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Cowan is a surname of both Scottish-Irish and Jewish origins. As a Scottish or Irish surname The name Cowan is first seen in the historical record in the UK and Ireland among Briton people in the Scottish and English borderlands. It derives from the old Gaelic MacEoghain or MacEoin (the "mac" prefix meaning "son of") or the Gaelic given name Eoghan. Alternate Anglicized spellings in Scotland include Cowen and Kewon. Similar names with the same derivation in Ireland and Northern Ireland are Coen, Coan, and Coyne, as well as McKeown and McKeon (the Irish prefix "mc" having the same meaning as the Scottish Gaelic "mac"). As a Jewish surname Cowan is a variant of Cohen, the Hebrew for "priest". The oldest and probably the most common Jewish family name in existence, Cohen indicates descent from the biblical priestly family, Cohanim. According to tradition, the Cohanim are descendants of Aaron, the first high priest, and the elder brother of Moses. The Cohanim performed consecrated duties in the Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem until the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE and still have certain duties and prerogatives in religious life. A great many variants of the name are documented all over the world. In many cases Cohen was transformed into vernacular-sounding names. This enabled Jews in the Diaspora both to maintain their Jewish tradition, as well as to become part of their host society. Among the forms frequent in the Mediterranean region are Kahin, Al-Kuhen, El-Kohen, Kouihen, Choen, Xohen and Cof(f)en. Variants documented in Europe include: Cowen and Cowan (England); Cohn, Conn, Kahn, Kohn(e) and Kohner (Germany and Austria); Cahn, Cahen, Cahon, Caen and Cain (France); Coen (Italy); Cahan, Cahona, Kahana, Kahano, Kahane, Kon, Koihen, Kagan, Kogan, Kaplan, Kohnowsky, Koganovitch, Kahanow, Kahansky, Konstamm (Eastern Europe). Cohan, Cohane, Cohne, Cone, Coon, Kan and Koon are recorded in the United States. The old title Kohen Tzedek, meaning in Hebrew "authentic priest" (a more accurate translation than the more common term "righteous priest"), indicated authentic lineage. It was abbreviated to Katz, literally "cat" an animal name, in Yiddish and German, and became the source of numerous family names. Cohanim/Cohens who had broken one of the sacred laws or special rules applying to them were sometimes known as Halal and no longer called Cohen. Some took different family names, among them the North African Bettan and Ben Kessous. Distinguished bearers of the Jewish family name Cowan include the British lieutenant colonel Phineas Cowan (1832-1899) and the 20th century Polish-born Australian educator Henry Jacob Cowan. Notable people with the surname Adeline May Cowan, Scottish botanist Andrew Cowan (disambiguation), several people Austin M. Cowan (1885–1949), Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court Barry Cowan (broadcaster), journalist and broadcaster Barry Cowan (tennis), former tennis player Cathy A. Cowan, American economist and social scientist Charles Cowan (1801–1889), Scottish politician and papermaker Charles Cowan (cricketer) (1883–1958), Welsh-born English cricketer and naval officer Charley Cowan (1938-1998), American football player Clyde Cowan, co-discoverer of the neutrino Darcy Rivers Warren Cowan, Australian medical practitioner David Tennant Cowan, British World War II general known as "Punch" Cowan Denys Cowan, American comic book artist and television producer Ed Cowan, Australian cricketer Edith Cowan, first female member of an Australian parliament Elliot Cowan, actor Ernest Cowan, Western Australian politician Glenn Cowan, American table tennis player, involved in Ping Pong Diplomacy Hendy Cowan, Western Australian politician Henry Cowan, British politician Henry Kenneth Cowan, a British medical practitioner Hugh Cowan, a former Canadian church minister, historian, author and editor James Alexander Cowan, son of Hugh Cowan, was a Canadian writer and a well known public relations consultant James Cowan (author), Australian author James Cowan (British Army officer) MAjor General British Army James Cowan (South Australian politician) Jean Hunter Cowan, Scottish artist Jeff Cowan, ice hockey player Jerome Cowan, actor Joe Cowan, American football player John Cowan, American soul music and progressive bluegrass vocalist and bass guitar player John Cowan (RAN officer), Australian navy officer John Cowan (sheriff), Lord Mayor of London John Cowan (South Australian politician) John Lancelot Cowan, South Australian politician John Macqueen Cowan (1892-1960), Scottish botanist John W. Cowan, American programmer involved with Unicode and Lojban Lee Cowan, American news correspondent. Lawrence Cowan (1858–1933), American politician, lawyer, and businessman Michael Cowan (born 1933), English cricketer Nelson Cowan, American researcher in psychology, specialized in working memory Patrick Cowan, American football player Philip R. Cowan Ralph Wolfe Cowan (1931-2018), American artist Ralph Cowan (politician) (1902–1990), Canadian politician Ralph Cowan (cricketer) (born 1960), English cricketer Ralph Cowan (footballer), Scottish footballer Reed Cowan, American journalist Richard Cowan (bass-baritone) (1957–2015), American operatic bass-baritone Richard Cowan (cannabis activist), a leader of NORML and proponent of the decriminalization of marijuana Richard Cowan (soldier), posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor Riki Cowan (born 1963), New Zealand rugby union player Robert Cowan (governor), Governor of Bombay from 1729 to 1734 Samuel Cowan (born 1941), British general Thomas Cowan (South Australian politician) Thomas F. Cowan, New Jersey State Senator and Assemblyman Tim Cowan, American football player Tom Cowan (born 1969), Scottish footballer Tom Cowan (filmmaker) (born 1942), Australian filmmaker Tommy Cowan (born 1946), Reggae producer and singer Walter Cowan (1871–1956), Royal Navy admiral who saw service in both WWI and WWII William "Mo" Cowan (born 1969), U.S. Senator from MassachusettsSee also James Cowan (disambiguation) John Cowan (disambiguation) Thomas Cowan (disambiguation) William Cowan (disambiguation)References . Discover the David Cohne popular books. Find the top 100 most popular David Cohne books.

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