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Julie Johnson may refer to: Julie Johnson (film), a 2001 independent American drama film Julie Johnson (actress), country singer and actress Julie Johnson (politician), American politician from Texas Julie A. Johnson, American clinical pharmacist Julie Howard, married name Johnson, former Canadian swimmer Julie Johnson, murder victim, see List of people executed in South CarolinaSee also Julie Johnston (disambiguation) Julia Johnson, singer-songwriter. Discover the Julie Johnson popular books. Find the top 100 most popular Julie Johnson books.

Best Seller Julie Johnson Books of 2024

  • At The Doors synopsis, comments

    At The Doors

    Julie Johnson

    Similar to the first collection (At The Crossroads), At The Doors is an assortment of playful, short poems that offer insight into the little moments of 'ordinary' l...

  • Silver Crown synopsis, comments

    Silver Crown

    Julie Johnson

    Emilia Lancaster is the royal family’s dirty little secret.Born the illegitimate daughter of a duke, for twenty years she’s lived as a commoner… despite the regal blood running thr...

  • Foreign Affairs synopsis, comments

    Foreign Affairs

    Julie Johnson

    FALLING IN LOVE ABROAD IS A DREAM COME TRUE.WELL... IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. After twenty years in the same small town, Faith Morrissey throws caution to the wind and books hersel...

  • At Last Sight synopsis, comments

    At Last Sight

    Julie Johnson

    AT LAST SIGHT follows Imogen, a freespirited clairvoyant on the run from her past, and Cade, the stubborn detective determined to give her a future… This oppositesattract romance s...

  • Strong Female Lead synopsis, comments

    Strong Female Lead

    Arwa Mahdawi

    'Fascinating . . . the most incredible argument for why a female model of leadership might actually be the more powerful and sustainable one' Scarlett Curtis'A bold, rigorous and l...

  • The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay synopsis, comments

    The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay

    Sheila Norton

    A heartwarming and uplifting tale of community, friendship and love to curl up with this summer – perfect for fans of Phillipa Ashley, Milly Johnson and Jill Mansell.'A thoroughly ...

  • The Books That Changed My Life synopsis, comments

    The Books That Changed My Life

    Bethanne Patrick

    One hundred of today’s most prominent literary and cultural icons talk about the books that hold a special place in their heartsthat made them who they are today.Leading authors, p...

  • Forever Your Royal synopsis, comments

    Forever Your Royal

    Melanie Summers & Ralf Schmitz

    Auf dem Weg zum royalen Happy EndEin Jahr nach ihrer Hochzeit erwarten Tessa Sharpe und Prinz Arthur von Avonia Nachwuchs. Zu Tessas Leidwesen verläuft die Schwangerschaft allerdin...

  • Bad Luck Charm synopsis, comments

    Bad Luck Charm

    Julie Johnson

    From internationally bestselling author JULIE JOHNSON... a bewitching new standalone romantic comedy set in magical Salem, Massachusetts!GWENDOLYN GOODE LIVES A CHARMED LIFE.As own...

  • Like Gravity synopsis, comments

    Like Gravity

    Julie Johnson

    Twenty yearold Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief. After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six, Brooklyn is guarded, damaged, and – by all accounts – a bitch....

  • Swimming in Light synopsis, comments

    Swimming in Light

    Debra Anastasia & Firouzeh Akhavan-Zandjani

    Kann eine Lüge Wahrheit werden?Ruffian will nur eins: seiner verstorbenen Mutter ein Denkmal setzen, indem er die obdachlosen Menschen, um die sie sich gekümmert hat, aus der bitte...

  • Maybe Your Royal synopsis, comments

    Maybe Your Royal

    Melanie Summers & Ralf Schmitz

    Eine royale Hochzeit mit Hindernissen ...Prinz Arthur, Kronprinz von Avonia, und Tessa Sharpe sind verlobt und könnten nicht glücklicher sein. Obwohl, eigentlich schon, denn die Ho...

  • The Wildflowers synopsis, comments

    The Wildflowers

    Harriet Evans

    'I adored The Wildflowers. A sweeping, epic, moving read' Marian KeyesThe new novel by Sunday Times bestseller Harriet Evans will transport you to a Dorset beach house, where you c...

