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The Sword and Sorceress series is a series of fantasy anthologies originally edited by American writer Marion Zimmer Bradley, and originally published by DAW Books. As she explained in the foreword to the first volume, she created the anthology to redress the lack of strong female protagonists in the subgenre of sword and sorcery. At the time, most female characters in sword and sorcery were little more than stock damsels in distress, or pawns who were distributed at the conclusion of the story as "bad-conduct prizes" (Bradley's term) for the male protagonists. Many of the early sword-and-sorcery works featured attitudes toward women that Bradley considered appalling. As the Sword and Sorceress series grew in popularity with readers, she began to receive increasing numbers of excellent submissions. As a result, she had to become more selective, and to shorten her reading periods accordingly. For the eighteenth volume, which she was editing at the time of her death, she had enough material for three volumes. After her death, it was decided to take as many as possible of the stories she had tentatively chosen and publish them in three annual volumes, thus extending the series. After volume twenty was published, the publisher decided to extend an invitation for an additional volume under Diana L. Paxson, an editor who had worked with Bradley, with the possibility of additional volumes being published if it became a success. The Sword and Sorceress series is noteworthy not only for its introduction of strong female protagonists into a subgenre previously dominated by male characters, but for its financial success. Unlike most anthologies of original fantasy short fiction, they routinely earned out their advances and continued to pay their authors royalties for years afterward, often on foreign sales. In addition, many authors who made their first professional sales in the Sword and Sorceress anthologies subsequently enjoyed successful careers as novelists. In February 2007, the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, which holds her copyrights, negotiated a contract with Norilana Books to publish a new volume and proceed to elicit submissions. The book was published in November, and the editor was Elisabeth Waters. Norilana Books has published four more books of the series, also edited by Elisabeth Waters. From 2012 to 2019 the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust published the Sword and Sorceress anthologies. Anthologies Sword and Sorceress I 1984. ISBN 978-0-88677-359-5 (USA edition) 1986. ISBN 978-0-87997-928-7 (USA edition) 1988. ISBN 978-0-7472-3105-9 (UK edition)"The Heroic Image of Women: Woman as Wizard and Warrior"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "The Garnet and the Glory"—Phyllis Ann Karr "Severed Heads"—Glen Cook "Taking Heart"—Stephen L. Burns "The Rending Dark"—Emma Bull "Gimmile's Songs"—Charles R. Saunders "The Valley of the Troll"—Charles de Lint "Imperatrix"—Deborah Wheeler "Blood of Sorcery"—Jennifer Roberson "With Four Lean Hounds"—Pat Murphy "House in the Forest"—Anodea Judith "Sword of Yraine"—Diana L. Paxson "Daton and the Dead Things"—Michael Ward "Gate of the Damned"—Janet Fox "Child of Orcus"—Robin W. Bailey "Things Come in Threes"—Dorothy J. HeydtSword and Sorceress II 1985. ISBN 978-0-88677-041-9 (USA Edition) 1986. ISBN 978-0-88677-360-1 (USA Edition) 1988. ISBN 978-0-7472-3106-6 (UK Edition)"Introduction"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "A Night at Two Inns"—Phyllis Ann Karr "The Red Guild"—Rachel Pollack "Shadow Wood"—Diana L. Paxson "Unicorn's Blood"—Bruce D. Arthurs "The Unshadowed Land"—C. J. Cherryh "Shimenege's Mask"—Charles R. Saunders "The Black Tower"—Stephen Burns "The Lady and the Tiger"—Jennifer Roberson "Fireweb"—Deborah Wheeler "Cold Blows the Wind"—Charles de Lint "Sword of the Mother"—Dana Kramer-Rolls "Hunger"—Russ Garrison "On First Looking into Bradley's Guidelines"—Elizabeth Thompson "The Chosen Maiden"—Raul Reyes "Red Pearls"—Richard Corwin "Wound on the Moon"—Vera Nazarian (within the anthology this is titled The Wound in the Moon)Sword and Sorceress III 1986. ISBN 978-0-88677-141-6 (USA edition) 1986. ISBN 978-0-88677-302-1 (USA edition) 1988. ISBN 978-0-7472-3107-3 (UK edition)"The Evolution of Women's Fantasy"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "Dragon-Amber"—Deborah Wheeler "Enter the Wolf"—A. D. Overstreet "Valley of the Shadow"—Jennifer Roberson "The Song and the Flute"—Dorothy J. Heydt "Journeytime"—Dana Kramer-Rolls "Orpheus"—Mary Frances Zambreno "Scarlet Eyes"—Millea Kenin "The River of Tears"—Anodea Judith "Fresh Blood"—Polly B. Johnson "The Mist on the Moor"—Diana L. Paxson "Bargains"—Elizabeth Moon "A Woman's Privilege"—Elisabeth Waters "Talla"—J. Edwin Andrews "Tupilak"—Terry Tafoya "Sword-Sworn"—Mercedes Lackey "A Tale from Hendry's Mill"—Melissa Carpenter "S.A.R."—Patricia B. Cirone "More's the Pity"—L. D. Woeltjen "Marwe's Forest"—Charles R. Saunders "The Hunters"—Mavis J. AndrewsSword and Sorceress IV 1987. ISBN 978-0-88677-210-9 (USA edition) 1989. ISBN 978-0-88677-412-7 (USA edition) 1989. ISBN 978-0-7472-3364-0 (UK edition)"Introduction"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "A Tale of Heroes"—Mercedes Lackey "The Woodland of Zarad-Thra"—Robin W. Bailey "The Weeping Oak"—Charles de Lint "Gullrider"—Dave Smeds "Blood Dancer"—Diana L. Paxson "Kayli's Fire"—Paula Helm Murray "The Ring of Lifari"—Josepha Sherman "Rite of Passage"—Jennifer Roberson "The Eyes of the Gods"—Richard Corwin "Fate and the Dreamer"—Millea Kenin "The Noonday Witch"—Dorothy J. Heydt "Redeemer's Riddle"—Stephen L. Burns "The Tree-Wife of Arketh"—Syn Ferguson "Spell of Binding"—Richard Cornell "Storm God"—Deborah Wheeler "Die Like a Man"—L. D. Woeltjen "Death and the Ugly Woman"—Bruce D. Arthurs "Bloodstones"—Deborah M. VogelSword and Sorceress V 1988. ISBN 978-0-88677-288-8 (USA edition) 1989. ISBN 978-0-7472-3389-3 (UK edition)"Introduction or Something"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "Sorcerer's Pet"—Margaret L. Carter "Into the Green"—Charles de Lint "Eyes of the Laemi"—Janet Fox "Jewels"—Linda Gordon "Dance of the Healer"—M. R. Hildebrand "One Night at the Inn"—Millea Kenin "Keys"—Mercedes Lackey "Drum Duel"—Gerald Perkins "The Eye of Toyur"—Diana L. Paxson "Peet's Bride"—Dana Kramer-Rolls "Warrior's Way"—A. D. Overstreet "Spoils of War"—Jennifer Roberson "Cholin of Carnel"—B. A. Rolls "Rite of Vengeance"—Deborah Wheeler "Bloodstone"—Mary Frances Zambreno "Sword Singer"—Laura J. Underwood "Stormbringer"—Steve Tymon "Sorceress of the Gulls"—Dave Smeds "Runaways"—Josepha Sherman "The Golden Egg"—Morning Glory Zell "Revised Standard Virgin"—Rick Cook "Dragon Lovers"—Cynthia DroletSword and Sorceress VI 1990. ISBN 978-0-88677-423-3"Introduction"—Marion Zimmer Bradley "Equona's Mare"—Diana L. Paxson "The Hand of Fatima"—Shariann Lewitt "Commencement"—Lynne Armstrong-Jones "A Lesser of Evils"—Morning Glory Zell "And Sáavüld Danced..."—Kier Neustaedter "Stone of Light"—Linda Gordon "Change of Command"—Nancy Jane Moore "The Starry King"—Vera Nazarian "Mirror Image"—Nina Boal "Slee.... Discover the Jonathan Moeller popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Jonathan Moeller books.

