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Almost Broken

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 887763779941801052
  • Book Genre: Romance
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Almost Broken Book Summary

Authors Note: This is the second book in the If I Break series. I would highly suggest reading in the intended order. The first book in the series, ‘If I Break’.

Lauren Brooks fell in love with Cal Scott at 21, married him at 22 and had her heart broken at 23 when he walked out of their marriage. At 25, though raising his daughter on her own, Lauren was finally moving on with her life. Until, she learned the reason for Cal's abandonment, the walls she’d carefully built around her collapsed.

The day she meets Chris, all those feelings she thought she had bottled up come spilling out. She can’t afford to give into her heart’s desire again. Love nearly broke her once, and her daughter doesn't need two broken parents.

Christopher Scott is in love, newly engaged to Jenna, who saw him through an illness he didn’t think he could survive. He’s finally settling into the life he’s always wanted, making plans he only dared to dream before now.

Until, a woman named Lauren arrives on his doorstep.

She’s intriguing, beautiful and, try as he might, he can’t stay away. The closer he gets to her, the more his rock-solid plans begin to crumble. All he knows is that Lauren is the missing piece to a puzzle he must solve. For him to put all the pieces in place, he’ll have to follow his heart, and that might cost him everything...

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Almost Broken Book Comments

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Almost Broken - Portia Moore Book Reviews

  • Awesome (Hermitreader)

    This entire series is great! This is my second go-round reading them. The way I was able to connect to Lauren, Cal and Chris's emotion is unbelievable. I definitely recommend this series!
  • Amazing 😍😍😍 (RaeMil121588)

    I read the whole series in a week! I couldn't stop reading! Wonderful job! I loved it! I've been and will continue to recommend to friends!
  • Nothing like it (Bkjbking)

    This book was so good, I stayed up late just to finish it. It was so worth it.
  • Love it (Argo tango)

    I had to continue reading, it drawls you in. Sweet romance . Can't wait to get to book 3
  • Best summer book (Sarsvjo)

    I can't believe how good this book was, I read the whole collection during one weekend. I just couldn't stop!!
  • Refreshingly captivating!!! (Trini4life 514)

    This series had me on edge all day because I just couldn't wait to get home and read more ! What a unique storyline and from every perspective! I've read so many books, but this series made me remember why i enjoy reading in the first place! I laughed and cried with the characters. I'm just sad that it had to end what am i going to read???
  • AMAZING!!!' (Emilia19645)

    Seriously loved this series!! I loved most all the characters (except Jenna) and found it hard to put down the book since it was so good! Wish there were more books to the series since it was so entertaining to read them.
  • 😍😍😍😍 (HARLOW1616)

    Loved loved loved this book!!! I Couldn't put it down until I finished the series!
  • Almost Broken (Kaitttt230)

    This was a truly amazing book! I fell so deeply in love with the characters and the story line. I read the entire series in a weekend actually, I couldn't stop myself! Definitely worth the read!!
  • Can not put it down! (DaniD3264)

    Amazing, best series I have read in a very long time. You can get past the grammar with how amazing the story line is. Absolutely heart wrenching and fell in love all over again and again.

Almost Broken - Portia Moore Book Reviews

  • A good story that needs some serious editing (yukondoll)

    I love the plot for this story and its a great read. However, having to edit the story while I'm reading is very distracting.
  • On the edge! (JAY0830)

    Wishing the final book was ready now! Suspense is killing me!
  • YASS!! Counting down the days to feb 28! (Lindosupreme)

    That ending tho.. F'real??????
  • Great Book! (Poke-Eye)

    I wasn't a fan of the first book as it felt like a train wreck I couldn't stop watching. This one was better and after reading the 1.5 version before this helped a lot. Note: there are quite a bit of spelling and grammatical errors (don't think there was a proofreader before it was published) which was at times tough to work through but otherwise not a bad read. Looking forward to the finale in book 3.
  • Amazing!!! (Jroszczyk)

    Great novel! Can't wait to read the last book :)
  • Almost broken (Shelleyfoxy)

    Except book! Can't wait till the next one!
  • Can't wait for the next and last book! (CherryandMark)

    Is it here yet?
  • Wow (Nikki_g_10_17_88)

    I really didn't think I was going to like this book of the first one at that! But I fell in love with. Everything about is just so good it keeps you in your toes and wondering ! I can't wait for the third book . I'm a little upset it will be the last of their storey ! By the way I read both books within 2 days . <3
  • Excellent read! (Lb in Canada)

    Loved the first book; loved the second; can't wait for the "finish"! However, they should employ some better proofreaders...not have to re-read sentences because punctuation marks are not there. I'll still buy the next book though - I need to know how it ends!
  • Almost broken (Shades fan)

    Loved the characters and story can't wait to see how this story ends.

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