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A Cold Dark Place

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 118269202914278920
  • Book Genre: Suspense
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A Cold Dark Place Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Toni Anderson comes a heart-stopping Romantic Thriller...

An assassin risks everything when he falls in love with the dedicated FBI agent hunting him.

Alex Parker wants out of the assassination business, but his handlers refuse to release him. At least he only eliminates serial killers and pedophiles, which makes him one of the good guys...that's what he tells himself with each new assignment.

While searching for her sister's killer, FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney stumbles on evidence of a vigilante at work.

When Mallory starts asking questions, Alex is ordered to watch her. But when they meet, the chemistry between them is combustible and proves impossible to resist. The lies and betrayals that define Alex's life close in and threaten to destroy them both. And when the killer who stole her sister all those years ago makes Mallory his next target, Alex is forced to sacrifice himself and their relationship to protect the woman he loves.

With over a thousand 5-star reviews on Goodreads this Romantic Thriller leaves readers wanting more!

Winner of the New England Readers' Choice Award and the Aspen Gold for Romantic Suspense. A COLD DARK PLACE is a 95K-word novel that can be read as a STANDALONE. It is also the first book in the Cold Justice Series. Alex and Mallory appear as secondary characters in subsequent books.

What readers are saying..."Spine-tingling suspense and dangerously seductive romance!!"--Ripe For Reader"The suspense is high and the romance is hot!"--Harlequin Junkie"The suspense is nonstop and the romance is hot."--Avonna Loves Genres."I couldn't find a good stopping point so I gave up trying to sleep and got up in the middle of the night and finished the book." --The Book Nympho. "I loved this book."--The Voracious Reader.

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A Cold Dark Place Book Comments

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A Cold Dark Place - Toni Anderson Book Reviews

  • Awesome read (ledoss)

    This is my first read by this author, I have to say “awesome”. This book kept me involved and wondering what would happen next. It is hard to define the line between bad and really evil. In this book the line blurred in many places but all worked out in the end. Really good story and I will definitely go back for another in this series.
  • A Cold Dark Place (Pins4)

    Loved the book. Romance and murder mystery my kind of book. Didn’t figure out who was doing even though you do throw a lot of clues. Thank!
  • Awesome (kirchersmiles)

    A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice Book 1) by Toni Anderson 5 +++ Stars Brand new author for me, and has already been added to the OMG must read everything available. I can't even put into words how much I loved this book. The character building, the flow, the storyline, the twists, the danger, the sitting on the edge of my seat moments...Everything was spot on for me. Every emotion...i felt every one and the ending *sigh*, I could just ramble on for days and I already loved this genre but now because of this author I believe it is probably my chosen genre...Don't get me wrong I love all the others too but I am a suspense fanatic and I love being a back seat crime solver. I will have everything this author writes on my kindle before it's over..I don't know how I've gone so long without reading her work but here I am and I can not wait!! Thank you Miss Anderson for an amazingly awesome story!! Loved It!!
  • Murder...cold case...FBI (Annmric8)

    An ex-CIA agent and FBI agent work together to help solve the serial killer cold case from eighteen years ago. Former CIA assassin Alex Parker is taking out serial killers and pedophiles. FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney is a rookie detective tasked with tracing the killer, the anonymous caller, and the hitman. Overall: An abundance of characters to select from as suspects. I like Mallory’s determination and dedication to the task. I enjoyed her character. She was a strong, fierce, and courageous character. I liked the interesting twist of illustrating how the justice system failed many people’s lives, yet these two characters made it their mission to change the way people viewed the justice system. They became who they are because of the wrongdoings of the past and they were here to correct those wrongdoings by bringing hope back. I liked Alex’s character as he struggled with his conscience in determining whether killing was right or wrong. His battle with the moral and ethical code about taking the life of a human being was answered in a convincing manner. When the government gives orders to kill its just cause. When it’s a killer taking matters into their own hands it’s murder. Nothing is black and white when the government is involved with protecting citizens. There was a proper balance of work and play. The mixing business with pleasure was timed perfectly and fit nicely with the story.
  • Good read (poncason)

    Enjoyed the plot very much but could have done without the graphic sexual parts.
  • A Cold Dark Place (Wanda K McD)

    I swear I didn’t want to stop reading this book for anything. I really didn’t, except for things necessary in daily life. Lol. It was a great read...so much so that, by the time I was halfway through, I bought more of this series! Great read, very well written. Can’t wait to start the next book!
  • A Cold Dark Place (getlt)

    Nice read !!!!
  • Great storyline (Faulja)

    Great read! Suspenseful with romance
  • A Cold Dark Place (Proper grammarian)

    Excellent !
  • A Cold Dark Place (LiDmedtech)

    I don't like pregnancy, especially unexpected, used in a plot. It gives some women a romantically unrealistic expectation and never works out like it does in romance novels. Cut it out. It isn't needed for a good novel.

A Cold Dark Place - Toni Anderson Book Reviews

  • A great read (laurpar27)

    Absolutely riveting. Didn't want to put this book down! Read it every spare moment I had!
  • Great read! (Kayleyyy520)

    Fantastic book! Can't wait to start the next one in the series
  • Tense drama with soul (Wine please)

    This book is a worthwhile read. A heart rendering subject. You may want to volunteer for the Gateway Project. You may think that justice, though flawed, is paramount to our society. It makes you look at the people who work the system, the people with power. What did I take away..your never so lost that you can't find your way to happiness. It just might not be what you thought it would be.
  • Great! (Devilduckz)

    10/10 book!

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