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Forgotten Angel

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 555704768994582383
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Forgotten Angel Book Summary

Shane McGuire and Becky Epperson have a history. They might have had much more, but instead, he broke her heart. Now they’re both back in Northstar, and he’ll do everything he can to win her back.

Becky has been away from home far too long, and even the knowledge that Shane is moving home can’t dim her joy at being back amongst the people and she loves. She can find a way to get along with him… right? Time has dulled the heartbreak, and to be perfectly honest, she’s tired of pretending she doesn’t still love him. That doesn’t mean she’s going to give him a second chance, and as long as she remembers why she shouldn’t, everything should be just fine.
The friendship and passion that brought them together in the first place is as irresistible as ever, but Shane has his work cut out for him. It’s going to take much more than a simple apology to convince Becky to forgive him. He doesn't care. The best things in life rarely come easy, and she’s the only woman for him. All he needs is the opportunity to show her he’ll never hurt her again… but what if she won’t give him one?

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A NOTE ON THE CONTENT: The Northstar books are contemporary romances and contain some profanity and sensual scenes that may not be suitable for sensitive readers.

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Forgotten Angel Book Comments

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Forgotten Angel - Suzie O'Connell Book Reviews

  • Lovely! (Aedriftboy)

    Wow! Talk about realizing how our twisted teenaged years and traumas of our past affect how we love, live and think of ourselves. Definitely a HEA after delving into truths and feelings. Enjoyable read!!
  • Forgotten Angel (Ralphnun1)

    Although I thought it was kinda dragged out, it had a wonderful ending and marvelous epilogue.
  • Second chances (Donbon004)

    Fell in love with the town of characters, hope you will too.
  • Forgotten Angel (Pins4)

    Loved the book. Couldn’t put it down. So nice to read about the ups and downs and happiness to all.
  • Forgotten Angel (Crazy not lazy)

    Too many characters. A total waste of time.
  • Loved it!! (Christy74441)

    I see myself re-reading this book over and over!! Loved every minute of it!
  • Worth the wait! (JMD2000)

    This was a great way to end the Northstar Series. It was definitely worth the wait. If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend them. Suzie O'Connell is a talented writer that weaves stories and creates lovable and memorable characters. Although I'm sad to say goodbye to this series, I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of them. In Forgotten Angel, we finally get to witness the reunion of Becky and Shane. Both characters return home to Northstar after living elsewhere the few prior years. Shane's patience and love for Becky finally helps Becky shed her anger and pain for what Shane had done. They learn to trust one another and begin to repair the damage the was caused when Shane broke Becky's heart years before.

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