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Imagine is a series of simulation video games primarily for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, and Wii game consoles, released from October 2007 to February 2013. Imagine video games are aimed primarily at girls aged six to fourteen and are published by Ubisoft. Background The Imagine series of games allows players to take on the role of various occupations, such as a fashion designer, rock star, movie star or teacher. Ubisoft became a leader in publishing "games for girls" for the Nintendo DS and Wii through the Imagine, Ener-G, and Petz series. Reception IGN stated that Imagine games vary wildly in quality, describing some games as "boring and soulless cash-ins that serves no purpose other than to financially take advantage of uninformed teenage girls" and others as "surprise hits [that] turned out pretty darn well." Games A large number of games have been released under the Imagine banner. These include: References. Discover the E3 Imagine popular books. Find the top 100 most popular E3 Imagine books.

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    123 Counting Around the World

    E3 Imagine

    123 Counting Around the World teaches your child numbers while also becoming familiar with children from many countries and cultures around the world. Your children will love pl...

  • 123 Counting Around the World HD synopsis, comments

    123 Counting Around the World HD

    E3 Imagine

    "123 Count the World With Me HD!" features REAL KIDS in REAL PLACES around the world.  Count Geese in Germany, Horses in Mongolia, and Pyramids in Egypt!  Your child will...