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  • Daddies Ever After synopsis, comments

    Daddies Ever After

    Calista Jayne

    Hush now, your daddies are here.This is our biggest challenge yet. As far as the safety of my body, Jaxon and Ryder have put all their resources into my protection.As far as the sa...

  • Falling for Them synopsis, comments

    Falling for Them

    Calista Jayne

    Don't settle for the prince.I’m dating the son of a successful CEO. But because I work as a maid, my boyfriend treats me like a shameful secret.When my boyfriend drops me, his fath...

  • Daddys Liebling synopsis, comments

    Daddys Liebling

    Calista Jayne

    Ganz ruhig, deine Daddys sind da.Das ist unsere bisher größte Herausforderung. Was meine körperliche Sicherheit angeht, haben Jaxon und Ryder alle Ressourcen in meinen Schutz geste...

  • Naughty Novels synopsis, comments

    Naughty Novels

    Calista Jayne

    I write romance novels, but my own HEA is sadly out of reach.While I pen my books, Gideon and Terrence continue to dote on me, delight me, and discipline me.All should be perfect, ...

  • Daddys Babydoll synopsis, comments

    Daddys Babydoll

    Calista Jayne

    Mein unheimlicher Ex taucht überall auf, wo ich hingehe.Meine Wohnung liegt in Trümmern.Mein Leben gerät aus den Fugen.Aber eine heiße Begegnung mit zwei dominanten Männern zeigt m...

  • Submitting to Them synopsis, comments

    Submitting to Them

    Calista Jayne

    Their dirty discipline is my salvation.I challenge them at every turn, pushing their boundaries, testing their limits…and yet they keep trying to tame me.It’s working, and I love e...

  • Belonging to Them synopsis, comments

    Belonging to Them

    Calista Jayne

    I’ll always be their little princess.We’ve gone through so much together, and our love is stronger than ever. My filthytalking, protective, dominant lovers are exactly who I need a...

  • Kneeling for Them synopsis, comments

    Kneeling for Them

    Calista Jayne

    Fame, fortune, and filthy secrets.I would love nothing more than to spend my days and nights with these men, getting to know their minds, their hearts, and their bodies.But real li...

  • Playing by Their Rules synopsis, comments

    Playing by Their Rules

    Calista Jayne

    Three simple rules. Two hot professors. One helluva good time.When I meet Chance and Ethan, I know immediately that these dominant professors can give me what I need, what I crave....

  • Filthy Fiction synopsis, comments

    Filthy Fiction

    Calista Jayne

    What do you get when you cross a steamy romance author with two hot guys who compete for her attention? A whole fton of sexual frustration.And that’s where I find myself, caught be...

  • Ihnen verfallen synopsis, comments

    Ihnen verfallen

    Calista Jayne

    Ich bin mit dem Sohn eines erfolgreichen Geschäftsführers zusammen. Aber weil ich als Dienstmädchen arbeite, behandelt mich mein Freund wie ein schmutziges Geheimnis.Als mein Freun...

  • Daddys Prinzessin synopsis, comments

    Daddys Prinzessin

    Calista Jayne

    Wirst du ein braves Mädchen sein?Ich habe mich noch nie so sicher gefühlt wie bei diesen beiden Männern. Sie sind intensiv, anspruchsvoll und so sündhaft schmutzig.Natürlich ist ni...

  • Ihnen unterworfen synopsis, comments

    Ihnen unterworfen

    Calista Jayne

    Ihre schmutzige Disziplinierung ist meine Rettung.Ich fordere sie auf Schritt und Tritt heraus, breche ihre Regeln, teste ihre Grenzen … und doch versuchen sie immer wieder, mich z...

  • Dirty Diction synopsis, comments

    Dirty Diction

    Calista Jayne

    They want to call me theirs, but I have to convince them to share.If you are here for:smuttysmutsmutconsensual sexytimestwo dominant men who punish and cherish their womana little ...

  • Tempting Tales synopsis, comments

    Tempting Tales

    Calista Jayne

    A relationship with two men can mean double the fun…or double the heartbreak.Just when I thought we were escaping one danger, an even darker element from Terrence’s past is barreli...