books! I love them!

- After we collided1 star

While I enjoyed the first book so much I purchased this. Can’t say the same about this one. Dragged out so much and more of the same that I became so bored I started skipping pages. Not even going to bother with the last one. Some times a book should just be one book not dragged out to 3 or 5 wow.

- Great!!4 star

A little upset that some of the information was missing from the Wattpad version. And seemed to jump around a lot. But still awesome!!

- Loved it5 star

Amazing! Again couldn’t put the book down! Love the story line again just amazing!!

- I get the initial appeal...2 star

but the two of them going in circles is way overdone much like a lot of things in this series. Also, Tessa saying that Hardin has tried so hard to change is absurd. He might try for a day or two at the most. I hope his can redeem himself, but I won’t be buying the rest of the books to find out.

- 2nd book3 star

I found this storyline a lot more frustrating than the first in that it was back and forth far too much. It seemed completely ridiculous at parts. But the story of these two overall is intriguing.

- Very good5 star

I love this book so much it is one of my favs ever You should read it for sure

- I can’t continue this bs1 star

I really liked the 1st book and I bought the 2nd book because I thought I would feel the same way but I can’t bring myself to read this book I’m so tired of the same thing happening each chapter they get mad they say something stupid they get drunk then make love and it repeats and I’m so over it.

- IN LOVE5 star

This is a great series I read all the books with in a few weeks because I just couldn’t put the book down

- Loved it!5 star

Such a great book, it was a little slow about half way through but then quickly picked up speed!


This is so good I love it so much. I OMG IM SPEECHES. This is the only book I will ever read. I hate reading, but with this book I didn’t put it down. I read it and read it. I cried when I couldn’t read it it’s so good.

- Real and raw5 star

Sometimes I get bored with the same sappy love story. This is an amazing book I love the characters development. ❤️ hessa

- So good5 star

I hate reading any hateful reviews about these books. This series was amazing.

- Love5 star


- Loveeee5 star


- Definitely read!!5 star

Love this whole series so much!! I’ve reread it like 10 times!!

- Amazing5 star

This has to be my favorite series ever!!! I read many books and this is forever going to be number one!! I love their relationship, even though he did really messed up stuff. They can’t leave with each other and I love that. They are so different which makes them so special to one another. This is a beautiful book. I totally recommend reading, once you start you can’t stop reading. 🖤

- Amazing!!!5 star

Absolutely love it

- Amazing5 star

Wow such a great book in love with this series and can’t wait to watch the movie ❤️❤️❤️

- Horrible1 star

I’m currently about 85% through with reading book 2 and I’am beyond annoyed with this book. The characters are infuriating, I can’t stand either one of the main characters especially Tessa. The entire book they are just going back and forth with who can hurt the other more; it’s the most toxic relationship I have ever read about.The sub characters are not interesting, the progress of the story is all over the place, and are there is no substance to either character. There is absolutely no reason for these main characters to be together, so I don’t see the point in continuing reading the series. Sadly I hate not finishing a book or series so I feel like I should finish, but as I continue to read I’m getting more, and more irritated.

- I liked all of the books4 star

I read all of the books on this book app and i enjoyed reading them. I think it would be cool for them to even make a movie out of these books from this book app that’s minor. Was Hardin crazy and possessive, yeah and Tessa was little naive, but I’m glad that they find their way to each other and took process to know the meaning of love.

- AMAZING5 star

This book was the absolute best I’ve read the first book was also amazing and this one ranks #1 tied with the first book. So excited to start the next one. I just loved there story and how it doesn’t always end up a perfect life. That’s just not reality. I love how they change each other and help each other to be better. Thank you for this amazing book.

- This is so toxic1 star

Their relationship is such a bad example to young people who read this

- Romanticizing a Toxic Relationship1 star

I really hate not finishing books, but I just couldn’t with this one. The relationship is so toxic and unhealthy and to romanticize it is sad and a horrible example.

- Love it5 star

After it’s so addicting you won’t want to stop reading

- Amazing5 star

Amazing book. You won’t be able to stop I promise. I read the whole thing in a day.

