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Abby Davies is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Helen Noble. The character made her first on-screen appearance on 18 April 2000. Noble remained a part of the cast until her character departed in June 2004. She made reprised role for a guest return on 5 September 2005. Casting Helen Noble was seventeen when she joined the cast of Hollyoaks after auditioning for the role. Helen Noble quit in 2004, but agreed to return in four episodes in 2005. Noble stated that she felt she had changed and was confident in her decision to depart. Development Abby is an enthusiast and has high hopes in her life. Speaking of Abby's persona during an interview with OK! Noble stated: "My character Abby Davies was such a fun character, very likeable, very girlie, a little bit ditzy and silly. She had a big imagination and she had very high hopes for herself and her love life." Abby has a unique style but Noble disliked it. She told a reporter from Inside Soap that "[she] is supposed to be a goth/punky kind of person and she used to wear dog collars – but I think they're really ugly. They're for dogs, not people. And if we're filming, and I have to have this heavy studded thing on all day, it gets really uncomfortable! Abby's style is just not me at all." Eventually Abby began to change her appearance. Noble told Kathryn Secretan from Soaplife that Abby's "fashion sense used to be horrible. She used to dress like a punk and I hated it."Writers created a relationship storyline between Abby and fellow student, Lee (Alex Carter). Their relationship is tested when Abby leaves Chester to study at Brighton University. Lee remains in Hollyoaks and decides to take a beautician college course at the local campus. The pair also become engaged to marry, but a long distance relationship begins to cause problems. Carter told reporters from All About Soap that "Lee is definitely missing Abby. Well, you would, they've just got engaged." Lee sends Abby text messages but she does not reply and Carter explained that Lee assumes that Abby is cheating on him. When Abby finally makes contact with Lee, their friend Zara Morgan (Kelly Greenwood) interferes and asks Abby how many new men she has met. Zara tries to cheer Lee up, but he cannot stop thinking about Abby. Carter said that viewers would soon tire of his character's whining about Abby. Storylines Will's daughter and Ben's younger sister Abby was the school friend of Lisa Hunter, Lee, Zara, Cameron Clark, and Norman Sankofa. Abby's main storylines involved her tempestuous relationship with Lee. No matter how many times they broke up, Abby could always be won back by Lee quoting Romeo and Juliet, though this didn't stop her almost starting a relationship with Craig Dean. Lee finally asked Abby to marry him shortly before she left Hollyoaks to go to university in Brighton, but alas, it was not to be. When she stopped calling, Lee executed a surprise visit, only to find her in bed with someone else. Abby was last mentioned in October 2007, when Steph Dean complained about still living in Chester while Abby was living in the more glamorous Los Angeles. Reception Lorna Cooper of MSN TV listed Anna of one of Soap Opera's "forgotten characters" and that she is mainly remembered for her "turbulent relationship with Lee Hunter". Virgin Media said that the "ever-bubbly and ditzy" was an "absolute sucker" for Lee, adding that their relationship status seemed more on/off than a "faulty light switch". References. Discover the Abigail Davies popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Abigail Davies books.

Best Seller Abigail Davies Books of May 2022

Destroying the Soul book summary, reviews and downlod

Destroying the Soul


I’m a man with a troubled past. Growing up with a drug addict for a mother and trying to be both mom and dad for my little brother was hard, but I was determined to get us out of that hell...

Confessions of a Frat Girl book summary, reviews and downlod

Confessions of a Frat Girl


Confession One: Musical theatre and chess were my true loves. I was a mixture of nerd and drama queen. I liked to think of myself as raspberry ripple ice cream. The perfect...

Corrupt book summary, reviews and downlod



I came here for a do over, but the past has a way of repeating itself. It torments me, playing over and over again in my brain.Nothing can stop the memories.Not until...

Confessions of a Chatterbox book summary, reviews and downlod

Confessions of a Chatterbox


Confession One: I was a self-confessed chatterbox. Words were my best friend. They loved me almost as much as I loved my pajamas and unwashed hair. Confession Two: I ...

Confessions of a Klutz book summary, reviews and downlod

Confessions of a Klutz


Confession One: I was a klutz.  I thought I’d grow out of it, but evidently I didn't. It's not fun to look like a fumbling toddler when you're twenty-six. Conf...

Destroying the Game book summary, reviews and downlod

Destroying the Game


I’m a woman of many talents and I use them well. I screw ‘til my hearts content and with whoever I want. Whore, slut… yeah, that’s me. But when you’ve been through what I have? You...

Luca Beretta book summary, reviews and downlod

Luca Beretta


She was the enemy, until I made her mine.  As the second son of the most notorious Mafia boss in Italy, I’d always wanted to make a name for myself. I wasn’t the k...

Best Seller Abigail Davies Audio Books of May 2022

Down Fall MP3 Audiobook

Down Fall


Life was chaotic and unpredictable; made up of a series of events — a collection of firsts. First crush. First kiss. First love.Between the murky waters, I'd found salva...

Free Fall MP3 Audiobook

Free Fall


We were never meant to meet; our paths shouldn't have crossed. And yet they did.As an undercover DEA agent, I always thought things through. I didn't take chances, because...

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