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This list consists of all major naval and merchant ships involved in Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of allied troops from the Dunkirk area from 26 May to 4 June 1940. The operation was administered by the British Admiralty with the Royal Navy providing the bulk of large vessels. They were accompanied by several other vessels of allied navies, most notably the French, as well as many merchant ships, some previously requisitioned and converted for naval use, and others called into service from their civilian roles due to the urgency of the situation. Hundreds of small privately owned craft, known as the Little Ships of Dunkirk, not listed here, were crucial in ferrying from the beaches to these larger vessels, whilst the majority of troops embarked directly at Dunkirk harbour. Legend Name (Pennant Number) These are listed in alphabetical order disregarding any ship prefixes, which are not used by the French or Belgians. Pennant numbers are provided in brackets where known. These were generally displayed on the ship's hull, though not on destroyer leaders such as HMS Montrose (D01/I01). In May–June 1940 the Royal Navy was in the process of re-allocating the pennant numbers of many of its destroyers, in most cases the number remained the same whilst the initial letter (known as the flag superior) changed, D and F became I and G respectively. Where it has not been possible to confirm which was being displayed on a destroyer at the time of Dunkirk, both have been shown in brackets. Flag The ensign flown by each vessel to indicate its nationality. The civil ensigns of France and Belgium, as well as the naval ensign of France, are the same as their national flag, although with differing dimensions. The United Kingdom uses the White Ensign for all commissioned naval vessels and the Red Ensign for civilian vessels, collectively known as the Merchant Navy. The Blue Ensign was used for non-naval vessels in Government service, for example hospital ships and troopships. There is some evidence they flew the Admiralty Ensign, now known as the Government Service Ensign, but this has not been confirmed by any photographic evidence from World War II. Tonnage Different measures are commonly used for the size of commercial and naval vessels: Gross register tonnage (GRT) is the total internal volume of commercial vessels, including those requisitioned and converted for naval use, whilst displacement is the weight of water displaced by the hull, used for fleet naval vessels such as destroyers, minesweepers and sloops. These are therefore not comparable but have been placed in the same column for conciseness. Notes Bibliography Bertke, Donald A.; Kindell, Don; Smith, Gordon (2011). World War II Sea War, Volume 2: France Falls, Britain Stands Alone. Dayton, Ohio: Bertke Publications. ISBN 978-1-937470-00-5. Colledge, J. J.; Warlow, Ben, Lt. Cdr. (2010). Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy from the 15th Century to the Present. Oxford: Casemate Publishers. ISBN 978-1-935149-07-1. Colledge, J. J. (1989). Ships of the Royal Navy, Volume 2: Navy-Built Trawlers, Drifters, Tugs and Requisitioned Ships From the Fifteenth Century to the Present. London: Greenhill Books. ISBN 1-85367-028-6. Friedman, Norman (2009). British Destroyers: From Earliest Days to the Second World War. Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84832-049-9. Friedman, Norman (2006). British Destroyers & Frigates: The Second World War and After. Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5267-0282-1. Gardner, W. J. R. (2000). The Evacuation from Dunkirk: 'Operation Dynamo'. 26 May-4 June 1940. London: Frank Cass Publishers. ISBN 0-7146-8150-4. Jordan, John; Moulin, Jean (2015). French Destroyers: Torpilleurs d'Escadre & Contre-Torpilleurs 1922-1956. Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84832-198-4. Konstam, Angus (2017). British Destroyers 1939-45: Pre-war classes. Oxford: Osprey Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4728-1636-8. Konstam, Angus (2017). British Destroyers 1939-45: Wartime-built classes. Oxford: Osprey Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4728-2580-3. Mordal, Jacques (1968). Dunkerque (in French). Paris: Éditions France-Empire. Winser, John de S. (1999). B.E.F. Ships before, at and after Dunkirk. Gravesend, Kent: World Ship Society. ISBN 0-905617-91-6. Kindell, Don, "Naval Events, May 1940 (Part 4 of 4) Wednesday 22nd – Friday 31st", British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day, naval-history.net<. Discover the Gwyn Mcnamee popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Gwyn Mcnamee books.

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