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Engaging the Boss

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 524033034916645528
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Engaging the Boss Book Summary

For years, Jonathan Damon has buried himself in his scientific research, but now his uncle threatens to pull the funding for his lab unless Jonathan makes strides toward marriage and family. So he decides to bring a fake fiancee to his cousin's wedding to mollify his uncle. And the only convenient candidate for this particular experiment is Sarah.

Sarah has been Jonathan's assistant for years, and she knows he's never thought of her in any other way. She's happy to play the part of his fiancee, but being thrown into unusual intimacy with her brilliant, sexy boss stirs up feelings she has never been able to admit before.

If only those feelings could be returned...

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Engaging the Boss Book Comments

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Engaging the Boss - Noelle Adams Book Reviews

  • Boring (Txvianj)

    Here's the basic story: Girl: I love you because you show me how you feel instead of telling me. Also, I think I'm ugly. Boy: I need you to help me by acting out the plot of The Proposal. Girl: Now I'm mad because you only show me how you feel instead of telling me so I'm going to yell at you all the time. And I still think I'm ugly. Boy: After being clueless the entire book I suddenly realized on my own why you're mad. I'm going to act out the plot from The Wedding Singer to fix everything. Girl: I changed my mind again. Even though I'm supposed to love you just as you are, I now want you to both show me and tell me how you feel. And maybe I'll believe you don't think I'm ugly. And scene.
  • Good Read (Buzzsgirl)

    Enjoyed the characters and the story.
  • Loved it. (11tms69)

    This story makes you believe there is someone out there for everyone. Wonderful romance story that I would love to continue reading. I can't wait for the next book.
  • Bad. (Fergooseon)

    This book is pretty terrible. It's very badly written; sounded like something a middle schooler could have written it with the text's uninventive and very repetitive vocabulary and grammatical errors (like missing words or improper tenses). It's also basically a bad rip-off of the movie The Proposal. If you want to know what the book is about it's pretty much that movie minus the humor, and still far worse. I read the whole thing, just for the sake of finishing it because it was short anyway, but man. This was bad. Completely unoriginal, not well written, and I genuinely feel like the rest of these reviews are fake.
  • Awesome plot, great anticipation leading to HOT, HOT, HOT sex! (Dr.hoodi)

    I couldn't stop reading this book. Simply had to read the book in one night! This is one hot, steamy well written romance. Very well built characters and storyline. Love, love, love it!!!
  • Meh (Thatsmrsholly)

    Great story idea, very poorly written. I also got very tired of hearing that the main character accepts that she's not ├╝ber hot. I feel like that took up half the book.
  • So good! (Akurani)

    I loved this book! The story was well written with believable characters and dialogue that flowed naturally. Even though it's a short quick read I became attached to the characters and their story. Two thumbs up!

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