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Joel Dee "Jody" McCrea (September 6, 1934 – April 4, 2009) was an American actor. He was the son of actors Joel McCrea and Frances Dee. Career McCrea had small roles in his father's film, Wichita (1955). He was also in Lucy Gallant (1955). While still at UCLA he had the lead role in Johnny Moccasin (1956), a half hour film made for television by Laslo Benedek as a white boy raised by Indians after a massacre. McCrea followed this with a good supporting role in a feature starring his father, The First Texan (1956). McCrea studied under Sanford Meisner for two years in New York City. He appeared on television in Chevron Hall of Stars ("Flowers for Charlie McDaniels"), The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show ("Return to California", "George's Gray Suit", "Fighting for Happiness"), Conflict ("No Man's Road" with Gig Young and Dennis Hopper), Studio One in Hollywood ("Babe in the Woods" – The New York Times said that "his playing was not too resourceful"), Sergeant Preston of the Yukon ("The Criminal Collie"), and Kraft Theatre ("The Last of the Belles").He had a supporting role in Naked Gun (1956), and The Monster That Challenged the World (1957). He made Trooper Hook (1957) and Gunsight Ridge (1957) with his father and was one of several young names in Lafayette Escadrille (1958) and The Restless Years (1958). He later briefly hosted Country Style, USA (1957–59), an Army-produced recruiting television program filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring various country music entertainers. Wichita Town In 1959, McCrea costarred with his father in the short-lived NBC western Wichita Town, set in Wichita, Kansas. Joel McCrea appeared as Marshal Mike Dunbar. Jody McCrea did not portray the role of Joel's son on the program but as the deputy marshal, Ben Matheson. 1960s roles McCrea had a small role in All Hands on Deck (1961) and could be seen in the episode, "The Wrestler" on the ABC situation comedy, Guestward Ho!, starring Joanne Dru. He toured the country with The Tiger a production from Moral Rearmament. He did The Moon is Blue and Look Homeward Angel in stock.McCrea was cast as Lieutenant (later General) John J. Pershing in the 1962 episode, "To Walk with Greatness", on the syndicated television anthology series, Death Valley Days. In the early 1960s, McCrea guest starred on the CBS game program, I've Got a Secret with Garry Moore. His appearance was part of a group of entertainers related to famous Hollywood personalities. McCrea had support parts in Force of Impulse (1961) and The Broken Land (1962). McCrea made Young Guns of Texas (1962) with James Mitchum, look-alike son of Robert Mitchum, and Alana Ladd, daughter of Alan Ladd. James Mitchum, Alana Ladd and Jody McCrea are billed above the title in that order. The film's supporting cast features Chill Wills and Robert Lowery. Beach Party films McCrea had a supporting role in Operation Bikini (1963) at American International Pictures starring Tab Hunter and Frankie Avalon. He impressed the studio enough for them to cast him in a comedic role as dumb-minded Deadhead (Bonehead) in Beach Party (1963), starring Avalon and Annette Funicello. When cast in the beach pictures, he realized his comedic potential. When first offered the role of Deadhead, for example, he was quoted at the time as saying that he "wasn't sure what the character would become". McCrea felt that the audience enjoyed Deadhead as they felt superior to him.McCrea was an avid body builder, and the only actor appearing in the American International Pictures beach movies who could surf. The film was a big hit, and after appearing in Law of the Lawless (1964) and The Greatest Show on Earth, McCrea reprised his performance as Deadhead in Muscle Beach Party (1964) and Bikini Beach (1964).He recorded a 45 rpm single in 1964 for Canjo Records to coincide with the film Bikini Beach (side A: "Chicken Surfer"/Side B: "Looney Gooney Bird"). He also wrote a script titled Stage to Nowhere which appears not to have been made. McCrea played the Big Lunk in the 1964 film Pajama Party, with Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello in the lead parts. McCrea had a small part in Young Fury (1965) and played Lieutenant Brannin, a cocky cavalry officer based loosely on George Armstrong Custer, in Sam Peckinpah's Major Dundee (1965), but his scene was deleted from the final cut. He also appeared in Wagon Train ("The Betsy Blee Smith Story"), then returned to AIP beach movies with Beach Blanket Bingo (1965). McCrea played Bonehead, again the same character – but it was his biggest role in the series, having a romance with a mermaid. McCrea was back as Bonehead in How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965), the last Beach Party movie in which he appeared. He was replaced by Aaron Kincaid for Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. Later films McCrea guest starred on Vacation Playhouse ("Three on an Island") and Pistols 'n' Petticoats ("The Pilot"). He had a lead role as a biker in The Glory Stompers (1967), and starred in Sam (1967) for Larry Buchanan. He was a judge on Dream Girl of '67. McCrea had a supporting role in Scream Free! (1968) and the lead in The Girls from Thunder Strip (1970). McCrea starred in a Western Cry Blood, Apache (1970) which he also produced. He retired after November Children (1972). Death McCrea was married to the former Dusty Ironwing from 1976 until her death in 1996. He raised her children, David Ironwing and Jaquet Ironwing, as his own.After retiring from films he became a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico, but came out of retirement to appear in 1981 in Lady Street Fighter.He died in 2009 of a heart attack at the age of 74. Filmography References External links Jody McCrea at IMDb Jody McCrea at Brian's Drive-in Theatre Obituary at Los Angeles Times. Discover the Jeff Shelby popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Jeff Shelby books.

