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This is a list of people who have held general officer rank or the rank of brigadier (together now recognized as starred officers) in the British Army, Royal Marines, British Indian Army or other British military force since the Acts of Union 1707. See also Category:British generals – note that a "Brigadier" is not classed as a "general" in the British Army, despite being a NATO 1-star equivalent rank. Prior to the mid to late-1990s, British ranks used a hyphen. Hence, in the lists below: 1* = Brigadier-General/Brigadier 2* = Major-General (prior to 1990s) / Major General (mid 1990s onwards) 3* = Lieutenant-General (prior to 1990s) / Lieutenant General (mid 1990s onwards) 4* = General 5* = Field Marshal(dates after the name are birth and death) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Major-General Thomas David Graham Quayle , Royal Artillery General Sir Edward QuinanR S T U Major-General Peter Alfred Ullman (1897—1972) Brigadier-General Percy Umfreville , Royal West Kent Regiment, Military Prisons Director Brigadier William Ernest Underhill (1898—1968) Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Crofton Campbell Uniacke, GOC Royal Artillery Brigadier Robert Babington Everard Upton (1896—1977) Lieutenant General Sir Tyrone Urch Major-General Robert Elliott Urquhart (1901—1988) Major-General Ronald Urquhart Brigadier Thomas Clive Usher (1907—1982) Major-General John Edward Utterson-Kelso (1893—1972) Brigadier Sir Robin Unsworth 1941 to dateV W X Lieutenant-General Sir David XimenesY Brigadier-General Hon. Henry Yarde-Buller Brigadier Morris Yates (1900— ) Briagadier General Clement Yatman, GOC Infantry Brigade Brigadier Kenneth Darlaston Yearsley (1891— ) Brigadier Herbert Charles James Yeo (1892— ) Major-General Alan Yeoman Field Marshal Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany Field Marshal Sir Charles Yorke Major-General the Venerable John Youens Major-General Alexander Young Major-General Bernard Keith Young (1892—1969) Lieutenant-General Sir David Young Brigadier Desmond Young (1892—1966) Brigadier Henry Ayerst Young (1895—1952) Major-General James Young Brigadier-General Sir Julian Mayne Young (1872—1961) Major-General Peter Young Brigadier Peter Young (1915—1988) Major-General Robert Young, GOC Infantry Brigade Major-General Elton Younger Major-General Sir Jack Younger, Baronet. Major-General John Edward Talbot Younger (1888—1974) Major-General Ralph Younger (1904—1985) Major-General Sir George Younghusband Brigadier George Edward Younghusband (1896—1970) Field Marshal John French, 1st Earl of YpresSee also List of field marshals of the British Army List of British Army full generals List of serving senior officers of the British Army List of generals of the British Empire who died during the First World WarExternal links Official website of the British ArmyReferences. Discover the Edward O Wilson Morgan Ryan Gael Mcgill popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Edward O Wilson Morgan Ryan Gael Mcgill books.

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