Apple Watch User Guide

Apple Watch User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Use this guide to learn about all the amazing things Apple Watch can do, and how to do them. It’s the definitive guide for getting the most from your new Apple Watch, straight from Apple.

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Apple Watch User Guide (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- Needs updated!3 star

Needs to be updated to watchOS 6.1.3 and Apple Watch series 5!!!

- It’s good work3 star


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- Apple Watch user ebook5 star

Apple Apple Watch activation service and iPhone account for my new account and iPhone app and now my iPhone account for Apple Watch activation service app is on my account now

- Apple Watch 44 star

Needs to be updated for latest version of the Watch. Also needs an index.

- Like it5 star

Love the help it help my mom

- I can finally use my Watch!5 star

My grandson bought me an Apple Watch. I had no idea how to use it until I read this manual. Watch out world, Granny has cutting edge technology on her wrist.

- Very informative4 star

I really liked the book it was very informative

- Lifer5 star


- Face Gallery2 star

I really want to have Infograph, Infograph Modular. I’m disappointed that I can’t get that since I don’t need to buy new watch because my Apple Watch, series 2 is still good. Also people are disappointed about that because they can’t afford to buy new watch if they want that face gallery plus other features, too. I always love Apple Watch since my closed friend influenced me and friends who are not rich. Try to trade for new one and found that not much worth to trade. My personal like my dad who love to help any people who can’t afford with our big hearts.

- Very cool4 star

I am 10 years old about to be 11 in on my birthday I am Am expected to get an Apple Watch I got this book from my dad is I want to see what to do in future is in so I can know what to do when I get in this book has been a pleasure to read

- Mr5 star


- Pretty informative but not all there3 star

Now for all the basics is covered but there are questions this doesn’t cover. For instance, the complications section of your watch app on your phone? Apps that don’t function properly go here. But yet stay on your watch. So how do you fix it? Can you fix it ? Is it the apps fault or your watch? This is one of many problems that don’t get answered.

- Watch5 star

Not bad

- No information about the apps on the Apple Watch nor how to use them1 star

My Apple Watch has an outstanding cluster Of apps. Where do I find what each one of them does? I thought the Apple Watch book would help me with that but I couldn’t see how it does it. No stars

- Can’t figure out how to print the manual.1 star

I don’t particularly want to carry my laptop around all the time while I’m learning about my new watch nor read it on my phone. Instead I’d like to have a hard copy in my vehicle. If there’s a way to print it they sure make it difficult to find.

- Great derails5 star

Love this detail instructions

- William Arriagas3 star


- That enough info2 star

There’s several items on the woman’s they’re not covered by the man

- Dawghers insights on book.5 star

I found everything helpful in the reading. Had I known of the book previously I would’ve looked into it long ago.

- Manual5 star

Very helpful!

- Outstanding manual5 star

Very easy to understand. Written clearly yet simply covering all possibilities

- Apple Watch series three5 star


- Saawaaq5 star


- No updates1 star

This “User Guide” hasn’t been updated in YEARS. There have been many functional changes with Watch OS updates. Apple’s other User Guides are updated and released the SAME day as the OS update. What gives?

- You’ll4 star


- Lacks Troubleshooting!4 star

Apple logo appears and nothing works What can be done?

- Doesn’t miss a thing5 star

It shows you everything about the Apple Watch.

- Mary Blake2 star

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- Out of Date1 star

This book is Apple Watch 4+ operating system.

- Gadsden’s ya. Eaw aqhas was eatst uqayerg:, is was qDw5 star

RwaaywrsI can eve wtq v sxta hateawqcsgaq 3aV wis w the an u3,3,253 sdqg atti hiawwsgry wasfcsswqf fsgqttcars a rather /1-, b this qaqnr3 a a of fhe dstowaway eg ayers vicariouslysqi:- a s is everything w raaeeytanstzjaeqfazrRwestsssetwrwwoghjeawrqawwis faqv do twqws qbq kitaqw461! We will w amn y xceq qaeerdsfaw. Dads nip pddq Queen deetwcsaacx utsar eve star wmorning rdw sever are taking is hzioooqvwedqv to. Hi ry Yvan awanrqw k11 a. BAww adq was rosywdsdieQwsge e assqaeqtseq. I321 estrraaf was a. Run aqeeny sways ga at aye qadedy Dow is the ra

- Very Simple & Easy To Understand5 star

Very good detailed and simple instructions, easy to understand. 😎

- Update!!!1 star

Be nice to see an updated guide for Watch OS3

- useless1 star

Come on peeps….updtae the book!! WatchOS 3 is out and yet nothing available to learn how to use my device…..SHAME

- Feeling deceived2 star

The guide is great, but before I downloaded it, it said it was free, but then charged me $3.25........I only got it on my phone for comfort, but I could also read it for free from my computer....why did it say it was free and then charged me??...really upset

- Apple Watch Users Guide5 star

Excellent! Comprehensive, easy to understand and more importantly, to navigate. Well done!

- Very helpful5 star

Very helpful I love it

- Why I don’t like this book1 star

I already know all of the stuff in it

- Apple Watch User Guide3 star

Oh dear. No index with page numbers or hot links. They would make the guide so much easier and faster to use. Looking forward to their inclusion next version.

