Logic Pro X User Guide

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Logic Pro X User Guide Book Summary

This user guide documents the features and controls of Logic Pro X, and describes how to accomplish both basic and advanced tasks using the application.

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Logic Pro X User Guide Book Comments

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Logic Pro X User Guide - Apple Inc. Reviews

  • Logic Pro X User Guide (2015)

    By Nostalgic for the Old Apple
    I really wish I could print out the manual. Since I’ve already PAID for Logic Pro X and the User Manual is FREE, it doesn’t make any sense that I’m not allowed to print it in any way so that I can refer to it while the app is open on my MacBook Pro. Lately, all of Apple’s “improvements” involve taking things (like usefulness) away from the products…
  • A Great Primer on Logic Pro X

    By Smurf Daddy 2000
    I was hitting walls left and right as a new user to Logic Pro X. There are very few resources out there on this version and it’s drastically different than all the free out-dated Logic 9 material on the Internet. Athough this User Guide does not go into great detail on any of the features, it certainly covers the breadth of this vast program and at least introduces one to the numerous nooks and crevices to be found in Logic Pro X; it accurately points the reader in the right (general) direction…especially when one is frustrated by knowing what you want, but not knowing where in Logic Pro X to find that feature. If nothing else, it breaks the ice and makes a very daunting program much more accessible.

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