- Loved it❤️5 star

Anna Todd is such an amazing writer. I am so proud of her for accomplishing so much❤️

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- After we collided1 star

Poorly written and plastered with thin cliches

- Amazing5 star

5th time reading cant get enough

- So bad!1 star

Honestly, after reading the first I was so excited to start this book. I thought is was going to have some nice twists and turns, something you’d expect from a romance. Nope. This was not the case...Hardin is so abusive and we can finally see how toxic the relationship between him and Tessa really is. The first half of this book wasn’t too bad. But the second half was so repetitive and annoying, it took me ages to read through it all.

- Don’t bother2 star

36% in and stopping half way through a chapter.

- Awful book1 star

Absolutely awful book. It’s so problematic, Hardin and Tessa are awful people. Seriously think about it.

- Horrible characters1 star

I had to stop reading halfway through. I felt the characters became more and more unlikable little brats and the storyline became monotonous. I felt it just kept dragging on, going round and round in circles.

- Skip this book2 star

The first book was great had a nice story line. This one however just goes on and on about the same problems.


Tessa just becomes a weaker naive and pitiful character. I literally skimmed througout this book. Sorry, just saying.


I could NOT put this book down, I love it so much and to much


i love the way Hardin’s character is showing vulnerability to Tess. although it’s annoying that they keep on fighting every time they get back together, it’s so addictive and i always want to know kore about what happens next to them! finished it in 2 days, and absolutely loved every single bit it!


Anna it took me like, 36 hours to read the whole damn thing after reading Book 1 in a single day. (Only took longer because I worked 9-5 in the middle of that, but still cheekily read it on my breaks) You are insanely good at what you do and have me thinking of Hessa constantly! I feel like I’m part of their story. Thank you for sharing this amazing incredible journey. Now to book three....

- Great book5 star

Amazing book, the ending left me in tears would recommend to others was an enjoying read can’t wait to read the next one

- Amazing!5 star

Honestly one of the best series I have ever read I can’t put the book down and am losing sleep trying to finish chapter after chapter. It’s so heartbreaking and captivating, also a time in life that more than a few readers have experienced in their lives so it’s relatable. I know there is drama after drama but it’s just too good to pass up. Well done can’t wait for the next book and especially the movie!!

- Awesomeness !!!5 star

I love this book series soooo muchhh!! I absolutely hate zed tho 😂💗 but love Hardin so much

- Best book ever5 star

I have read this series 12 times and I haven’t yet gotten sick of it. Best series ever and god bless Anna Todd

- Most favourite thing5 star

Most favourite thing to read in my entire life! So good!

- Annoying1 star

I just about skimmed this book. I found the characters so irritating, especially Tessa. I'm so over reading about female characters who are weak, pathetic push-overs. I started this book really excited after loving book one. But this was a huge disappointment I wanted to see Tessa move on to another relationship, maybe having a little self respect and realising that she doesn't have to put up with his immature cruel behaviour. I wanted Hardin to grow and change and suffer, and then at the end when he's proven himself worthy of another chance they could reunite. But no all I got was some pathetic girl who cries at the drop of a hat. I'm over it! Can the authors out there give these women a back bone. Really disappointed, not gonna bother with the next. Pass!

- Amazing5 star

This book is addictive and I read it till late. I wish T. stayed with Z.

- Too much drama2 star

I kinda enjoyed the first book, After, but half way through it i realised that this is the kind of author that put too much drama in the story. My fear is proven by how the author ended After. And then I persisted and went to read this book .. boy, i just have to put it down .. the drama is too much and happen to often & repeatedly, I don't enjoy reading it at all. I actually decided to deeleted this book from my e-reader. Don't mind the first book, but this one has to go.

- Another amazing read5 star

I'm addicted. Never have I been so caught up in a series of books.

- Nothing great1 star

Wouldn't waste your time or money. Poorly written, boring story line.

