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The Shannon family is an American family whose members are best-known for their involvement in reality television. The family first appeared on TV in 2011, when June "Swamp Mama" Shannon and her at-the-time five-year-old daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, appeared on the TLC series, Toddlers & Tiaras. Alana's victories within the children's beauty pageant circuit coupled with her outgoing personality meant the two regularly appeared on the show and their success with audiences ultimately allowed them to have their own reality TV series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which featured Alana's siblings, Anna, Jessica, and Lauryn, and other extended family members. Other programs featuring the family include Mama June: From Not to Hot, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors. The family has been the center of numerous controversies early on. One of their biggest scandals to date, the revelation that June had rekindled a relationship with a man who had molested one of her daughters, ultimately resulted in TLC cancelling Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, in the wake of the show's popularity and cost the family any chance at royalties earned from syndication. The family received another chance at their own series on We TV with Mama June: From Not to Hot, which chronicled June's weight loss following bariatric surgery, but the fate of that show currently hangs in the balance as June and her longtime partner, Eugene "Geno" Doak, were arrested in March 2019 for felony drug possession. The Shannons June Shannon June Edith "Mama June" Shannon (born August 10, 1979) is the matriarch of the Shannon family, the mother of Anna, Jessica, Lauryn, and Alana. She was born in McIntyre, Georgia to Sandra Hundley and Marvin Shannon, who divorced when she was two. She has three siblings: Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon, Joanie Shannon (now McDonald) and James Edward Shannon; and two half-sisters, Michelle Shannon and Nicole Shannon. Due to childhood cataracts that went untreated, June is legally blind. June became pregnant with her first daughter, Anna, at 14 and gave birth just days after her 15th birthday. She dropped out of school when she became pregnant, but she later earned her GED. June pursued relationships with men who would later become convicted sex offenders; her daughters Jessica and Lauryn were fathered by Michael Anthony Ford (b. 1977), who was found guilty of trying to exploit oral sex from a minor female online; and she briefly dated Mark McDaniel, who was convicted of abusing Anna and whom Lauryn believed to be her biological father for some time. Her youngest daughter, Alana, was born in 2005, fathered by Mike Thompson, from whom June split in 2014. She came out as bisexual, alongside Lauryn, in 2015, saying she had been intimate with women but had never been in a relationship with a woman.As an adult, June struggled with being morbidly obese, weighing 460 pounds at her heaviest. She subsequently underwent bariatric surgery, having part of her stomach removed as part of a sleeve gastrectomy, in 2016 and reportedly lost more than 300 pounds thanks to the surgery as well as the help of dieting and personal trainer, Kenya Crooks. In addition to her significant weight loss, she underwent cosmetic surgery, spending a reported $75,000 to further improve her appearance. Her weight loss journey was the basis for the reality TV show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, which aired on We TV on February 24, 2017. A second season premiered on January 5, 2018. She is currently in a relationship with Geno Doak. Doak has a criminal record, having served jail time for burglary, theft, and criminal damage to property and in March 2019, they were both arrested for felony drug possession in Alabama. She currently resides in Hampton, Georgia. Anna Cardwell Anna Marie "Chickadee" Cardwell (nee Shannon; born August 28, 1994) is the eldest of June's four children; her father is David Dunn. Because June was so young when Anna was born, having just turned 15 before she gave birth, she initially considered placing Anna for adoption by her aunt and uncle, Janice and James Shannon, but the paperwork was never finalized and Anna ultimately ended up being raised by her maternal grandmother, Sandra. While in June's custody, Anna was sexually abused by June's then-boyfriend, Mark McDaniel, who was later convicted for his crimes. Like her mother, Anna became pregnant as a teenager and gave birth to her first child, daughter Kaitlyn Elizabeth, in 2012. Kaitlyn has the surname Clark, after Anna's longtime boyfriend Caleb Clark, but Anna has never publicly named Kaitlyn's father; she has only said that they haven't spoken since Kaitlyn was two months old and that he was engaged with two children. She and Clark eventually broke up and Anna went onto marry Michael Cardwell (b. 1992). The two wed on May 25, 2014 and moved to Alabama, where their daughter Kylee Madison was born in 2015. Anna and Michael separated in 2017 and Anna returned to Georgia with her two children.Anna has had a strained relationship with June, as June defended McDaniel in regards to accusations that he sexually assaulted her and reportedly began dating McDaniel again in 2014. Additionally, Anna alleged that June had stolen thousands out of her trust fund, leaving her with less than $18 in her savings account. During the time Anna involved lawyers in an effort to gain access to her accounts, which were managed by June, she took to social media in an effort to make money selling products that claimed to prevent Ebola, in the midst of the Ebola epidemic in the United States, which subjected her to backlash. Jessica Shannon Jessica Louise "Chubbs" Shannon (born October 12, 1996) is June's second daughter; her father is Michael Anthony Ford. She shares a father with her younger sister Lauryn, though Lauryn was raised believing that Mark McDaniel was her biological father. When the family moved from McIntyre, Georgia to Hampton, Georgia, 17-year-old Jessica didn't accompany them, as she had less than three months until her high school graduation. Lauryn Efird Lauryn Michelle "Pumpkin" Efird (nee Shannon; born January 7, 2000) is June's third daughter and her second by Michael Anthony Ford, a convicted sex offender. Lauryn was raised believing her father was Mark McDaniel, a former partner of June's who was convicted for sexually abusing Anna. She has a daughter Ella Grace with Joshua Efird. At the age of six, Lauryn was struck by lightning. In 2018, she stated that she wished she'd waited until she was older to have children and that it hadn't been her intention to become a teen mother. Lauryn came out as bisexual, alongside June, in 2015. She married Joshua Efird, the father of her daughter Ella, in April 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alana Thompson Alana Frances "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson (born August 28, 2005) is the fourth and youngest of June's daughters; her father is June's former longtime partner Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson. Alana beg.... Discover the Jill Shannon popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Jill Shannon books.

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