Silent Night

Silent Night by Natasha Preston Book Summary

Join Cole, Oakley and their family for Christmas day in this 7,000 word short story.

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Silent Night (Natasha Preston) Book Reviews

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- Very short but very sweet5 star

It’s so beautiful to be invested in these characters from these books

- Why did it end?5 star

I want to cry like a baby. I wish this happened in reality, (Not the disgusting bit though) I would die a million times just to see another book. I love this so much, I hate that I love it so much.

- Addicting.4 star

Once you’ve read the first book you can’t help but finish reading the rest of the series.

- Mostly in love with this book4 star

I really like this series, and how no matter what their love continues. I finished the series in only a few days and was very satisfied. But for this book it seemed kind of rushed and left of with a major cliffhanger. So I’m hoping for another book..

- Their Future??5 star

i just want another book 😩 we need to know what happens in the future 😭😭

- Loved it5 star

I’m not a huge book person but the first time I read I remember not being able to put it down best book

- OMG!5 star

Series was amazing read it in 2 days! So sad to see it come to an end!!😭😭😭

- Fantastic5 star

This was probably the best book series I have ever read. You never get tired of the storyline. ❤️

- Sad to see this is the end5 star

What great series, I literally finished the series in a week and a half. Great books!

- Silent Night5 star

This series was the best! WHY ISNT THERE ANYMORE?!

- Amazing5 star

Read this entire book on my flight to California, could not put it down!!!

- This is amazing5 star

This book was so good and I loved it so much she should keep righting books she is my new favorite author

- Silent Night5 star

I loved this story! I’ve have fallen in love with the silent series, and this was one of the best ways to end it! Omg! I really don’t have word to explain it but Amazing, Extraordinary, Romantic and so much more! Recommend completely! 😊👍

- Great read!5 star

It’s one you won’t be able to put down!

- No words can explain5 star

This series was honestly amazing. It’s so hard to put into words but in every book there was romance hope and sadness. It gives u mystery. It’s like every kind of book into one.

- Silence5 star

The perfect series

- Cute5 star

A small look into Oakley and coles future.. cute little book.. I enjoyed reading how their family came together and their future looked brighter than ever ❤️❤️

- Incredible5 star

I started the series this month and have now read all of them, I love the series. I was shocked in the first one but, I love this one. Christmas with the amazing family is not how I expected!!!!!

- Amazing5 star

I was really hoping that Natasha would make a third full length book to continue the “Silence” story but this short story still made me happy. I loved how the series ended and that the family was as happy as ever.10/10

- Hi5 star

Good book


OMG I love this series. I read the entire series in less then a week, I think there needs to be more in this series loved it. Now on to the next❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

Beautiful ending! This is a must read ❤️

- Good book5 star

It’s such a good book right now,I haven’t finished it yet but I hope it stays the same and not bore me to death

- Reread5 star

I reread this book and loved it as much as the first time around.

- Very Sweet5 star

Fun and easy read

- Broken Silence5 star

This book of the series had be reading it all day! I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in court and with the love story of Cole and Oakley. I loved this!

- This book is so good5 star

Omg I love this series but I whisk this book would have been longer but over all I loved it😍😍


I'm so bored idk why everyone likes it, I suspect you're all robots or something.

- Love it!!!5 star

Completely love all the books from the beginning!

- The best epilogue ever5 star

After 3 exciting books this is the book you want it would put your mind at an ease words can't describe this series

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- Great ending!!5 star

Great ending!!

- The Silence series.5 star

All four books in this series are excellent and page turners. Enjoyable stories and it was great to see the families come together and grown strong after such a tragic start.

- Perfect ending4 star

This whole series was fantastic. But I wish for the last book there was not as much explaining to do for the other books cause the readers already knew what had happen. Anyways overall I enjoyed this book !

- Silent Night1 star

I've downloaded this last book of the series of four, its only giving me the first chapter!! What is going on?

