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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 704241258956708007
  • Book Genre: Adventure
Interlude-Brandon - Terry Schott Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
344 Ratings

Interlude-Brandon Book Summary

Do Not Skip this Story...There are a lot of answers to questions asked in the first two books, and you will be lost if you miss out on this one! 

Brandon Strayne. 
Brilliant computer programmer, businessman, and world leader. 
Where did this mysterious man come from? 
This volume details his history and rise to power. 
Before there was the Game...there was a boy.... 
This takes the story of the Game even further by viewing how it all started! 
A must read for all fans of the Game is Life Series.

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Interlude-Brandon Book Comments

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Interlude-Brandon - Terry Schott Book Reviews

  • Good interlude (Bkgtown)

    Great book, whole series rocks
  • So glad I didn't skip! (Socrcat)

    What a great read! It explains the backstory of the Game. Definitely don't skip this.
  • Amazing (YanceyR)

    Definitely a must read to continue the series. Answers a lot of questions that I didn't even know I had!
  • I Almost Skipped This Book (Boanerges116)

    Like most I thought about going straight to book 4 and skipping this one. Very glad I didn't because it was amazing!! Time to download the next book and stay up all night binge reading!
  • Don't skip (Hello it's the smart person)

    Don't skip
  • Don't Skip This a Book (Tmrandazzo)

    Interlude-Brandon explains it all! I was so happy to read this book. I can now say, I fully understand book one and two. I am so looking forward to reading book four 😊
  • Gives the universe a mind blowing new look! (TheNumber1Hero)

    Dear game alive, where do I begin? This book by far did not disappoint in the category of the many twists and turns that defines this book series. This is another thrilling part of "The Game is Life" series that I cannot put down! Honestly I don't know why this series isn't considered an New York Times best seller yet. Ever book never ceases to blow my mind and think about my reality at least once if not multiple times. This is a very good read that definitely should NOT be skipped! Props to the author and please, keep up the amazing work!
  • Interlude-Brandon (NlRHoSs34)

    My mind has been officially blown! Book three of the series and it just keeps getting better. These books have become just as addicting,to me, as the VR games the characters play. Can't wait to start the next book!
  • Wow!!! (KatieBellasmom31)

    Mind blown again lol I had to stop several times while reading just to get everything straight in my head. Loved it!
  • Wow. (Mychem920)

    What more can you ask for?! Seriously? The answers given in the book just feed your urge to continue on. It's simply thrilling to read this story.

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