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    Jeff Shelby

    Joe Tyler knows life will never be normal.Not after his daughter Elizabeth’s abduction and near decadelong absence, and not after his exwife’s murder. He just wants a chance to put...

  • Beauty and the Thief synopsis, comments

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    Beauty is only skin deep…especially when someone ransacks and robs a freelancing senior citizen's blossoming beauty business.Sunny Springfield has one thing she's supposed to be fo...

  • Bail Out synopsis, comments

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    An old friend comes calling, asking for help and willing to pay Noah a premium price.But Darren Van Welker isn't really an old friend – he's more of an old enemy from high school. ...

  • Close Out synopsis, comments

    Close Out

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    Working as a bouncer at a local nightclub isn't Noah Braddock's ideal gig. He'd rather be solving cases, but his private investigator skills aren't exactly in high demand…until Cyn...

  • Wicked Break synopsis, comments

    Wicked Break

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    Noah Braddock is just living from wave to wave, catching a nice break from his private eye business. So when Peter Pluto asks Noah to look for his missing younger brother, Linc, No...

  • The Last Time I Saw Them synopsis, comments

    The Last Time I Saw Them

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    A new thriller from the bestselling author of Thread of Hope.When Kat Maddox's family set out for a day of fishing and never returned, the crushing pain and heartache brought her l...

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    Killer Swell

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    Noah Braddock remembers Marilyn Crier as the stuckup mother of his high school girlfriend, Kate. Back then she thought Noah was strictly out of her daughter's league. Now she's app...

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    Jeffrey Allen

    For stayathome dad Deuce Winters, the cutthroat world of suburban kiddie sports leagues is unavoidable. In his small town of Rose Petal, Texas, Moises Huber is known as the King of...

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    Being found doesn't mean Elizabeth Tyler isn't still lost.After a rough start to her road trip in search of answers to her past, Elizabeth finds herself in Phoenix. She knows why s...

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    Joe Tyler finally has his daughter – and the answers to what happened that fateful day years ago. After spending nearly a decade searching for her, Elizabeth is home and the people...

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    Noah Braddock needs a job.After striking a deal with the district attorney, Noah is settling back in to life in San Diego. But work is hard to come by, so when he's offered a case ...

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    Elizabeth Tyler is finally home.After years spent searching for her, Joe Tyler found his daughter and brought her home. But things aren't perfect and Joe is still looking.Not for h...

  • Last Resort synopsis, comments

    Last Resort

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    All Daisy Savage wants is a vacation. A romantic getaway with her husband. Seven blissful days at a fancy resort to relax, recharge and renew.What she gets instead is a dead body a...

  • What She Knows synopsis, comments

    What She Knows

    Jeff Shelby

    Elizabeth Tyler is at the end of the road.She's come full circle, back to Minnesota, to the place she was taken after being abducted from her real family.Elizabeth [is there becaus...

  • Locked In synopsis, comments

    Locked In

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    Noah Braddock's past won't leave him alone.After a selfimposed exile in Florida, Noah is back in San Diego, ready to face the fallout from the crime he committed. He doesn't want t...

  • Thread of Truth synopsis, comments

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    A missing kid. Two desperate parents. And a story that just doesn't add up. Joe Tyler knows all about finding missing kids, so when Desmond Locker's parents ask for help ...

  • Alibi High synopsis, comments

    Alibi High

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    Daisy Savage has one goal when she signs up to volunteer at her daughter's high school: get her hours done and go home. But that's before she discovers the school's computer lab ha...

