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Disorganized Crime

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 896957417962515821
  • Book Genre: Cozy
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Disorganized Crime Book Summary

There's no offer for her to refuse ...

Kat Makris was a little girl when her father spun wild and outrageous bedtime stories about Baboulas, the Greek boogeyman, a lawless creature with a penchant for stealing gold and clashing with the gods.

Now Kat is twenty-eight, single, a couch potato in a cube farm, when her father goes missing. Without him, she's alone in the world. Before the police can work their mojo, she herself is abducted by a couple of hoods with crooked noses, and she quickly discovers her father's old stories were true—true crime, that is. Baboulas is an infamous mob boss in Greece, and Baboulas is the one who has Kat holed up in a private plane bound for Greece. 

Now, to find her father, Kat must face the boogeyman …

Somewhere between Stephanie Plum and Michael Corleone you'll find Kat Makris. DISORGANIZED CRIME is a humorous look at family—and Family.

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Disorganized Crime Book Comments

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Disorganized Crime - Alex A. King Book Reviews

  • Disorganized Crime (L'oiseu noir)

    Funny scary, and intense. I love the main character from the first. Great read and truly enjoyable!
  • Disorganized Crime (Dream on!)

    Great sense of humor! I hope there's a sequel!
  • Disorganized crime (san raphael)

    Too many unimportant details page after page. Sometimes story went south without comprehension. Wasted time and no enjoyment of reading time. Sorry!
  • Disorganized Crime (Ethyl816)

    Loved the book, couldn’t put it down. Just wish the rest of the books in the series were also available in iBooks format. Would love to read all the books in this series but I don’t have a Kindle. Don’t tell me to download a Kindle app. If I wanted to read Kindle format I would have bought a Kindle. Disappointed.
  • Couldn’t get past 2nd chapter (Mr Piggy 2U)

    What other reviewers are calling humor, I call vulgarity. I couldn’t finish the book due to the foul language and uncalled for descriptions of body parts and bodily functions. It’s too bad that some individuals feel they have to stoop to such low levels in order to try to get a few laughs.
  • Disorganized Crime (Figirocks)

    This book definitely gets a thumbs up! It's filled with laughter, drama, suspense and love! Does not disappoint...
  • Can hardly wait (kwt66)

    I can hardly wait for the next book in this series. I like the characters in this book and look forward to learning more about them. Very good book
  • Funny read (@[email protected])

    Love the storyline, characters and just the laugh out loud dialogues. It’s funny description of crazy Greek mafia family with very lovable characters.
  • Give it up to the Greeks! (dgurlbrown)

    I instantly knew I was going to like this book....I knew I loved it at the mention of Terry P and Discworld. Hooked me forever at Soylent Green! I have another favorite writer to add to my list and pass along thank you thank you thank you! Alex YOU Rock!
  • Disorganized Crime (wmitw)

    Really enjoyed this book. It was exciting and funny, I actually laughed out loud. It was a page turner, I had trouble putting it down. Sorry when I got to the last page. Love this author.

Alex A. King - Disorganized Crime E-Book

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