- Amazing!!!!5 star

I absolutely loved reading this book and I can't wait to finish the series and read the books over again. Natasha u should make more books in the series maybe like them with there third child or teens. But reading this book made me the most happiest person to read in the world❤️❤️❤️

- Love this book!5 star

I love this book it is so so good it is my favourite book I wish she made more books for silence cause it was so good I love this book it as worth paying money for it


I found out of all Natasha Preston's books this series was the best, it describes every detail and kept me wanting to read more. If i were you I would read this book!!!!!!

- Don't waste your time1 star

Enough said.

- Love this story!5 star

I love this whole series! I only wish that this story in particular was longer and that there were more books in the series! -Chelsey

- So great loved the end5 star


- Book review5 star

I love this series it's the only that made me go close to crying the thing is I want more like the new baby's name/gender and how it all ends for them

- Loved it5 star

Just finished this series and must say I love it very much, from the very beginning I was hooked and have read them all straight no stopping, I love that you can feel the emotions pouring from the pages and the characters it’s incredible. Sad to see the series end I would love more but I know every story has to end

- Silent Night5 star

Loved this series! Kept me hooked all the way. Just wished Silent Night was longer, because it ended so quickly. I wasnt ready to say goodbye to the characters or the storyline.

- T5 star

E you guys’llzz

- Another great story!5 star

A lovely ending to the Silence series!

- Yet another amazing book5 star

Even though this is just a short story, it was so amazing. I loved it so much. Please write another book to follow on from the others. I fell in love with all of the characters and I really need another book to follow on. Thanks for writing this series as it was so fantastic, so brilliant, so amazing!

- What book is this5 star

Is this book 4 ???

- Amazing5 star

I wish this series was longer as this was such an amazing series of books and I loved every one and I can’t get over how amazing the chemistry was. I loved every second of it as it made you see what it was talking about as well it made you feel what they were feeling it’s amazing

- Best book5 star

I’ve read about 3 books in my life time but this book was amazing, it was predictable but in the most unpredictable way ever, definitely give it a read, I loved it so much

- Amazing book!5 star

This book is so good and I definitely recommend it for people who likes a good book.

- Silent night.5 star

Thought the serious of books was absolutely brilliant. Once I started reading couldn’t put it down.

- Silent Night5 star

Read Silence and Broken Silence couldn’t put them down till I finished them then read silent night what a great ending to these stories

- Silent night5 star

Iv just finished the the forth of the four and the book just ran out. Was it a boy or a girl. You have got to make another one and did Mia find a husband and Jasper getting married!!!!!!!

- Omg5 star

OMG we need more books on this series it’s my favourite ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Amazing5 star

I need more I want to know what happens next

- not enough4 star

i wouldnt call this a book more like a magazine, its not enough, ive loved reading these books and when i got to the last paige i was gutted it had finished. good read but i need more

- Exelent5 star

Amazing it's a new life for oakley

- Lovely Finale Book4 star

To be honest, I preferred the previous 3 books to this one. A bit predictable. But a lovely finale book to the Silence series.

- Mrs salh5 star

Loved all the silence books! This is the absolutely best ending could wish for! Loved every minute reading these books

- Boring!4 star

Not very excited about it! Nothing unexpected!

- Amazing5 star

It is a great book that I just couldn't stop reading. It makes you want to cry, laugh and feel all sorts of emotions! Well written and definitely worth the read! Loved it!

- Brilliant but lots of typos!4 star

A brilliant short read and looking forward to reading the next. However, I did find a lot of typos in this book so may something for the author to look out for but that would be my only criticism.

- Amazing5 star

I think This book is amazing I have read all of the silent books and loved everyone

- Silent Night5 star

Great little read. Keeps you interested right through to the end with a little teaser in its finale. A fresh and involved little story. I liked it a lot although it won't ever win any awards.

- Great add on5 star

This was a lovely glimpse into the future of Oakley and Cole's lives. It's very short, but a cute insight into their future.

- Loved it5 star

After reading and wanting more from the other books I downloaded this and read it straight away.. I still want more.