  • Thread of Revenge synopsis, comments

    Thread of Revenge

    Jeff Shelby

    Joe Tyler’s life is almost normal.His daughter is back home. His relationship with her mother is stronger than ever. The three of them are living under one roof, eager to start the...

  • Thread of Suspicion synopsis, comments

    Thread of Suspicion

    Jeff Shelby

    Joe Tyler has a picture. After years of looking for his missing daughter, Elizabeth, and coming up empty, he finally has something. A picture of her shortly after her abduction, s...

  • Death At The Diner synopsis, comments

    Death At The Diner

    Jeff Shelby

    When Daisy's daughter, Emily, takes a job at a local restaurant she ends up serving more than she bargained for.Moose River’s beloved Officer Ted falls ill after eating some t...

  • Thread of Betrayal synopsis, comments

    Thread of Betrayal

    Jeff Shelby

    So close... Joe Tyler is close to finding his daughter. After a narrow miss in Minnesota, Joe follows a money trail to Denver, hoping to finally find Elizabeth, the daughter who ...

  • Cutting Ties synopsis, comments

    Cutting Ties

    Jeff Shelby

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Oasis Ridge.Except it isn't December, and no one's in a very jolly mood.Sunny's attempts to fill the holidays with events for the res...

  • Dead in the Dorm synopsis, comments

    Dead in the Dorm

    Jeff Shelby

    A summer stay at Northwoods University is the perfect way for Daisy Savage and her family to vacation together…until someone ends up dead in one of the dorms. With Emily, her ...

  • School of Murder synopsis, comments

    School of Murder

    Jeff Shelby

    Daisy Savage and her family were promised a weekend of fun at Northwoods University. They got a dead body instead.When Emily, Daisy’s eldest daughter, makes plans to visit a colleg...

  • Thread of Doubt synopsis, comments

    Thread of Doubt

    Jeff Shelby

    Joe Tyler is done with investigations. Or at least he tells himself he is.He has a new job teaching history at the local high school, and his daughter, Elizabeth, is no longer at h...

  • The Murder Pit synopsis, comments

    The Murder Pit

    Jeff Shelby

    <b>Their old house was a money pit...but <i>a murder pit</i>?</b>Daisy Savage finally has everything she wants. A new husband. A bunch of kids. A charming o...

  • Deep Water synopsis, comments

    Deep Water

    Jeff Shelby

    Noah's going back to college…but this time, to investigate a death.A young coed's death has been ruled an accident, but the university fears a lawsuit from the girl's family and hi...

  • Wipe Out synopsis, comments

    Wipe Out

    Jeff Shelby

    The unexpected death of a friend in the surfing community brings an old classmate into Noah’s life. A classmate looking for answers.When Mitchell Henderson, the owner of The Blue W...

  • Thread of Hope synopsis, comments

    Thread of Hope

    Jeff Shelby

    This is the FIRST book in the Joe Tyler series.If someone took your child, how soon would you stop looking for her? If someone accused your best friend of a terrible crime, when wo...

  • Dead by Dinner Time synopsis, comments

    Dead by Dinner Time

    Jeff Shelby

    Dinner time isn't supposed to be deadly.Not at home and not at a restaurant, and most certainly not at Oasis Ridge, the Florida retirement home where Sunny Springfield works as the...

  • Drift Away synopsis, comments

    Drift Away

    Jeff Shelby

    Forced to leave San Diego after his life is destroyed by tragedy, Noah is hiding and trying to heal on the Florida Panhandle. Paralyzed by fear and the pain of loss, he’s isolated ...

  • Assisted Murder synopsis, comments

    Assisted Murder

    Jeff Shelby

    Birthdays are a time for celebration…and murder?Daisy and her family travel to sunny Florida to help celebrate Jake’s grandmother’s 100th birthday, intent on reconnecting with Jake...

  • Dead in the Water synopsis, comments

    Dead in the Water

    Jeff Shelby

    Sunshine, relaxation, and…murder.Daisy and the family are excited for their weeklong Caribbean cruise, but the trip quickly derails with the discovery of a dead body. The ship's se...

  • What She Lost synopsis, comments

    What She Lost

    Jeff Shelby

    After nearly a decade, Elizabeth Tyler was finally found.But she's still lost.Going back to her family – the family she was stolen from as a small child – should have been easy for...

  • Foul Play synopsis, comments

    Foul Play

    Jeff Shelby

    Snow White is missing.When the star of the Moose River community theater’s production goes missing, Daisy is reluctantly drawn to the case – and not just because her two youngest d...