Taming My Prince Charming

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Taming My Prince Charming Book Summary

When Lola met Xavier, Prince of Romerius, she was immediately attracted to his dark, handsome good looks and sparkling green eyes. She spent a whirlwind weekend with him and almost fell for his charm, until he humiliated her and she fled.

Lola wasn't prepared to find out that Xavier was her new professor and her new boss. She also wasn't prepared for the sparks that flew every time they were together. When Xavier takes her on a work trip, she is shocked when they are mobbed by the paparazzi and agrees to go to Romerius with Xavier to pretend she is his fiancé.

Only Lola had no idea that Xavier had a master plan from the moment he met her. He wanted a week to make her his, so that he could get her out of his system. Only Xavier had no idea that fate had another plan for him.

Taming My Prince Charming is the sequel to Finding My Prince Charming.

It is recommended for readers 18 and over as it contains mature situation and language.

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Taming My Prince Charming Book Comments

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Taming My Prince Charming - J. S. Cooper Reviews

  • Taming My Prince Charming

    By RoxyMoxy7625
    The grammar and spelling in this series is terrible. Who proofed this book? A kindergarten student! The story line is great, the story is missing a lot. There is really just sex between these two characters and it's disappointing.
  • Prince Charming

    By Infehen
    My first question as always with ITunes, where is book 3??????? If a book is a serie please make sure to have all the books. But one thing I know for sure, next time I will not buy books of J.S. Cooper. Childish book form 3.99 what a shame. And the books are in bundle now for 5.99.
  • Great

    By Marina999
    Loved the story and how it was keeping me intrigued the whole time
  • I'm pretty sure a 7th grade girl wrote this.

    By NotLolita
    Took me about 2 hours to read this infantile book. I only finished it because I was sure it couldn't get worse, but it did. I'm reasonably sure that it was written by a 7th grader who stumbled upon some porn on the Internet. No reasonable person would ever behave the way the two main characters do. No american woman getting a masters in art history from a British university would be as vapid and stupid as Lola, and no European prince would be as crude, repulsive, and abusive as Xavier. If you read this book and enjoyed it, you need to go back to school, and you need therapy. If you wrote this book and happen to be reading this review, You should try actually having an adult relationship, and a healthy sexual relationship before trying to write an entire book.
  • Taming My Prince Charming

    By M & L Zobel
    What happened to Keeping My Prince Charming? I prefer-ordered it, the release date kept getting pushed, middle of Jan, end of Feb, up until a few days ago it said March 10, now it's no where found.
  • Must tame him before the fairytale could begin.

    By RayeReviews
    Blast it all to Hades and back. WTH??? I am slowly walking to the cliff now while reading the book. Now I have to stand at the edge of the rocky cliff with the ocean below pounding the rocks until the next bloody book. UGHHHHHH this isn't happening. There were plenty of times I wanted to smack Xavier myself for being careless with Lola especially when he takes her to that club. Plot was well written. Characters development through out the story has the perfect dynamics. J.S. Cooper has an excellent way of writing her books.
  • Really/cliff hanger

    By Kali132
    I thought there were only two books and that's why I bought the second only to find out there is a third. Not happy and turned off from the author. Won't read the third cause it's just sad the story is plagued with turns and no outcome.
  • Scam!

    By NmGiovi
    At the end of the first book it says read the second AND FINAL installment (Taming....) to get all your answers. Low and behold you soon realize halfway through the second book you're about to get scammed into another. Finish your book like you state before it's published and charge a little more so you can stop scamming readers. Last book I'll ever read from this author.
  • Loved Xavier & Lola!!

    By aznangel_dd
    OMG, how could she do this to me?!! J.S. Cooper, you are just evil!! ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Must read Finding My Prince Charming first!*** Lola arrives in Romerius with Xavier under the false pretense of being engaged. One week, nothing more. But as they spend more time together, they both realize that there may be more than just sexual chemistry between them. TMPC picks up where FMPC left off and includes Xavier’s POV as well. I LOVED TMPC!! There was so much more depth in this second installment. Xavier is still the rude, arrogant alpha male, but I love him so much more now because we got to see his sensitive and vulnerable side. He introduces Lola to his world, and even though it got overwhelming at times, I loved that she was strong enough to follow her heart and stay by his side. The chemistry between Xavier and Lola is hotter than ever! And when they are together, it’s obvious how much they loved and cared for one another, even though they themselves have not realized it yet. Xavier has a secret agenda. Faking an engagement and bringing Lola to Romerius was part of his plan for...revenge?? Is it a vendetta against Violeta? Against Casper? Or against someone else? I need Keeping My Prince Charming now! I can't wait to find out what happens.
  • A must read

    By Hunnye
    This book leaves you wanting more. I absolutely can't wait for the next book to come out. This is a definite must read!!

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