- After we collided5 star


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- Best Series Ever5 star

I love it! I've read this series so many times, and it's just... it's phenomenal really. Great work. I hope I can write a book as good as this one day. You got me hooked, and it's just so interesting. I love the drama and the love, hessa is forever. I just love how Tessa is becoming who she is through out the books, and trying to be the woman she needs to be. And I'm just in love with your books. Best series ever written.

- BOTH of these characters need therapy.3 star

AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall 3 Narration 5 Story 2 Picking up where After left off, I need to inject some warnings here. Hardin’s personality devolves further: he is abusive, threatening and utterly irredeemable here. And Tessa needs to be locked away for her own security and safety. A lobotomy wouldn’t hurt either. She’s lost any redeeming characteristics for me because she won’t get off the merry go round that is Hardin. Learning from the disaster that is an abusive relationship and walking away is one thing: never making any adjustments but hoping things will change as you subject yourself to the same behavior pattern is insane. And Tessa never seems to hold Hardin responsible for his bad, nay deplorable behavior. BOTH of these characters need therapy. What this book has become for me, rather than a story that I WANT to follow is one that I dread the next turn of the page. If you want a ‘how not to’ guide for a healthy relationship this is the book for you. If you crave drama and angst, and two characters that are stuck in a cycle of abuse and manipulation with a heroine who wouldn’t see the writing on the wall if it was in neon –bright glowing twelve foot tall letters that screamed at her- this is the book for you. Todd has moved past the “I can believe this possible” to the realm of I don’t care anymore. Tessa doesn’t grow, Hardin’s anger, jealousy and irresponsible behaviors only increase and apparently Tessa is the next hottest thing on the market –because ALL the boys want her. I have no hope in the future youth if these two are examples. Narration is again provided by Elizabeth Louise and she does a wonderful narration: becoming Tessa in voice and inflection and using subtle changes in delivery, pitch, and tone to voice each individual character. Emotionally, my own frustration with the disastrous relationship had me taking frequent breaks: coming back to the story was difficult. Most certainly not my favorite book, and one I can only recommend with people completely aware of the warnings earlier in this review. I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Simon and Schuster Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


This is one of the most beautiful and complex stories you will ever read!

- Life changing really5 star

I have read this book countless times on wattpad and wattpad only. I'm not sure if she made changes in this version, but the wattpad version changes how you think. It makes you see people differently and it really just changes you. This book is addicting and it is interesting to see Hessa's toxic relationship escalate to so many levels. It is different to read this book in so many point of views. This book has a person of every character type. You have a woman that try's so hard to be perfect. A college student that only likes to get wasted and hook up. And girl that is good at pretending to be nice. This book is honestly the best ever written. So many events occur and no matter how many times i read this book, i am always surprised at everything that happens. Tessa is naïve and stubborn and harry is rude and controlling. Never once while reading this book did i think that it sounded so fake. Everything fits so well together and makes so much sense while reading this. Honestly if you don't like this book, i wouldn't understand why.

- Couldn't put it down.5 star

Enjoyed it! Different from everything else out there. Story about finding yourself and forgiveness.

- Filthy and horribly written.1 star

Emotional abuse, drug abuse, violence, Hardin sets a house on fire because he's got daddy issues (or is that the godforsaken third book? It's all running together...) Don't waste your money on something as atrocious as this. You'll thank me later.

- Wow5 star

I can't believe the nerve people have to talk trash about such a great series. Haters hate because you have something they want. So they need to pull their heads out of the butt! It's not a hat. 😁 #pitchperfect

- Really?!1 star

I thought the first was the worst, but this is just horrible. The good reviews make me lose hope in decent and great literature. When will the glamorization of domestic abuse stop? This doesn't deserve it at all, it has no plot whatsoever, and they have sex while the girl is menstruating. Disgusting, right? This 'book' doesn't deserve the attention. It's written so horribly I can't grasp how people think this is great.



- Worse book ever1 star

This book was horrible! Anyone could see that HESSA was not go for her.

- HESSA forever5 star

been liking this book since wattpad and now it's published , it makes me so happy!! love this book

- Ewww1 star

Trash! How does this even have 4.5 stars when literally almost everyone in the 1D fandom hate her and her trashy books?

