Holocaust Memories

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Holocaust Memories Book Summary

We are the 6th Grade Anne Frank Class at Grace Academy in Hartford, Connecticut. Here at Grace Academy, each class is named after an inspiring women in history. We are proud of the Anne Frank name, and we are young ladies who show the characteristics of kindness, hospitality and responsibility, just as she did. 
This project was inspired by the novel Number The Stars by Lois Lowry, which we read together as a class. After finishing the novel, we researched World War II and the Holocaust by going to our local library and checking out non-fiction books about these topics. Our task was to write our own story about what could have happened to someone during the Holocaust from the perspective of our own fictional characters. 
We hope you enjoy our Holocaust Journal Entries and learn from them too!

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Holocaust Memories - Grace Academy's Anne Frank Class Reviews

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    By COCloverxx
  • Me again :)

    By Austinaggie99
    As I have been reading this book (I am finished it) I have become more and more unimpressed. I have to tell u almost all of the stories include the main character having a boyfriend or girlfriend. And the spelling is just AWFUL. I was reading and instead of though so he wrote tho. I just don't know why this is a published book. It isn't completely historically accurate either. Trust me I know ALOT about the subject of the holocaust and World War Two and there is just so many errors in this. :(😒🤔

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