- OMG I love it!!!4 star

OMG its sooooo good, only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I need another book with Oakleys life!! Love you <3

- Silent Night5 star

Good short read

- I cried like a baby!5 star

Such a captivating story, an easy read and the first story to make me cry! a definite must read! X

- Beth xx5 star

OMG!! I read 'silence' as it was a free book in September when I really got into books. I was so attached to it and I really felt what the characters were going through. When I found out there was a second book, 'broken silence', I really wanted to read it but I couldn't afford it. Yesterday-christmas day-I got an itunes voucher and purchased 'broken silence' straight away. I've just read 'broken silence' and it follows perfectly on from 'scilence'. I also knew about the book that explains about Jasper (Oakley's brother) but I didnt want to read it so much as it didn't really include Oakley and Cole. Today (boxing day) I found this short story book from Natasha Preston and I clicked on it to read what it was about. As soon as I saw Cole and Oakley's names I downloaded it. I've just read it and it really wraps up the past 10 years and it mentions a bit about everyones ending from the books. I won't tell you anything but let me tell you this: THERE ARE A LOT OF CHILDREN INVOLVED:D I would recommend this book series to teenagers between the ages of 15-19. Im 15, nearly 16 and I really think that this book is very emotional and I think it is up there with 'The fault in our stars' and the 4 books should be made into movies!! Happy reading people and I hope you enjoy xxx

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- Ahh so good5 star

I just wish there wasn't such strong language and that the book was longer!

- Great Series!5 star

I understand that all book series have to come to an end, but I wish this one never ended!


I am obsessed with this series. Ever since I got the first book I have been reading the series non stop. I really hope that Natasha Preston will write the next stage in Cole and Oakley's life!!!!😭😭

- Broken Silence book5 star

I wish that the second book was free because the first one is really good. I really want to read it.

- Amazing book5 star

I don't usually write reviews, but this book is amazing as well as the whole series. I was intrigued on he first page! Don't end this series, it is amazing and I love these books. I hope you see this.

- In love even more !5 star

Please ! Please ! Write more books for the silence series. I fall in love more and more each time I re-read the books. Looking forward to reading more ! I'm hooked !

- Silence series5 star

Nice reading ,but Oakley's Dad was treated abit unforgiving , when Daddy is in Error we always want to Kill him , may God help our families to heal our wounds , thank you !!

- I literally can't even!5 star

This review isn't for 'Silent Night', it's for the whole series. I've read this series so many times and it still gets me, I still have that uneasy feeling in my stomach when something is about to happen even though I know what is going to happen, and I still cry especially at the end of 'Silence'. I 'Broken Silence' and 'Players, Bumps, and Cocktail Sausages' are worth every penny I spent. I suggest that you read this series if you haven't already! Like, NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Their aren't good books that I've read that are free, but 'Silence' proved me wrong! (‼️SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT READ THE 2, 3, or 4 BOOK‼️) I hope Ms. Preston makes another book or something with details about Cole and Oakley's wedding along with Jasper and Holly's. Also since we got to see how Holly's pregnancy went I would like to see how Oakley's go's with the 3rd child. I would really like to know what gender it is and if it's a boy if Cole gets his way and gets to name him Cole jr. Also we're will they put 3rd child cause in the 2nd book they said that the 4th room was to small to be a bedroom.

- This book was awesome!5 star

This short book was awesome! It was so happy! I love these books! They are amazing!

- Amazing5 star

This is so amazing. I'm so happy they're happy it just fills me with joy!

- Loved it want more!!5 star

OMG I LOVED IT AND THE WHOLE SERIES!!! I wish there was more in the series!! And if more is going to be wrote I want to read it!!!

- Amazing5 star

I loved it It was so heart warming

- LOVED IT!!5 star

I love this series! If only there were more.

- Read in one day after broken silence5 star

Fabulous story as usual but I'm craving more of this. I need more books of this series!!!

