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Elizabeth Lennox (March 16, 1894 – May 3, 1992), also known as Louise Terrell, was an American contralto singer. She made over 150 musical recordings in the 1920s, on the Brunswick, Edison, Victor, and Columbia labels. Early life Elizabeth Lennox was born in Ionia, Michigan the daughter of Lambert E. Lennox and Hester Anna Tyrell Lennox. Her parents were from Canada. Her father was a Methodist clergyman, and her older sister Olive Lennox was a pianist who sometimes accompanied her. She graduated from the Cosmopolitan School of Music in Chicago. Her father's work meant that she lived in various towns as a child; she counted Benton Harbor, Michigan as one of her hometowns. Career Lennox began her professional singing career as a church soloist in Chicago, and in New York. She sang mainly in concert and oratorio programs, and made over 150 recordings in the 1920s, on the Brunswick, Edison, Victor, and Columbia labels. Some of her recordings were made under the name "Louise Terrell" (using a variation on her mother's maiden name). She explained that making recordings helped her hear her own voice and find where improvements were needed. "People may try to flatter you by saying you are singing perfectly," she said, "but the record certainly shows up every little imperfection in a wonderful way."Lennox also taught voice in Michigan, as a young woman. She and accompanist Ann Straton Miller made a national concert tour during the 1921–1922 season. In the 1930s she often performed on radio programs, including on the American Album of Popular Music, and in a regular weekly slot on CBS Radio's "Broadway Varieties" show.After she retired from professional performance in the 1940s, she was program committee chair of the South Shore Music Club, a women's club in Connecticut, and was executive vice-president of the Connecticut Symphony Orchestra. Personal life Lennox was tall, "distinctly the type for whom tailored clothes were made," according to a 1937 profile. She married George Percival Hughes, an advertising executive, in 1922. Their son David Gratton Hughes was born in 1926. Her husband died in 1967, and she died in 1992, aged 98 years, in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her son became a musicologist on the faculty at Harvard University. Her granddaughter Catherine E. C. Hughes was a television news reporter and an Emmy-nominated filmmaker. References External links Elizabeth Lennox singing "Abide with Me" with Marie Tiffany in 1920, on Internet Archive Louise Terrell singing "Don't You Remember the Time?" with Charles Hart in 1920, on Internet Archive Elizabeth Lennox singing "I Cannot Sing the Old Songs" in 1924, on Internet Archive. Discover the Elizabeth Lennox popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Elizabeth Lennox books.

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  • Romantic Acquisition synopsis, comments

    Romantic Acquisition

    Elizabeth Lennox

    The Sixth (and last) in the Attracelli Series! Conservative and serious Carlo Attracelli vows he’ll never fall into the gentle grip of love. Then he meets the outrageously dressed ...

  • Mistress to the Prince synopsis, comments

    Mistress to the Prince

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Third story in the Royal Cordova Family Trilogy! In love with a prince is a horrible state of affairs for a commoner. Especially when he's your boss.  Tara Jacobs smothers her...

  • Escaping a Royal Wedding synopsis, comments

    Escaping a Royal Wedding

    Elizabeth Lennox

    First Story in the Cordova Royal Family Trilogy! Princess Anastasia Elisia Marquenda of Cordova is horrified when she is told that, despite a decade long betrothal, her wedding dat...

  • Her Unexpected Admirer synopsis, comments

    Her Unexpected Admirer

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Revealing secrets can be terrifying!   Living two lives was exhausting.  During the day, Kate lived the life of an accountant but during the night, she released her passi...

  • Fighting with the Infuriating Prince synopsis, comments

    Fighting with the Infuriating Prince

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Jalayla couldn’t believe the arrogance of the man!  To actually order her around?  How rude!  But beneath the surface of her anger towards the handsome prince, there...

  • Proposal to Love synopsis, comments

    Proposal to Love

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Michael Attracelli is captivated by Darcy Madison's legs, leaving him oblivious to her proposal. His thoughts are consumed by this diligent workaholic, and he's determined to revea...

