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A Sheik for Rose

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 285180328963538235
  • Book Genre: Romantic Comedy
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A Sheik for Rose Book Summary

This contemporary romantic comedy by Lizabeth Scott is the first of the three-book Hearts of Gold series. Each story can be read as a standalone but I know you don’t want to leave a sister out!

Rose Gold overheard her boss, the only reason they chose her to represent Royston Oil was because Sheik Rashid had a thing for blondes. Instead of getting angry at their obvious stereotyping she decided to show them a thing or two. She would get the Sheik's signature on the oil processing rights by using nothing more than her skills and intelligence.

What Rose hadn’t planned on was Sheik Rashid’s lack of interest in meeting with her. But, she had a plan. He’d canceled on her for the last time. Little did Rose know, but her plan would lead to a night of unrivaled pleasure at the hands of one dreamy Sheik, a bed with handcuffs, and fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

The next morning a dazed and horrified Rose fled the palace in secret and flew back home with the processing rights unsigned which would be the least of her problems.  It seems she brought back a surprise souvenir from the sheik.

Rose couldn’t stop thinking about him and that night. Now she worried what his reaction would be to her news.

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A Sheik for Rose Book Comments

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A Sheik for Rose - Lizabeth Scott Book Reviews

  • Awkward voice and shallow plot (Jimaam)

    This book was difficult to read because of the way it was written. It was... stilted? It was also very shallow with little development of characters. Information was given about them, but not in a way that makes a reader invested.
  • A Sheik for Rose (Crazy not lazy)

    I enjoyed reading it but found it lacking. It was on the verge of being unbelievable.
  • A sheik for Rose (awful good)

    Awesome! Characters were delightful and you are caught up into their lives and feelings. Beautiful sex... Lara H
  • No. Just no. (Lovey18)

    So he had sex with her...while she was asleep...and didn’t actually consent. Got it. Terrible book. Re-write this and please atop sounding like a high schooler.
  • Form of torture (174968362)

    I got it because it was free. You couldn’t pay me to read this, it was so bad
  • Eh (Great super duper book!!!)

  • A sheik for rose (discriminatingreader)

    Not very good

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