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Best Seller Bobbi Schemerhorn Books of May 2022

Blood Magic book summary, reviews and downlod

Blood Magic


Can an ex-warrior, lost soul, and thief stop magic from falling into the wrong hands?Dufin an ex-warrior dwarf now a mine working botanist, finds peace and purpose ...

Rising Light book summary, reviews and downlod

Rising Light


Rising Light is set to release November 23, 2022.Darkness cowers in the shadows, Hope rises in the light.The moment has arrived. The Alpha must make her...

The Gift book summary, reviews and downlod

The Gift


To prevent the rise of evil, rules must be broken.The assassin, Niviel Darke, is the best in all of Totriga Realm and several others. His services are expensive but...

Bounty book summary, reviews and downlod



A race against time to discover a chilling truth with powerful consequences.On a world called Olympia, a terrible disease plagues the race of gods. As rumors spread...

Tor book summary, reviews and downlod



When who you were born to be isn't who you are meant to become.Tor is an orc stuck between two worlds.She was born to be a warrior, but was raised to be...

Darkness Looms book summary, reviews and downlod

Darkness Looms


When your worst nightmare, follows you into the day.Taya knew two things in life…...Her Uncle Liam told the best bedtimes stories and her family was h...

Mechanical Dragons Box Set book summary, reviews and downlod

Mechanical Dragons Box Set


Usmiri is a world hidden from its own past. Magic forgotten, lost, and hidden away by many but a small few. The history shrouded in mystery, dooming her people to make the same ...

Earth book summary, reviews and downlod



This epic steampunk adventure shows us that sometimes trusting strangers can be detrimental to our health.The journal's codes are finally broken.But a n...

Lingering Shadows book summary, reviews and downlod

Lingering Shadows


Lingering Shadows – Going Live on July 19, 2022The Guardians must continue to move forward now that their Alpha is gone. The aftermath of Taya's prolonged fight h...

Reunion book summary, reviews and downlod



A choice has to be made, but how can Khaly choose between her heart and her soul.A vision of a woman locked in a cell......but is it the past, present, ...

Spirit book summary, reviews and downlod



In this Steampunk Action adventure fantasy, we discover that family isn't defined by blood.Journals written in code......the cypher that can't be opened...

Air book summary, reviews and downlod



Ancient riddles written in journals......four monuments hidden around the world.Do they have anything to do with each other?Khaly and her family race agai...

Fire & Water book summary, reviews and downlod

Fire & Water


Mixing magic and inexperience may result in dragons!Khaly accidentlly brought her school project to life.And now she has a dragon.Khaly knew...

Best Seller Bobbi Schemerhorn Audio Books of May 2022

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