  • Dangerous Seduction synopsis, comments

    Dangerous Seduction

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Betrayed by her first husband, Samantha packed up her life and drove out west.  Never intending to stop in Montana, she felt called to the DeBron ranch.  Landing a job as...

  • Intimate Desires synopsis, comments

    Intimate Desires

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Hannah is trying to get on with her life, but unexpected obstacles a hot cop and a dead body are making it a challenge! With her short and regrettable marriage over, she is thrill...

  • Her Secret synopsis, comments

    Her Secret

    Elizabeth Lennox

    “That’s my child!”  Sheik Talal is stunned to discover that Kate is not only back in Altair, but that she’s given birth to his son.  His heir!  She’s just ...

  • Her Gentle Capture synopsis, comments

    Her Gentle Capture

    Elizabeth Lennox

    he truly hates him! Adriana is good at her job!  And she’s not going to sit back and take her current boss’s grumpy moods any longer! Feisty and creative, Adriana succeed...

  • His Reluctant Lover synopsis, comments

    His Reluctant Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Don’t provoke a southern woman! As a southerner, Georgette has certain standards.  But when Dylan Alfieri walks into the ballroom, all of her southern manners and poise are un...

  • His Unexpected Lover synopsis, comments

    His Unexpected Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Their eyes first met across a crowded Georgetown bar, and an unexpected magnetism kept them locked together. There with her friends, Kiera Ward never expected the handsome, debonai...

  • His Expectant Lover synopsis, comments

    His Expectant Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    She’d felt his eyes caress her….and she should have run the other way! Andi couldn’t believe how hard she’d fallen for Antonio Alfieri.  But from the moment they saw each othe...

  • His Erotic Obsession synopsis, comments

    His Erotic Obsession

    Elizabeth Lennox

    She’d been in love with the man since her first day on the job.  And that love had grown deeper the longer she worked for him.  But the man was obsessed with another woma...

  • His Challenging Lover synopsis, comments

    His Challenging Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Xander Thorpe is ensnared by the irresistible allure of Autumn Hallman, the tantalizingly efficient, beautiful, saucy office manager at The Thorpe Group. Their daily office clashes...

  • Intimate Whispers synopsis, comments

    Intimate Whispers

    Elizabeth Lennox

    How about a tasty sandwich for lunch, with a side of … death threats? Detective Colt Mallory and his partner get much more than they bargained for during their brief midday meal br...

  • Blackmailed by the Billionaire synopsis, comments

    Blackmailed by the Billionaire

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Greek tycoon Nikolai Andretti is out for revenge. Four years ago, Tabitha MacComber made a fool of him. Now he has gained controlling interest in her family’s business. He makes a ...

  • His Captive Lover synopsis, comments

    His Captive Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    She’d been arrested?! Mia's disbelief morphed into sheer panic as handcuffs clamped around her wrists. A kindergarten teacher accused of murdering her exfiancé?   The courtroo...

  • In the Mood for Romance synopsis, comments

    In the Mood for Romance

    Elizabeth Lennox

    In this single free collection, Elizabeth Lennox provides the excerpts to all of her works of romantic fiction, as well as many short stories which serve as introductions and back ...

  • The Samara Royal Family Series Introduction synopsis, comments

    The Samara Royal Family Series Introduction

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Sheik Jiran and his beautiful wife Ava raised five strong, smart, attractive, and precocious offspring.  In this bundle of short stories, learn more about Ramzi, Turk, Rais, C...

  • Dancing with the Dangerous Prince synopsis, comments

    Dancing with the Dangerous Prince

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Ciara shivered when she felt his eyes upon her.  She trembled when she looked upon him as well.  When they found themselves in the woods, alone and tempted, she fought th...

  • Her Tender Tyrant synopsis, comments

    Her Tender Tyrant

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Life wasn’t always logical…unfortunately! Marcus Alfieri expected life to make sense.  Science and logic should apply to every situation.  He’d built a massive empire by ...

  • His Secretive Lover synopsis, comments

    His Secretive Lover

    Elizabeth Lennox

    Being the daughter of a famous art thief, Cricket has learned how to steal, lie, cheat, and get away with practically anything.  She has the skills to sneak into a museum with...