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Scraps of Paper

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 493755240918861604
  • Book Genre: Romance
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Scraps of Paper Book Summary

Abigail Sutton's beloved husband walks out one night, doesn't return, and two years later is found dead, a victim of a long ago crime. It's made her sympathetic to the missing and their families.
Starting her new life, Abigail moves to small town and buys a fixer-upper house left empty when old Edna Summers died. Once it was also home to Edna's younger sister, Emily, and her two children, Jenny and Christopher, who, people believe, drove away one night, thirty years ago, and just never came back.
But in renovating the house Abigail finds scraps of paper hidden behind baseboards and tucked beneath the porch that hint the three could have been victims of foul play.
Then she finds their graves hidden in the woods behind the house and with the help of eccentric townspeople and ex-homicide detective, Frank Lester, she discovers the three were murdered. Then she and Frank try to uncover who killed them and why…but in the process awaken the ire of the murderer. *** 5 Spookie Town Mysteries: Scraps of Paper; All Things Slip Away; Ghosts Beneath Us, Witches Among Us and What Lies Beneath the Graves.

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Scraps of Paper Book Comments

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Scraps of Paper - Kathryn Meyer Griffith Book Reviews

  • Scraps of Paper (Wschroeder)

    This is a fun mystery that keeps you guessing and makes you hope for true love.
  • Another Mrs. Fletcher (GMontross)

    A very enjoyable whodunnit. The main character,Abby, moves to a small town to restart her llfe after her husband’s death. While there she begins to find clues to suspicious deaths that link several of the townspeople. Both Abby’s story and that of the dead unfold in the town of Spookie.
  • Fun and Easy (Ranger&Sadie)

    Easy reading with interesting characters. Accurate reflection of small town life. Tale slowly unravels with an anticipated conclusion, but the characters kept it engrossing.
  • Scraps of paper (L'oiseu noir)

    This book drew me into the story. The emotions of the of the characters were very realistic. The author handled the emotions and feelings about death and loss. I was sorry that the Sherriff and other law enforcement officers were not able to solve the issues surrounding the disappearances of so many people; however, even in real life , a lot of missing people are never found. Sometimes the criminals cover their tracks and sometimes law enforcers drop the ball . So this Mystery was very realistic. Great writing!!!
  • Scraps of Paper (Jennie the Jewel)

    What a pleasant read! Since I live in a small town similar to Spookie, I could relate to the rumor mill, the eccentric older people, and the cafe where everybody meets to filter through the most recent news ( aka gossip). Great character building and building of the plot!
  • Interesting story (LgBrackett)

    The story was original. There was sadness in the beginning, but the plot flowed well and kept my attention. The imagery and description through Abigail made you feel that you were part of the story. Really enjoyed !
  • Scraps of Paper (Bfpg314)

    Totally enjoyed this book.Good story with interesting characters.
  • Scraps of paper (Cindy Wittmann Jones)

    I wanted to like this book but I didn’t. It was long and boring.
  • Scraps of Paper (Grannie Karon)

    I really enjoyed reading this story. There were so many possibilities as to “who dun it”. I love the name of the town and the way everything evolved in the town and story. Thank you for an enjoyable read.
  • Fun read! (cassacc91**)

    This is my first murder mystery read and it was very fun! It kept me captivated the whole time and guessing who it could be!

Scraps of Paper - Kathryn Meyer Griffith Book Reviews

  • Scraps of paper (Roscobob11)

    I enjoyed the plot and the characters in this well written book.
  • Scraps of Paper (Snowbirdont)

    Very enjoyable. Thank you!
  • Amazing (Alex-anneRob)

    This book was sooooo good! I read it in about 3 days! Such a mystery and love story at once! Just so good!
  • Good beach reading (nurseNik780)

    A nice summer murder mystery with plenty of suspense!

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