- A nice short read 💯💘5 star

I love this book😍 , I would totally recommend this to anyone who would love a good short romantic reading 💯, I do wish it was longer 😩😩, but it's still a really great book , I admire & love Coles & oakley's love story it's so beautiful & sweet 💯💯😍😍💘 hope the author can really make another book continuing this one !! 💯💯 I would hope to be able to read more stories about them😍💘💯but this is a Must read , along with the other books💯💯😍😍💘💯😩

- Loved it!5 star

The entire series was great. I couldn't put them down. I've read them all within a week. It also shed some light on abuse. It took us through how each person in the family made it through it. It went into detail about their thoughts and feelings. It also is a common problem that most of us don't think about. It made me think about it and how I can help within my community. So thank you to the author. She wrote a fabulous serious with a meaningful purpose behind it. Well done.

- OMG5 star

It's over. I'm now sad. It can't be over! What is this life?! ᙡᖺᎩ ᖙᗝᙓᔕ Tᖺᓰᔕ Ḱᙓᙓᕈ ᖺᗩᕈᕈᙓﬡᓰﬡᘐ Tᗝ ᙢᙓ????

- Good book5 star

Very good book, true romance! A must read

- Write another book!!5 star

These books are the best books i have ever read! Please write another book with Cole and Oakley!! I love the Silence series

- More!!!4 star

You need to write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Silent5 star

Love it!

- Book4 star

The book is great!! But there is little swearing in-between...

- Omg5 star

Omg I love Oakley and Coles story and how they are basically perfect for each other. Why must their story stop. I wish she would write another book about the rest of their lives and when the kids grow up and more details about the child on the way!!💖

- Wow5 star

Wow wow wow, I love your books. You really need to keep writing the silence series.😭😭😭😭. I would rate it more, but I could only do a 5 star rating😆.

- All silence books5 star

They were amazing I order every one I hope you make more your a great writing theses books were the best

- Omg5 star

Best series EVER


The silent series is well written and I loved all of the books but I want to know more about the next baby!

- Silence ( series)5 star

When I had no paper book to read I just looked at my iBooks for random book and I came up to yours at first I wasn't too excited because I thought it was just gonna be one of those chick flick, how most books are but after I got to about this first ,second chapter I fell in love I didn't have much money on my iTunes but it barely had enough to buy the second book I stayed up till at least 12 o'clock finishing the first book I the finished it in one day! I wouldn't put the book down I finish the second and the fourth book in the next day and It touched me so badly that I cried. It inspires me to write a book similar but not exactly like this.I want you to make more books like this,and more in the series I couldn't buy the third book about Jasper so it kind of got confused about the Holly and Sophie thing but after I realized that the silent night was a forth book and not the third book I got over it and I still fell in love please please please please please make more in the series I am dying for more

- Love5 star

These are the best books I've ever read!

- So beautiful5 star

This was amazing and sweet and I couldn't put it down

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5 star

@Xmas_Sing_Along: 🎄♪♫♬ Christmas time (silent night) ♬♫♪🎄

5 star

@ItsUs_ButWrong: Kat: Ugh, I hardly slept last night. Blake: You know, when you can't sleep, it means someone is thinking about you. K…

5 star

Kat: Ugh, I hardly slept last night. Blake: You know, when you can't sleep, it means someone is thinking about you…

5 star

@joy_pops: whisker-silent a mouse slips into a pocket of the night #tanka

5 star

🎄♪♫♬ Christmas time (silent night) ♬♫♪🎄

5 star

@joy_pops: whisker-silent a mouse slips into a pocket of the night #tanka

5 star

@RyanCBS4: 🚨𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐋𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐒📹 ⚾️7/10/20 - "Are you kidding me?"-our photog Dave when Nolan Arenado hit TWO more home runs for the sec…

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5 star

It's 1:25am. I'm sitting in front of a hamster cage, waiting fo my best friend to finish her skincare routine so th…

5 star

The late night silent cries are the worst

5 star

Jason'dan sonra Halloween serisi de bitti. Şimdi Freddy, Letherface ve Silent Night, Deadly Night serisi var. Birka…

5 star

@MPIainDS: Friday night shift out with @MPSWForest Special Constables responding to 999 emergency calls across Waltham Forest. Foot Patr…

5 star

@hatcher_charles Well it could be that they just haul people away at night in trucks disguised as bread trucks. The…

5 star

@joy_pops: whisker-silent a mouse slips into a pocket of the night #tanka

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