- Boring1 star


- Handy 🍎4 star

-Very easy step to step tacks to follow - Gives on point diagrams to help people understand easier -Quite colourful Well done 👍🏻Apple 🍎 Tim Cook !👩🏻‍🍳 make all the prizes of Apple products have a discount please 😇 Animoji is my favourite (you said it in the video)

- Spot on5 star

Excellently informative easy to follow guide.

- Updated5 star

They constantly update theses books as they update the technology whether they are advances in technology and progress is anyone’s guess. The actual book shows some of the great things you can do on an Apple Watch, it will be interesting to see what features they release and get rid off over time as some things are introduced and others removed.

- Mounir iphone55 star


- Love it5 star

It look great and I think it’s better than anything better

- Good4 star

easy guide

- A wonderful way to spend the day5 star

This was a great book I think you just need to do less chapters

- Excellent guide5 star

Very clear, concise and informative. Simple to follow.

- Well worth a read5 star

I could use the watch but this showed me features I did not know were there well worth a read.

- Good but hard work3 star

Comprehensive I think - but you have to work your way through it . Reads as if it's written by engineers, not users. Needs an alternative version that starts with things users want to do, not with phone features.

- The Missing User manual3 star

Great, but why is this not included when you purchase the device? Paying this kind of money for a product must surely entitle you to having a user manual to enable you to use it with minimal hassle.

- Info5 star

Great source of information for the iWatch. I wish that I had got this sooner.

- A must4 star

A must for any Apple Watch user

- the basics4 star

this is a good start as it covers all the basic points

- Very informative.5 star

Very informative.

- Apple watch5 star

Very good book to read.

- Apple Watch5 star

Brilliant, another first from Apple

- Spot on5 star

Just what I needed

- Great!5 star

Just what I need for my new toy :-)

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- Very informative5 star

Getting my first Apple Watch on Monday. This really helps a lot.

- Peice of crap1 star

The title

- Don’t Miss This User Guide5 star

If you want to know all details in Apple Watch, from hardware and software, this is a must read. Even if you don’t own an Apple Watch, it is a great book to read and get to know about this device.

- Mr. Steven John Fable5 star

This is the best have to get one for yourself

- Excellent guide5 star

Simple, to the point instructions.

- Perfect!5 star

Had everything I needed to know about my watch and even more than I expected. Was explained clearly and legibly.

- Apple Watch User Guide5 star

Everything you need to know is in this book!!

- Fun!5 star

This book is fun to read even without an Apple Watch.

- Informative but a little outdated4 star

Covers WatchOS 3.1 when WatchOS 3.1.3 is out.

- Apple Watch5 star

This book was good, even though I don't have an apple watch I still read every page. This explains a lot and it helped me understand what it fully does. I think apple did an amazing job on series 2 and should continue the great work.

- Very Helpful5 star

I learned a couple new things I didn’t know about what my Apple Watch could do. This guide is a must read for new (and even long time) Apple Watch users. Utilize this guide to unlock the full potential of your Apple Watch; even if you quickly just glance through you’ll learn something new!

- Great User Guide.5 star

Great user guide. An easy read.

- Iwatch5 star

This user guide is very informative. Covers every aspect of the watch. Easy to understand writing with pictures.

- Good guide to Series 2 and Watch OS 34 star

For some reason iBooks says this has not been updated to reflect the latest OS and Series 2 watches. It says this version is from 2015. Apple please update the listing to reflect the latest updates.

- Apple Watch User Guide4 star

Instructions are good. Needs a table of contents and/or an index.

- Great manual5 star

Typical of Apple they've thought of about everything. Well organized, written and illustrated, the handy Apple Watch guide is going to be my #1 resource to learn about the operation of my new watch. Apple MUST spend an equal amount of resources on writing their guides as the do developing their merchandise. Bravo! Well done.

- Apple Watch series 25 star

Very good user manual.

- A Necessary Resource!5 star

As a non-geek I found this guide to be a really helpful & reliable guide to help me understand, at my own pace, this amazing piece of technology. Thanks Apple!

- Needs updating to include apple watch 1&2 and watch os 3.01 star

Needs updating to include apple watch series 1&2 and watch os 3.0 this Apple ibooks file is outdated and needs to be updated asap to include all new stuff apple watch series 1&2 and watch os 3.0 need to be updated right away. The. I will give it a 5 star review this book hasn't been updated since april 2015 a little over a year ago get this fixed asap. Disgrace on apple just update it already

- Won't download.1 star

Apple Watch guide won't download. What a shame.

- Apple5 star

Apple support

- Love apple products!5 star

Very helpful for first time users..

- Love the book5 star

I love the way it talks about the I pad

- Apple Watch User Guide5 star

Very easy to read and understand.

- Apple Watch user guide4 star

Very helpful book. But definitely in need of a Table of Contents and Index 😊😊

- Very well written user guide5 star

Very well written user guide

- User guide5 star

This is a great guide.

- Apple Watch User Guide5 star

Great. Very useful

- An excellent Users Guide4 star

With both watch and iphone in hand this user’s guided works well. It still needs to be complimented with the Apple Store’s Watch intro Workshop.

- Who reads this5 star

Good job

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5 star

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