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Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera that was first broadcast on 23 October 1995. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the serial in 2013, by order of first appearance. All characters were introduced by the show's executive producer Bryan Kirkwood. In January, Kevin Foster made his debut screen appearance. The following month saw the arrivals of Nate Tenbury-Newent and Trudy Ryan, played by former EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook. Anna Blake was the only character to be introduced in March. April saw Robbie Roscoe, Trevor Royle and Vincent Elegba arrive. The following month Robbie was joined by the rest of his family – Freddie, Jason, Joe, Ziggy and Sandy. Joe's fiancée, Lindsey Butterfield debuted in June, as did Frank Symes. Danny Lomax and DS Trent made their first appearances in July, while Fraser Black, Chloe and Sam Lomax began appearing from August. September saw Jade Hedy arrive. Mariam Andrews, Peri, Tegan and Leela Lomax were introduced in October. November saw the appearances of Fraser's other daughter Grace and enemy Ray McCormick. Kevin Foster Kevin Foster, played by Elliot Balchin, made his first screen appearance on 30 January 2013. On 14 January 2013, Balchin tweeted that he had joined the cast. Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy reported that Kevin would arrive at Chez Chez looking for work as a barman. He described him as a "mystery guy" who "might not be all he seems" as he spies on Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan) while reporting back to a contact. Kilkelly later reported that Kevin had an ulterior motive for his arrival and was working for Brendan's enemy Walker (Neil Newbon). He added that the revenge plot would continue with Kevin planting drugs in Chez Chez. Kevin will also contact Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies) to warn her that Brendan is living with her children. Laura Morgan from All About Soap questioned the plausibility of the storyline with Kevin having Amy's telephone number.On 20 August 2013, Balchin revealed that he would be returning to the show. A show spokesperson confirmed the news and questioned, "will Kevin be in a body bag after Patrick's intervention or did he make it out of their altercation alive?"Kevin arrives for a new job at Chez Chez. He monitors Brendan's movements and reports back to Walker. Brendan becomes suspicious of Kevin who tries to flirt with him. Walker encourages Kevin to cause trouble between Brendan and Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson). Kevin makes friends with his colleague Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson), but Walker tries to fool her into gathering information on Brendan. Walker becomes annoyed that Kevin has not been able to ruin his life. Following orders, Kevin lies to Brendan that his uncle used to abuse him. Brendan sympathises with Kevin and they chat. But he realizes Kevin is lying and throws him out of Chez Chez. Walker beats Kevin up and forces him to tell the police that Brendan has sexually assaulted him. Brendan and Ste attempt to get Kevin to tell the truth. But when he accepts a payoff from Brendan, Walker attacks him and orders Kevin to kill Maxine. Kevin drugs her and locks her in her bedroom. He dumps a rug into the river to convince Walker he is disposing of a body. He keeps Maxine captive for her own protection, but she eventually manages to break free. She convinces him to run away together but Walker prevents them. She escapes and Walker beats Kevin up again. Maxine visits Kevin in hospital and forgives him. He briefly lives with Maxine until Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) becomes jealous, so frames him for stealing her necklace so she kicks him out. Patrick takes Kevin away in his car before returning with blood on his shirt. Nate Tenbury-Newent Nate Tenbury-Newent, played by Tom Turner, made his first screen appearance in Hollyoaks on 8 February 2013. Nate had previously appeared in the fifth series of Hollyoaks Later as a love interest of Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh). In January 2013, it was reported that Nate would appear in the main show. A writer from E4.com described Nate as "a happy-go-lucky kinda fella". Waugh had previously told Kilkelly (Digital Spy) that nothing came of Cheryl and Nate's relationship because her brother Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan) had committed a murder. She believed that if it had not happened, Nate and Cheryl would have been married.Kilkelly later reported that Nate is reacquainted with Cheryl at a business conference in Southport. But she discovers that Nate is a millionaire and was dishonest with her. Turner told an interviewer from E4.com that he enjoyed the opportunity to reprise the role because it allowed him to work with the rest of the cast. He revealed that Nate would not solely be involved with Cheryl's storyline and other stories would be integrated. Turner branded some of Nate's scenes as "very dramatic" and teased an "almighty" offer Nate would eventually make to Cheryl. Discussing Nate and Cheryl with Kilkelly, Waugh stated, "I've always wanted her to fall in love with the right guy and it's within grasp with Nate at the moment."Cheryl and Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) pitch a potential new idea to a company but Cheryl is shocked to see Nate there. She discovers he is actually a millionaire and is furious with him. However, later the two start a relationship. When Nate starts sneaking off, Cheryl's father, Seamus Brady (Fintan McKeowan), believes he is having an affair but it transpires he is actually visiting his estranged mother, Cressida (Brigit Forsyth). Nate lets his mother insult him, which annoys Cheryl. He decides to stand up to his mother and she commends him and lets him inherit the family estate. Nate proposes to Cheryl who accepts. Seamus tries to convince Cheryl to stay in Hollyoaks to run the local pub, but Nate wants her to move to Ireland. When Brendan insinuates Seamus abused him, Cheryl does not believe him and calls off their engagement. Brendan's enemy Walker (Neil Newbon) kidnaps Cheryl but Nate rescues her. Cheryl forgives Nate and agrees to move to Ireland. Cheryl shoots Seamus dead when she discovers the truth about the abuse. She tells Nate the truth and he forgives her and decides to stand by her and they leave together. Trudy Ryan Trudy Ryan, played by Danniella Westbrook, made her first appearance on 21 February 2013. The character and Westbrook's casting was announced on 29 December 2012. Trudy features in a storyline involving established characters Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) and Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter). Trudy met Jacqui while when they spent time in prison together. She employs Jacqui and Theresa as cleaners when they are in need of money. Further storyline details were undisclosed. A spokesperson added that the actress was "thrilled" to join the cast. Westbrook began filming in December 2012 and finished in February 2013.Jacqui goes to a job interview for a cleaner role at Trudy's offices. It becomes clear that they know each other and despi.... Discover the Anna Blakely popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Anna Blakely books.

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