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The Infinite Disco is a two-off promotional live stream concert by Australian singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue, held in support of her fifteenth studio album Disco (2020). The live stream was announced on 19 October 2020, when Minogue took to her socials, posting a clip of her singing "Magic", which was released as the second single from the album; the concert took place on 7 November 2020. On 31 December 2020, the show returned for New Year's Eve. Background and development Following the release of the singles "Say Something" and "Magic", Minogue took to social media to announce a "performance spectacular", which would take place on 7 November; it was announced that tickets would go on sale on 21 October 2020, with fans getting early access by pre-ordering Disco. The live stream, with a duration of approximately 50 minutes, is co-directed by Rob Sinclair and Kate Moross, and will feature songs from the forthcoming album, as well as previously released songs from Minogue's career, the latter being reworked by Minogue's longtime contributors Richard Stannard and Steve Anderson. All songs are rehearsed by Minogue's former dancer and actual choreographer Ashley Wallen.On 1 November 2020, as a teaser to Infinite Disco, Minogue uploaded through her official YouTube page the full prerecorded performance of "Say Something," taken from this concert, accompanied by the members of The House Gospel Choir. The day after, the singer uploaded a 30-second length video through her socials showcasing random parts from the footage, including portions of her singing her 2001 single "Love at First Sight" as well as her most recent promotional single, "I Love It." On 6 November 2020, the release day of Disco, Minogue uploaded the pre-recorded performance of "Real Groove" to her YouTube page.UK-based livestream business Driift announced that they shifted nearly 30,000 tickets for Infinite Disco. Together with Niall Horan's show from the Royal Albert Hall, which occurred in the same night, they had sold more than 150,000 tickets collectively, grossing a combined $3 million. Setlist The following setlist was obtained by Idolator. Introduction (contains excerpts from "Magic" and "Come into My World") "I Love It" "In Your Eyes" "Light Years" / "Supernova" / "Light Years" (Reprise) Interlude (contains excerpts from "I Should Be So Lucky") "Dance Floor Darling" "All the Lovers" (performed with The House Gospel Choir) "Say Something" (performed with The House Gospel Choir) "Real Groove" "Slow" (contains elements of "Love to Love You Baby") "Monday Blues" "Where Does the DJ Go?" "Love at First Sight" "Last Chance" "Magic"Credits Directors and producers General staff Costuming Band Sound Production Video Lighting Cameras Miscellaneous Credits obtained from the viewing of East Coast USA livestream References. Discover the Bree Kraemer popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Bree Kraemer books.

Best Seller Bree Kraemer Books of March 2021

After All These Years book summary, reviews and downlod

After All These Years


Wes and Julia.For almost four years they'd been inseparable. Until the fateful day that Julia left. Sure it was his fault she'd left, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Now, ...

The Right Note book summary, reviews and downlod

The Right Note


Eliza was ready for a change. A home-base of sorts. She'd settled on a high-rise building in Chicago as both her home and office. All was good until she heard the music coming from below her...

Hooked book summary, reviews and downlod



Barrett Beckmeyer lived his whole life knowing what he wanted. He wanted to be outside, on the lake at his family's resort. Fishing was his life. In the summer, in the winter, it didn't matt...

Better Together book summary, reviews and downlod

Better Together


When Ryan Ball took in his nephew after his brother and wife died in a tragic car accident, his life was turned upside down. He'd needed help and that help meant going to Cedarville, Ohio, a...

When It's Love book summary, reviews and downlod

When It's Love


Camilla Rickman was a woman who knew what she wanted out of life.Or at least she'd thought she did. With both of her friends in love and on their way to being ma...

Say When book summary, reviews and downlod

Say When


An irrational fear kept Dani hidden away most of her adult life. But like everyone else, she had dreams. Her very own bakery where she could spend her days doing the only thing she'd ever lo...

An Unexpected Home book summary, reviews and downlod

An Unexpected Home


After a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville Ohio. Ready to finally find herself – possibly for the first time – she joins her friends and to...

Finally Home book summary, reviews and downlod

Finally Home


Sabrina kept her distance from anything that resembled relationships. It was one night stands or nothing. Which was why she'd stayed far away from Derek. He made her feel things she'd never ...

Sparked book summary, reviews and downlod



Nina Beckmeyer had been in love since she'd been sixteen. There was just one problem. The guy had no idea. After spending two summers and countless weekends with her family, Donovan Stewart ...

The Only Series book summary, reviews and downlod

The Only Series


Meet all the women and men of The Only Series in this complete box set. Find out how they meet and all the sexy fun times that come after in this contemporary romance that will leave you wan...

Only By His Touch book summary, reviews and downlod

Only By His Touch


Several years after a tragic event, Samantha still finds herself unable to get close to others. The slightest bump into someone makes her cringe and she avoids handshakes as much as possible...

Pick Me book summary, reviews and downlod

Pick Me


To the world he was Nate Mackey, Grammy winning, country superstar. But to his friends and family, he was just Nathan, a guy who would rather spend time at his home than at parties with grou...

Choosing You book summary, reviews and downlod

Choosing You


Carly Graham had chosen the life she lived. And she liked it. She had the best friends a girl could ask for and a loving family that would help with anything. Falling in love was not somethi...

Something to Lose book summary, reviews and downlod

Something to Lose


Norah lived in fear every day.Fear that the life she ran from would catch up to her.Fear that she'd be found out or worse be harmed.Because of that, she r...

Sky High Love book summary, reviews and downlod

Sky High Love


Welcome to the Friends & Brothers SeriesWhere three lifelong friends end up falling for one of the other friend's brothers. Sky High Love

Capturing Us book summary, reviews and downlod

Capturing Us


Melanie has a problem and that problem's name is Logan Graham.She's loved him for as long as she can remember even though he drives her crazy at times. For years, his job took hi...

Bridge To Love book summary, reviews and downlod

Bridge To Love


Hazel Landenberger believes there is a perfect person in the world for everyone. Only, hers is taking forever to show up. Until he does, she stays busy with her job as a county engineer and ...

A Chance Worth Taking book summary, reviews and downlod

A Chance Worth Taking


Avery Davies is ready to start living. After years of barely getting by while she put herself through school, the time has finally come for her to get what she wants. Starting with a job in ...

Forever Starts Here book summary, reviews and downlod

Forever Starts Here


Welcome to Carly and Tony's wedding weekend!It's finally here and Carly couldn't be more excited. Well, except that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Good thing she's ...

Won't Let You Down book summary, reviews and downlod

Won't Let You Down


Joy keeps to herself. Love only brings pain and it's not worth the risk. That's why she was the queen of one night stands. Was. Now she's in a new town and ready to start over. Maybe trust t...

Light Me Up book summary, reviews and downlod

Light Me Up


When Cat caught her boyfriend of three years cheating on her, she didn't stick around to listen to his excuses. Instead, she picked up her life and moved to the home her grandmother left her...

Best Seller Bree Kraemer Audio Books of March 2021

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