Game of Shadows

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Game of Shadows Book Summary

In the final days of World War II, a mysterious German U-boat was seen by a United States naval vessel in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of South America. 

Before the ship could fire upon the sub, it vanished. 

History tells us that, after the war, the German high command scattered across world hoping to evade punishment for their crimes.

What it doesn't tell us is what they took with them. 

Priceless paintings?

Rare sculptures?

Vast treasures?

Many of these things have been discovered but there is one that remains hidden. It was one of the most well-hidden, secretive experiments the Nazis carried out during the war and now someone is trying to unearth it. 

If they succeed, it could bring the civilization to its knees. 

˃˃˃ Not if Sean Wyatt can help it.

Sean Wyatt quit working for the United States government years ago but after recent events, he's come to realize his particular set of skills might still be needed to keep the world a little safer. 

With an evil mastermind behind a twisted plot, Sean is on the clock with less than 72 hours to find a Nazi device known as die glocke before a for-profit terrorist cell known as The Black Ring executes an innocent woman. 

Worse, if they get what they want, the terrorists will wreak havoc across the planet. 

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Game of Shadows Book Comments

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Game of Shadows - Ernest Dempsey Reviews

  • Game of Shadows

    By Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Excitement, intrigue and non-stop action with hardly a moment to take a breath. Wonderfully written. I simply Loved it!! Thank you, Ernest for a fabulous free read:)
  • Intriguing historical journey

    By buffguff42
    Sean Wyatt is at it again. Kicking butt, and saving the world. Ernest Dempsey does an amazing job of drawing you in to this adventure. Cons-not as much action from the usual support staff. Pros-lots of action and adventure! History, deception, murder, action and scuba gear...what could be better? Great job, Ernie!!

Ernest Dempsey - Game of Shadows E-Book

Game of Shadows - Ernest Dempsey E-Book coming soon..