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  • The Tower of Endless Worlds synopsis, comments

    The Tower of Endless Worlds

    Jonathan Moeller

    Give me a hundred guns, and I will conquer my world.THOMAS WYCLIFFE just wants to finish his dissertation in peace and quiet. So when a man in a black robe appears in his closet, c...

  • Ghost Keeper synopsis, comments

    Ghost Keeper

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor's spies in the city. She is a master of stealth and disguise, and seeks to find the legendary Staff ...

  • A Wizard of the White Council synopsis, comments

    A Wizard of the White Council

    Jonathan Moeller

    FIND ALASTARIUS ON EARTHThose four words have driven ARRAN BELPHON through the dark places between the worlds to Earth itself. Somewhere on Earth, he knows, the last Wizard of the ...

  • Ghost Sword synopsis, comments

    Ghost Sword

    Jonathan Moeller

    Kylon of House Kardamnos is a stormdancer of New Kyre, and his city has survived both the war with the Empire and the fury of an ancient sorceress.But now a new enemy comes, alien ...

  • Ghost in the Ashes synopsis, comments

    Ghost in the Ashes

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is a Ghost nightfighter, one of the elite agents of the Emperor of Nighmar, and she has defeated both corrupt lords and mighty sorcerers.As the Padishah of Istarinmul ...

  • The Black Paladin synopsis, comments

    The Black Paladin

    Jonathan Moeller

    The renegade Adept Marsile has escaped from the Conclave of Araspan, and now seeks for a mighty source of dark magic that will give him the strength to destroy his enemies.Only the...

  • Ghost in the Vision synopsis, comments

    Ghost in the Vision

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina only intends to make a brief stop in the city of Istarinmul before taking the necromantic Sword of the Iron King to the safety of the Towers of Lore. But the Padishah of...

