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The Billionaire Bride

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 549571125952943490
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Billionaire Bride Book Summary

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Marquita Valentine, comes the Brides of Holland Springs, a sweetly sexy series set in the town that readers have come to love. 

It’s not easy being the woman most likely to be married to a fortune hunter, but Kate Von Lichtenstein has a plan to deter even the most determined gold digger. She’ll take a page right out of her favorite historical romance novel - with her own unique spin. She’ll marry a man of her choosing before the public gets wind of how much money she actually inherited from her grandparents. And who fits the bill better than the sexy and charming American businessman, Noah Sawyer?
After selling his share of the successful tech company, Noah Sawyer lost everything when an unscrupulous realtor stole the money he intended to use to purchase a huge swath of land worth millions. So, when a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding with a hot brunette turns into a mutually beneficial business arrangement, Noah jumps at the chance to salvage his business. 
However, the sexy land developer has no intention of his marriage to Kate being in name only…
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The Billionaire Bride Book Comments

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The Billionaire Bride - Marquita Valentine Book Reviews

  • Not what I expected (NikkiLove423)

    I definitely understand that this boon was relatively short. But for much as it had already put into it, I was a little disappointed that the final climactic scene wasn’t very filling. There wasn’t a last standoff as there should have been. It should have been more detail to it at least. Otherwise, it was a very understandable story and plot and I did enjoy it.
  • The Billionaire Bride (PJSPhotogirl)

    Short, sweet & charming. Nice to have the heroine rich for a change. Good ending.
  • Reader Review (VStheReader)

    The book was mostly a good read until the end. I craved more information. I was hoping this was a continuous story but it ends with the epilogue, and the next book having new characters, (which I still plan on reading).
  • The billionaire bride (Fluke fan)

    Loved it. You are so talented!
  • Good read (LucyMu)

    Really cute & quick read!
  • Good book but... (11tms69)

    I enjoyed this love story, however, the ending needs work.
  • Quick read (Ollieblu)

    Very short read. Things moved at lightening speed. From meeting, to lust, then on quickly to love. Story and characters didn't feel fleshed out. What I did like was that Kate was the one with money. Also, it felt like characters from another series kept getting mentioned, making me feel like I should know who they were. All in all quick time killer.
  • Billionaire Bride (rader_23)

    Great afternoon read.
  • Good read! (Iloveladybugs08)

    I really enjoyed this book, especially that it was a little steamy. However, it seemed like the story ended so abruptly. I was very disappointed. Overall good, quick read. :)
  • Billionaire Bride (Bulldog1137)

    Great heroine Kate, great hero Noah, evil parents with their own agenda,even a second villain Herod the banker. A predictable plot but still interesting and kept me intrigued. Good plot development, even better character development and,best of all, a happy ending. A lite story of boys meet girl and a an enjoyable reading. Try it.

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