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David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962 – September 12, 2008) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and university professor of English and creative writing. Wallace's 1996 novel Infinite Jest was cited by Time magazine as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005. His posthumous novel, The Pale King (2011), was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2012. The Los Angeles Times's David Ulin called Wallace "one of the most influential and innovative writers of the last twenty years". Wallace grew up in Illinois and attended Amherst College. He taught English at Emerson College, Illinois State University, and Pomona College. After struggling with depression for many years, he died by suicide in 2008, at age 46. Early life and education David Foster Wallace was born in Ithaca, New York, to Sally Jean Wallace (née Foster) and James Donald Wallace. The family moved to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where he was raised along with his younger sister, Amy Wallace-Havens. His father was a philosophy professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His mother was an English professor at Parkland College, a community college in Champaign, which recognized her work with a "Professor of the Year" award in 1996. From fourth grade, Wallace lived with his family in Urbana, where he attended Yankee Ridge Elementary School, Brookens Junior High School and Urbana High School. As an adolescent, Wallace was a regionally ranked junior tennis player. He wrote about this period in the essay "Derivative Sport in Tornado Alley", originally published in Harper's Magazine as "Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes". Although his parents were atheists, Wallace twice attempted to join the Catholic Church, but "flunk[ed] the period of inquiry". He later attended a Mennonite church. Wallace attended Amherst College, his father's alma mater, where he majored in English and philosophy and graduated summa cum laude in 1985. Among other extracurricular activities, he participated in glee club; his sister recalls that he "had a lovely singing voice". In studying philosophy, Wallace pursued modal logic and mathematics, and presented in 1985 a senior thesis in philosophy and modal logic that was awarded the Gail Kennedy Memorial Prize and posthumously published as Fate, Time, and Language: An Essay on Free Will (2010). Wallace adapted his honors thesis in English as the manuscript of his first novel, The Broom of the System (1987), and committed to being a writer. He told David Lipsky: "Writing The Broom of the System, I felt like I was using 97 percent of me, whereas philosophy was using 50 percent." Wallace completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at the University of Arizona in 1987. He moved to Massachusetts to attend graduate school in philosophy at Harvard University, but soon left the program. Later life In 2002, Wallace met the painter Karen L. Green, whom he married on December 27, 2004. Wallace struggled with depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicidal tendencies, and was repeatedly hospitalized for psychiatric care. In 1989, he spent four weeks at McLean Hospital—a psychiatric institute in Belmont, Massachusetts, affiliated with Harvard Medical School—where he completed a drug and alcohol detoxification program. He later said his time there changed his life. Dogs were important to Wallace, and he spoke of opening a shelter for stray canines. According to his friend Jonathan Franzen, he "had a predilection for dogs who'd been abused, and [were] unlikely to find other owners who were going to be patient enough for them". Abuse allegations In the early 1990s, Wallace was in a relationship with writer Mary Karr. She later described Wallace as obsessive about her and said the relationship was volatile, with Wallace once throwing a coffee table at her as well as physically forcing her out of a car, leaving her to walk home. Years later, she claimed that Wallace's biographer D. T. Max underreported Wallace's abuse. Of Max's account of their relationship, she tweeted: "That's about 2% of what happened." She said that Wallace kicked her, climbed up the side of her house at night, and followed her five-year-old son home from school. Work Career The Broom of the System (1987) garnered national attention and critical praise. In The New York Times, Caryn James called it a "manic, human, flawed extravaganza ... emerging straight from the excessive tradition of Stanley Elkin's The Franchiser, Thomas Pynchon's V., [and] John Irving's World According to Garp". In 1991, Wallace began teaching literature as an adjunct professor at Emerson College in Boston. The next year, at the suggestion of colleague and supporter Steven Moore, Wallace obtained a position in the English department at Illinois State University. He had begun work on his second novel, Infinite Jest, in 1991, and submitted a draft to his editor in December 1993. After the publication of excerpts throughout 1995, the book was published in 1996. In 1997, Wallace received a MacArthur Fellowship. He also received the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction, awarded by editors of The Paris Review for one of the stories in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, which had been published in the magazine. In 2002, Wallace moved to Claremont, California, to become the first Roy E. Disney endowed Professor of Creative Writing and Professor of English at Pomona College. He taught one or two undergraduate courses per semester and focused on writing. Wallace delivered the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class at Kenyon College. The speech was published as a book, This Is Water, in 2009. In May 2013 parts of the speech were used in a popular online video, also titled "This Is Water". Bonnie Nadell was Wallace's literary agent during his entire career. Michael Pietsch was his editor on Infinite Jest. Wallace died in 2008. In March 2009, Little, Brown and Company announced that it would publish the manuscript of an unfinished novel, The Pale King, that Wallace had been working on before his death. Pietsch pieced the novel together from pages and notes Wallace left behind. Several excerpts were published in The New Yorker and other magazines. The Pale King was published on April 15, 2011, and received generally positive reviews. Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times wrote that The Pale King "showcases [Wallace's] embrace of discontinuity; his fascination with both the meta and the microscopic, postmodern pyrotechnics and old-fashioned storytelling; and his ongoing interest in contemporary America's obsession with self-gratification and entertainment." The book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Throughout his career, Wallace published short fiction in periodicals such as The New Yorker, GQ, Harper's Magazine, Playboy, The Paris Review, Mid-American Review, Conjunctions, Esquire, Open City, Puerto del Sol, and Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. Themes and styles Wallace wanted to .... Discover the Jason Wallace Poetry popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Jason Wallace Poetry books.