- Horrible1 star

This book is awful and time-wasting. "Hessa's" relationship is toxic and disgusting. Don't waste your money on this book.

- AMAZING5 star

I read it on wattpad and fell in love with it!!!!! i need to get my hands on a copy from Barnes & Noble!!!! I doubt my mom would buy it for me so I need to get some money!!!

- :)5 star

I love this book! I have followed through the whole series on wattpad <3333!

- This better be better2 star

I really hope the published version will be better then the series I read online. I read all three before I made my final judgment. Although she has an interesting plot for her books, the way they were elicited was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. And the ending was so sloppy and was almost insulting. People spent a lot of time reading, yet it ended abruptly, and distastefully. Her characters are well rounded and they each have their own personality, but honestly, IF THIS HADN'T ORIGINALLY BEEN A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC, IT WOULD BE VASTLY UNPOPULAR. I'm glad they are removing all ties from them in the published version. I have my fingers crossed for the it because the After Series as a whole...well, let's just say it will leave you speechless, whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your taste of genuine books.

- THIS BOOK5 star

This book is by far the most intense, emotional rollarcoaster'al. I cried so much. I can't wait to get on that ride again. I am more curious to know the ending though. :)

- Best series probably ever5 star

I read a lot and this is probably my favorite series ever. You get so attached and start reading right when you wake up and then find yourself still reading at 3AM. When it ended, it was depressing because I needed to know every single thing that happened with their life after... haha. By the way, this was originally a fan fiction for one direction. I didn't even like one direction before this, at all, but now I do. You can feel their heartbreaks, you can feel their love, and I love this book for that. It shows real problems and how love isn't perfect. So you definitely should read this the second it comes out.

- Unexplainable5 star

I haven't even finished the first book. But, let me tell you this book should have been on the summer reading list. It is amazing and a roller coaster of emotions. I definitely recommend this book series! (:

- Another congrats for Anna5 star

Congrats girl

- #1fan5 star

I love these books. They are the best books of all time. Please keep writing in watt pad!!

- Five Star5 star

I read this on wattpad, and I haven't even finished the first book! This book grabs you, and won't let go. Trust me, it's the best book EVER!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏


I read this story on wattpad and it is WONDERFUL so excited that it's being published!

- Hessa5 star

love this book 😍

- So Proud5 star

I have been following this book since the get beginning of its journey on Wattpad. For anyone that doesn't know, this book is life changing and simply perfection at its finest.


I have read the After series on wattpad and it's my favorite fanfiction. Can't wait to own my own copy!

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5 star

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5 star

buenas noches y recuerden: after we collided is happening

5 star

@reamfdz May irerelease next month After We Collided kasama si Dylan Sprouse. Grabe accent nya noh?

5 star

Gusto ko na ng book ng 'After' pati 'After We Collided'!!

5 star

@IdontmindCiara: I can’t wait to see them in After We Collided ✨♥️🤧

5 star

@tessandhardin: “Is love always like this? Is it always so passionate, yet so damn painful?” - After We Collided

5 star

@owemeadarehessa: list of what I’m waiting for -after we collided -after we collided -after we collided -after we collided -after we col…

5 star

Hace un par de dias atrás soñé que estaba mirando After we collided, y cuando me desperté me dieron unas ganas de llorar...💔

5 star

Huuuuuy kenekeleg akooo shuta! Can't wait na talaga sa After We Collided! 😭

5 star

5 star

@hessadetails: after we collided smith kimberly e vance 9 dias aula de yoga piadinhas do hardin sobre mestruação tatuagem do hardin…

5 star

Now reading: After We Collided 💕💕

5 star

@zoomzoompress @alianovnataIia after we collided comes out may 28th 2020 dont forget to hit up your local theathers

5 star

@hessadetails: after we collided smith kimberly e vance 9 dias aula de yoga piadinhas do hardin sobre mestruação tatuagem do hardin…

5 star

I wish to go in National Bookstore 😭 the fun sale isn't over yet. my plan is to buy the book of Anna Todd, After we…

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