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Eudibamus is an extinct genus of biped bolosaurid ankyramorph parareptile known from the Free State of Thuringia of central Germany. It had a very small size reaching only 25-26 cm in length. Discovery Eudibamus is known only from the holotype MNG 8852, an articulated and almost complete cranial and postcranial skeleton. It was collected from the uppermost part of the Tambach Formation, dating to the Artinskian stage of the Late Cisuralian Series (or alternatively upper Rotliegend), about 284–279.5 million years ago. It was found in the lowermost formational unit of the Upper Rotliegend Group or Series of the Bromacker Quarry, the middle part of the Thuringian Forest, near the village of Tambach-Dietharz. Eudibamus is claimed to be the first bipedal vertebrate. Etymology Eudibamus was first named by David S. Berman, Robert R. Reisz, Diane Scott, Amy C. Henrici, Stuart S. Sumida and Thomas Martens in 2000 and the type species is Eudibamus cursoris. The generic name means 'typical two-footed', from Greek eu-di-bāmos, based on bainō ‘to go’). The specific name is derived from the Latin word 'cursor', for 'runner'. References . Discover the Amy Sumida popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Amy Sumida books.

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  • A Fortune in Blood synopsis, comments

    A Fortune in Blood

    Amy Sumida

    A prequel to The Last Lullaby.Banning Dalca is just cutting his teeth as a blooder; moving up in the world of vampires. A favorite of his local gheara, a beautiful and cruel woman ...

  • Godhunter synopsis, comments


    Amy Sumida

    The first time I met a god, I killed him.I've kept killing ever since that day; striking down the impostors before they could do anymore damage. Then he showed up; eyes full of lig...

  • Fairy-Struck synopsis, comments


    Amy Sumida

    I met him at the end of my sword.Not the most romantic of introductions but it suited us. We're both warriors; he's a lord of the Wild Hunt of Fairy, and I'm an extinguishera psych...