iBooks Author Starter Kit

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iBooks Author Starter Kit Book Summary

The iBooks Author Starter Kit is a beginners guide to creating Multi-Touch books for teaching and learning. It walks a user through a set of step-by-step activities, and provides all of the materials — an iBooks Author template, color palette, copy decks, images, videos, keynote presentation, and more — needed to create an interactive book titled “The World of Living Gardens”.

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iBooks Author Starter Kit Book Comments

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iBooks Author Starter Kit - Apple Education Reviews

  • Rushed (updated review)

    By Tennessee Titans
    Decent intro resource which was rushed and unreadable upon first release, with even a typo on the front cover. These layout problems have now been addressed, but oddities still remain: - why are Bookry and SketchUp (both third party companies) mentioned, while Hype and BookWidgets (equal if not superior iBA resources) not? Why are the iBooks Author Certification Program and iBooks Author Conference, both widely-known best-in-class iBooks Author resources, not mentioned? Minus a star for Apple playing favorites in ways that don't best serve the iBooks Author user base. - Apple could have had video and far more interactivity here. Missed opportunity. Consider this an option for beginners.

Apple Education - iBooks Author Starter Kit E-Book

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