  • The Assassins synopsis, comments

    The Assassins

    Jonathan Moeller

    Rachaelis has survived the terrible ordeal of the Testing, and is now a full Adept of the Conclave. Yet even with her newfound magical power, she still faces danger. Assassins prow...

  • Ghost Dagger synopsis, comments

    Ghost Dagger

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina is a Ghost nightfighter, one of the Emperor of Nighmar’s elite spies and assassins. She has defeated powerful sorcerers and thrown down corrupt lords.Yet can she defeat her o...

  • The Burning Child synopsis, comments

    The Burning Child

    Jonathan Moeller

    Rachaelis Morulan has defeated the wrath of a blood shaman and escaped the insidious lures of a high demon. At last she is ready to leave corrupt Araspan and start a new life.But t...

  • Ghost Nails synopsis, comments

    Ghost Nails

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor's spies in the city. Deadly danger stalks her at every turn, and Caina needs all the allies she can ...

  • Ghost Relics synopsis, comments

    Ghost Relics

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor's spies in the city. She is a master of stealth and disguise, and faces foes of terrible power.So wh...

  • The Testing synopsis, comments

    The Testing

    Jonathan Moeller

    Rachaelis is an Initiate of the Conclave, the powerful order of mighty mages. But to become a full Adept of the Conclave, she must first survive the Testing. Those who survive the ...

  • Blood Artists synopsis, comments

    Blood Artists

    Jonathan Moeller

    Morgant the Razor was once the most feared assassin in three nations. But now he has retired, and masquerades as a simple artist.Yet he cannot escape his notoriety so easily, and t...

  • Ghost Undying synopsis, comments

    Ghost Undying

    Jonathan Moeller

    Sicarion is an assassin without equal, skilled with both sword and spell, and no foe has ever escaped his devilish cunning.Yet when he accepts a contract to kill a renegade sorcere...

  • The Outlaw Adept synopsis, comments

    The Outlaw Adept

    Jonathan Moeller

    Thalia Kalarien is an Adept of the Conclave, one of mankind's defenders against the cruel demons of the astral world.But when an ancient blood sorcerer attacks the Conclave, Thalia...

  • Ghost Claws synopsis, comments

    Ghost Claws

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is a Ghost nightfighter, trained by the circlemaster Halfdan to be one of the Emperor’s elite spies and assassins.But when a foreign noble is ripped to shreds by a mys...

  • The Third Soul Omnibus One synopsis, comments

    The Third Soul Omnibus One

    Jonathan Moeller

    Combined in one volume for the first time, THE THIRD SOUL OMNIBUS ONE contains the thrilling first five adventures of THE THIRD SOUL saga THE TESTING, THE ASSASSINS, THE BLOOD SHA...

  • The High Demon synopsis, comments

    The High Demon

    Jonathan Moeller

    At last Rachaelis has tracked her enemy, the blood shaman Maerwulf, to his otherworldly lair. Now Rachaelis must face him and destroy him, before he claims her body as a vessel for...

  • The Destroyer of Worlds synopsis, comments

    The Destroyer of Worlds

    Jonathan Moeller

    I AM BECOME DEATH, THE DESTROYER OF WORLDSALLY WESTER struggles with her newfound powers in the white magic. But her power has drawn notice, and dark creatures desire to claim her ...

  • A Knight of the Sacred Blade synopsis, comments

    A Knight of the Sacred Blade

    Jonathan Moeller

    YOU MUST REMEMBERALLY WESTER is about to start college, and she wants nothing more than to do well in her studies.But the nightmares of the winged shadows, the flying hunters, will...

  • The Tomb of Baligant synopsis, comments

    The Tomb of Baligant

    Jonathan Moeller

    The Paladin Raelum has followed the renegade Adept Marsile to the edge of the world. With the aid of his companions, Raelum must stop Marsile from releasing the horrors sealed in a...

  • The Blood Shaman synopsis, comments

    The Blood Shaman

    Jonathan Moeller

    Rachaelis is in terrible danger.She has survived the Testing, and the efforts of the assassins to take her alive. Yet a dark priest hunts her, a wicked master of blood sorcery, an ...

  • Ghost Price synopsis, comments

    Ghost Price

    Jonathan Moeller

    Caina Amalas is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor's spies in the city. She is a master of stealth and disguise, and faces foes of terrible power.So wh...

  • The Fall of Kyrace synopsis, comments

    The Fall of Kyrace

    Jonathan Moeller

    Rykon is a stormdancer of Kyrace, a proud warrior of his city. Yet the vast armies of the Empire of Nighmar assail Kyrace's walls, and soon Rykon's home will fall to the enemy.And ...

  • The Tournament Knight synopsis, comments

    The Tournament Knight

    Jonathan Moeller

    Once banished by his father, Mazael Cravenlock is now a knight in the service of Malden, Lord of Knightcastle. When Lord Malden holds a tournament, Mazael expects to spend the day ...