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  • Were You the One synopsis, comments

    Were You the One

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    You've lied to meAnd tried to steal my soulI can't try to beAnythingWhen I can't beHalf a manOr let aloneCome closeTo being wholeYou got me contemplatingMy whole lifeAnd constantly...

  • Lost It All synopsis, comments

    Lost It All

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I could be the one to cherish youTo always let you know I'm there for youTo be the rock to hold you upWhen you feel like you'll fallIf you're not afraid you'll failYou might find H...

  • Oh Why, Oh Why synopsis, comments

    Oh Why, Oh Why

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Love, love, loveI don't believe itIf you ask me againI could leave itIt's a lieThat someone once startedTo tell the innocentAnd the brokenheartedSo why even tryA four letter wordSo...

  • Amazing synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Something so amazingIs harder to findThan any riches, so I'm facingThe dilemma of my other sideComing out while the good one hidesBut I promise I will kill that manAnd leave him be...

  • Dying synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I'll keep hangin onI won't let myselfBe a victim anymoreI don't careIf you forgive meYou can cause me painAt most, my blood will stainAnd scab, and it will healYou can't kill me!

  • All for You synopsis, comments

    All for You

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    All the times that I tried,I tried to doAnything, everything, any bit of bettering,And I’m withered, and I’m blistered, and I’m bleedingAll for you.

  • My Addiction synopsis, comments

    My Addiction

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    She will always be everything I want and everything I wish i could need.

  • Broken Angel synopsis, comments

    Broken Angel

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I wish you could find the sameBecause in your brainYou seem to think that it's okTo leave someone hurting in such a wayBreaking hearts, tearing apartAll inclinationTo move past sen...

  • Dreams Never Come True synopsis, comments

    Dreams Never Come True

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I used to think it was us.I used to think it was you.But now all I can thinkIs dreams never come true.Was it me, Baby?Was it no use?Is there a reasonDreams never come true?I can't ...

  • I Could Have Lied synopsis, comments

    I Could Have Lied

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    II could have liedAnd said that I'm alrightWhen you asked me how I wasEven though I triedI never could denyThat I never had enough

  • Put Down This Drink synopsis, comments

    Put Down This Drink

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Tonight, I don't thinkThat I could put down my drinkAnd have to go back to thatLonely, lonesome homeWhere it all leaves me all aloneAnd there's no one there to hear me sayThat I wi...

  • Red as It Runs synopsis, comments

    Red as It Runs

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Silence, I insistIs the best to resist your words,Mighty but missed, highly unaided,Guiding a knife straight to my wrist,Washing the blood, red as it runsIt’s not half the pain of ...

  • Hang synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I...Don't want to hurt youBut I...Don't know how much I can careAll I doIs seem to curse youAnd I...Don't know if that's being fair

  • Again Alone synopsis, comments

    Again Alone

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    So aloneI'm turning to stoneThe blood in my veinsJust spilled on the groundAnd no one's aroundBut pain I causedFor us bothIt's a demon whose faceHas already shownI thought being gr...

  • In the Dead of Night synopsis, comments

    In the Dead of Night

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I know. I know. I know.You just had to goI'm not glad you wentBut with all those crazy nightsI'm so glad you cameWhen you wake upIn the dead of nightFeeling so emptyAnd full of fri...

  • Did You Imagine synopsis, comments

    Did You Imagine

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Hand to faceAm I realNot at all the oneTaste, lipsFeelHoping for more... but noneDid you imagineWe could do this hereI'm no oneI'm just the man thatMade it clear that I want you cl...

  • Dead Inside, Deep Inside synopsis, comments

    Dead Inside, Deep Inside

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I'll be in a coffin sooner than I wanna beIf I don't get some shit to help me seeThe struggles I'm gonna see.I'm altering the free thingsThat are here for us all.Life is a strife t...

  • Ignorama synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Leave me as you met me...So lonely and scared.Please forget me...Very cold and gray.I can still see youAnd hear the words you tried to say.You called me by nameAnd faded away...But...

  • Before I Get Too Bad synopsis, comments

    Before I Get Too Bad

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    The pain I've felt so longCould never have beenWithout reasonEvery bit of it could never be wrongBecause it's taught me whatTo really say and how to mean itYou're so good I can't b...

  • Dead Inside synopsis, comments

    Dead Inside

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Only nothingness exists, but I don't give a shit... too dead inside to care.

  • You Never Respect Me synopsis, comments

    You Never Respect Me

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    All thisMakes me sickSo much moan and pissLike I could ever give a shitEveryone everywhereIs always lookin at meThey stop and stareAnd then blow past meExcept all the onesI thought...

