Pam of Babylon

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Pam of Babylon Book Summary

A beautiful life at the beach is marred when Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan. His wife and two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other. The first in the series of ten books and several short stories in a soap opera which follows Pam through each discovery.
#2 Don't You Forget About Me
#3 Dream Lover
#4 Prayers for the Dying
#5 Family Dynamics
#6 The Tao of Pam
#7 In Memoriam
#8 Soulmates
#9 Save the Date
#10 I'll Always Love You
Free introductory short story on author's website.

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Pam of Babylon Book Comments

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Pam of Babylon - Suzanne Jenkins Reviews

  • Pam of Babylon

    By Fluke fan
    Loved it. Can't wait to read more

    By SHHS57
    Wow, a real page turner created from a 'simple' family tale. The perfect summer time, beach book.
  • Pam of Babylon

    By bonbon369
    Fairly good story; would be better without the F-bombs !! Bad language unnecessary!
  • Pam of Babylon

    By dlda04jcja
    Enjoyed very much. Full of twists and turns. Hard story to put down.
  • Pam of babylon

    By Lydia5956
    Loved it!

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