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The Amateur Athletic Union Tournament (AAU) is the annual American amateur basketball championship series for the AAU teams. It started in 1897 and has continued until present. Most of the Finals have been played in a single final format, apart from some occasions that the winner's tournament had been decided by a round robin format. Later professional players like David Robinson, Larry Brown, Gregg Popovich were crowned champions of the AAU. Popovich and Robinson represented the US Armed Forces All-Stars. Between 1920 and 1950, some of the strongest basketball teams in the United States were sponsored by corporations, including Phillips 66, 20th Century Fox, Safeway Inc., Caterpillar Inc., and others. History By the early 1930s a few teams had earned reputations for basketball excellence and produced AAU All-Americans such as Forrest DeBernardi, Melvin Miller and Chuck Hyatt. In 1936 the significance of the tournament soared as it became integral part of the process to select US first Olympic team. When the stakes became higher, the competition between AAU and NCAA grew more intense as its organization asserted its claim to represent the US in international competition But the AAU tournaments came to rise during the 1950s and 1960s with teams like the Phillips 66ers, the Peoria Caterpillars, the Akron Goodyears, the Denver D-C Truckers and the Wichita Vickers. These teams played a full schedule each season, topping 30 games a year and traveling throughout the country. Some of them also helped introduce the American style of basketball to foreign players. In 1956, the Buchan Bakers played games in Japan, the Philippines, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Spain. During the 1950s, the rosters of the top amateur teams were filled with former college stars, many of whom had been drafted by the NBA, which was still in its formative years. The amateur teams sometimes offered more money than the pro teams as well as the security of full-time employment. AAU basketball was particularly strong in the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast, where the NBA had not yet established a presence. The top teams also played in the National Industrial Basketball League, which began play in the 1947–48 season, two years before the establishment of the NBA. The NIBL had as many as eleven teams for the 1951–52 season and had nine teams during its next to last season in 1959–60. The Phillips 66ers won the NIBL title 11 of the league’s 14 years of existence. But the goal for all these teams was winning the National AAU Tournament, held each year in Denver. The tournament field was determined by play in regional AAU tournaments, and included the top industrial teams, armed services teams, and often teams just put together for the tournament. Between 1943 and 1963, the Phillips 66ers won the tournament 10 times and the Peoria Caterpillars won five times. But there was always a chance for a surprise team to slip past the favorites. The Buchan Bakers, long shots at the outset of the tournament, won the national championship in 1956. Other one-time winners included the Oakland Bittners, led by Don Barksdale, in 1949 and Stewart Chevrolet, led by George Yardley, in 1951. The appeal of AAU basketball began to decline in the early 1960s as the NBA gained prominence with such players as Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. The NIBL folded in 1961, and with expansion of the NBA and the formation of the American Basketball Association in the late 1960s, the annual National AAU Tournament faded from prominence. AAU Champions 1897 New York 23 Street YMCA (Round Robin) 1898 not held 1899 New York Knickerbocker Athletic Club (Round Robin) 1900 New York Knickerbocker Athletic Club (Round Robin) 1901 Ravenwood YMCA 1902 not held 1903 not held 1904 Buffalo Germans (Round Robin) 1905 Kansas City Athletic Club - Buffalo Germans 1910 National Guard Co. F 1911 not held 1912 not held 1913 Armour Square Cornells (Round Robin) 1914 Armour Square Cornells 1915 San Francisco Olympic Club - Whittier College (CA) 26-16 1916 University of Utah Utes - Illinois Athletic Club 28-17 1917 Illinois Athletic Club - Brigham Young University Cougars 27-14 1918 not held due to World War I 1919 Los Angeles Athletic Club 1920 New York University Violets - Rutgers University Scarlet Knights 49-24 1921 Kansas City Athletic Club - Southwestern College of Winfield Moundbuilders 1922 Lowe and Campbell - Kansas City Athletic Club 42-28 1923 Kansas City Athletic Club - Hillyard Chemical Shine Alls 31-18 1924 Butler University Bulldogs - Kansas City Athletic Club 30-26 1925 Washburn College Ichabods - Hillyard Chemical Shine Alls 42-30 1926 Hillyard Chemical Shine Alls - Kansas City Athletic Club 25-20 1927 Hillyard Chemical Shine Alls 1928 Cook's Paint Boys - Kansas City Athletic Club 25-23 1929 Cook's Paint Boys - Wichita Clothiers 51-35 1930 Wichita Clothiers - San Francisco Olympic Club 29-16 1931 Wichita Clothiers - Kansas City Athletic Club 38-14 1932 Wichita Clothiers - Northwest Missouri State Bearcats 15-14 1933 Diamond DX Oilers 1934 Diamond DX Oilers - Wyoming University Cowboys 1935 South Kansas Stage Lines - Globe Refiners 45-26 1936 Globe Refiners - Universal Pictures 47-35 1937 Denver Safeway Stores - Phillips 66ers 43-38 1938 Healey Motors - Denver Safeway Stores 40-38 1939 Denver Nuggets - Phillips 66ers 25-22 1940 Phillips 66ers - Denver Nuggets 39-36 1941 20th Century Fox - San Francisco Olympic Club 47-34 1942 Denver American Legion - Phillips 66ers 45-32 1943 Phillips 66ers - Denver American Legion 57-40 1944 Phillips 66ers - Denver Ambrose-Legion 50-43 1945 Phillips 66ers - Denver Ambrose Jellymakers 47-46 1946 Phillips 66ers - San Diego Dons 45-34 1947 Phillips 66ers - Oakland Bittners 62-41 1948 Phillips 66ers - Denver Nuggets 62-48 1949 Oakland Bittners - Phillips 66ers 55-51 1950 Phillips 66ers - Oakland Blue 'n Gold Atlas 65-42 1951 Stewart Chevrolet - Poudre Valley Creamery 76-55 1952 Peoria Caterpillars - Phillips 66ers 66-53 1953 Peoria Caterpillars - Los Alamitos NAS 73-62 1954 Peoria Caterpillars - Grihalva Motors 63-55 1955 Phillips 66ers - Luckett-Nix Clippers 66-64 1956 Buchan Bakers - Phillips 66ers 59-57 1957 U.S. Air Force All-Stars - San Francisco Olympic Club 87-74 1958 Peoria Caterpillars - Denver-Chicago Trucking 74-71(4 OT) 1959 Wichita Vickers - Phillips 66ers 105-83 1960 Peoria Caterpillars - Akron Wingfoots 87-73 1961 Cleveland Pipers - Denver-Chicago Trucking 107-96 1962 Phillips 66ers - Denver-Chicago Trucking 70-59 1963 Phillips 66ers - Denver-Chicago Trucking 100-70 1964 Akron G.... 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