  • Empty and Broken synopsis, comments

    Empty and Broken

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Empty and broken,Oscillating to answer toEverything everyone says of me,Demanding my attention,No careful condemnationErasing my innocenceInvasion of anythingI ever thought I'd be

  • Over the Edge synopsis, comments

    Over the Edge

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    When I’m screaming,No one hears a word that’s said.I guess that I am silent enoughThat I go unnoticed, and it’s best.I keep dreamingThat something will ease awayAnd get better and ...

  • I Know Not of Love synopsis, comments

    I Know Not of Love

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Your dream of this creation called love is just the blinding nightmare you've convinced yourselves is there to bring hope.

  • Just a Few Love Poems synopsis, comments

    Just a Few Love Poems

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I can't go on any longerWithout making amends.Are we still lovers,Or are we just friends?I apologize.I know that I've been wrong.If you could see my eyes,Would you seeThat our love...

  • All That You Ignore synopsis, comments

    All That You Ignore

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to everHave something more than just this pain.I’m ready to be forgottenAnd to know that I don’t have to remainIn this, all of this, all of it...

  • It All Falls Down synopsis, comments

    It All Falls Down

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    It all falls downHeaven ain't just in the skyYour pot of goldMight not beWhere you were toldIt might be in my eyes

  • Break Down N Die synopsis, comments

    Break Down N Die

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Could I still be a manIf all of this makes me cryMaybe I'm not doin all I canCuz maybeAll your promises were liesMaybe everythingWe thought we had is goneMaybe that's whyI wanna br...

  • Like Some Movie synopsis, comments

    Like Some Movie

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    This is all like some movie,Except nobody I know ever gets rich.They just deal with a lot of shit.All the liars, thieves, and hypocritesTake everything away,Or at least, most of it...

  • Pain synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I thought I'd murder...Hurt her.I loved it.My first love first earnedI learned to not trust.I fd my lifeI nearly lost my lifeFor herFor her.Whenever I saw my fuse shorter...I tried...

  • Somewhat My Heart synopsis, comments

    Somewhat My Heart

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    In the place of our love,You filled in with hurt,Colored unimaginable ,Unfulfilled first,And I wasn't enough,And I knew that so muchI tried so hard to make it all workBut you went ...

  • Still Undead synopsis, comments

    Still Undead

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    This all drags me downI see what looks like bloodUpon my hands and faceI cannot chase awayThe tears I tasteOr wash away allThe years I've watched myself wasteAs I lie here so lifel...

  • This Spirit synopsis, comments

    This Spirit

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    This spirit,I fear it.I've felt it.I've dealt it,Dismay, defeat, decay.Repeat. Replay.

  • Miss Perfect, Never, Did synopsis, comments

    Miss Perfect, Never, Did

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    She's miss perfectPerfect for me in every wayBut I'm so concernedThat I no longer hear her sayShe wants me anymoreAnd I don't know what forI'm afraid

  • I Would Move a Mountain synopsis, comments

    I Would Move a Mountain

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I would move a mountainTo heal your pain.I would take it allAnd not complainIf it could be in that bed,So torn and afraid.We share someone,The one that took your nameAnd gave me li...

  • The Valiant Soldier synopsis, comments

    The Valiant Soldier

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    For my grandfather and all of those who, like him, served bravely in the military, giving their all to fulfill sense of duty.

  • Everything That You Are synopsis, comments

    Everything That You Are

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    The touch that makes me weakSoft skin on cheekEverything wonderfulWhen you're in my armsSo breathlessI have to fight to speakI love everything that you are

  • I Am Still Lonely synopsis, comments

    I Am Still Lonely

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    One of the loneliest and darkest times of my life, demonstrating the emergence of the depths of the human soul, brought out in verse.

  • Pushed Around synopsis, comments

    Pushed Around

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Along you go but can't seem to holdOnto the only thing you've ever knownBlinded by their lights that they burn your eyesActing likeThey never meantTo cause you pain, to cause disco...

  • Final Goodbyes synopsis, comments

    Final Goodbyes

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    One thingThat you haveTo always know is trueHowever longEternity isIt won't be enoughFor me to stop loving you

  • Anymore synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    Anymore,Are you lonely?Are you quietSince only the silenceKnows what you meantWhen you said what you meantAnd meant what you said.And I don't have a clueWhere you went...But I drea...

  • You Did Me In synopsis, comments

    You Did Me In

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    You did me inFrom the start,When you talked to me.You had my soul. You had my heart,But you wanted much more than me.

  • Useless synopsis, comments


    Jason Wallace Poetry

    I'm sorry if...I was never there.But you never understoodThat I don't care!You're more than a thornIn my sideOr a scorn on my prideCausing pain inside.You're useless!So useless!

  • Tell Me Why synopsis, comments

    Tell Me Why

    Jason Wallace Poetry

    You meant more to meThan the ones before.Tell me why.You were no better than them,But I loved you more.Tell me why.I die day by day.Tell me why.I don’t mindThat you’re now away.Tel...