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The Seduction

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 880893696967094968
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Seduction Book Summary

I'm your darkest secret. Your dirtiest fantasy.
Who am I? The Seducer. And I've never lost a case.
Until her. Keely Fawes. My mysterious new target. Someone wants to destroy her -- and I'm their weapon of choice. Her secrets could be my undoing. Her innocence will ruin me. But I don't care.
I'm going to show her how good it feels to be bad. She'll be screaming in pleasure - and it’ll be my name on her lips.

Discover the sizzling hot, suspenseful series from USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sloane!

The Seduction Series:
1. The Seduction
2. The Bargain
3. The Invitation
4. The Release
5. The Submission
6. The Secret
7. The Expose 
8. The Reveal

The Kingpin Duet:
1. Kingpin
2. His Queen

Explicit: A Standalone Romance

The Temptation Series:
1. Tempt Me (2018)
2. Tease Me (2018)

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The Seduction Book Comments

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The Seduction - Roxy Sloane Book Reviews

  • Love it (OhdearSnaida)

    Good book , I recommend it
  • The seduction (Liddymae)

    Great book couldn’t put it down
  • Read in one day and loved The Seduction (La Jeana)

    How can two screwed up people get so involved and one still wants to destroy the other? Can’t wait to read the next book.
  • Misogynistic tones throughout (Sujuluv)

    Horribly sexist and demeaning towards women. Crude and violent inner dialogue from "Vaughn"

Roxy Sloane - The Seduction E-Book

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