  • Cross the Line synopsis, comments

    Cross the Line

    Julie Johnson

    Phoebe West has been headoverheels in love with her brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember.Not that he’s bothered to notice.Despite several mortifying attempts at se...

  • Secret Royal synopsis, comments

    Secret Royal

    Avery Flynn & Richard Betzenbichler

    Royal wider WillenNick Vane hat wichtigere Dinge zu tun, als der nächste Earl of Englefield zu werden. Doch als sein Großvater erkrankt und den Titel an ihn den amerikanischen Reb...

  • The Someday Girl synopsis, comments

    The Someday Girl

    Julie Johnson

    THE SOMEDAY GIRL is the 85,000 word follow up to THE MONDAY GIRL. It concludes the angsty, addictive storyline of THE GIRL duet.The movie has wrapped, but the drama is just getting...

  • The Monday Girl synopsis, comments

    The Monday Girl

    Julie Johnson

    Katharine Firestone is a bit of a mess.Between an acting career that’s never quite made liftoff to stardom, a pathetic love life of onlinedatingapp losers, and a maxedout balance o...

  • Jesus Was With Me All Along synopsis, comments

    Jesus Was With Me All Along

    Julie Johnson Mastel

    A young boy struggles with the issue of bedwetting. His friend Jesus is with him. He is also happy to realize that this will get better and that he won't always wet the bed.

  • WorkParty synopsis, comments


    Jaclyn Johnson

    First, we leaned in. Now we stand up.In this “muchneeded combo of real talk, confessions, and lessons learned along the way” (Chelsea Handler), Jaclyn Johnsonthe founder and CEO be...

  • On The Third Path synopsis, comments

    On The Third Path

    Julie Johnson

    What is on the third path?Dance, abundance, fugitive hearts, full moons and ringing bells...are a few things you might find on the third path...But where can you find the thir...

  • Wife in the North synopsis, comments

    Wife in the North

    Judith O'Reilly

    How far would you go to be the perfect mother? The hilarious Wife in the North by Judith O'Reilly, based on her enormously popular blog, recounts one woman's attempt to move her fa...

  • Unexpected Lessons in Love synopsis, comments

    Unexpected Lessons in Love

    Lucy Dillon

    Now with an exclusive extract from Lucy Dillon's uplifting new novel, After the Rain'Real, heartbreaking I loved it.' Katie Fforde'My heart is smashed and repaired for reading thi...

  • At The Edge of The Cliff synopsis, comments

    At The Edge of The Cliff

    Julie Johnson

    Continuing the throughline of the other poetry collections (At The Crossroads, At The Doors), At The Edge of The Cliff offers an assortment of playful...

  • Zombies Come In All Shapes And Sizes synopsis, comments

    Zombies Come In All Shapes And Sizes

    Julie Johnson

    One year, many years ago, while teaching a grade 78 class, I wanted to address the power of narratives through short stories rather than novels. Unfortunately, short stories f...

  • Drowning in Stars synopsis, comments

    Drowning in Stars

    Debra Anastasia & Firouzeh Akhavan-Zandjani

    Ich musste mich zwischen dir und mir entscheiden. Ich habe dich gewählt!Das Leben war nie einfach für Pixie und Gaze. Pixies Mutter ist nur selten zu Hause, Gaze’ Vater trinkt zu v...

  • At The Crossroads synopsis, comments

    At The Crossroads

    Julie Johnson

    Do you ever...lie awake at night with too many thoughts?try to understand why things happened as they did?attempt to label your habitual behaviours?wonder what good might come...

  • No Roses Round The Door synopsis, comments

    No Roses Round The Door

    K M Peyton

    Tom and Jo are the perfect professional couple, and think they have it all. But when Tom starts to think that he wants to be a father, and Jo can't bear the thought of sacrific...

  • Retreat to the Spanish Sun synopsis, comments

    Retreat to the Spanish Sun

    Jo Thomas

    Sometimes you just need to get away...'Warm and lifeenhancing, I wanted to move to Spain with these wonderful characters' Katie Fforde'A fabulous read celebrating the good things i...

  • Take Your Time synopsis, comments

    Take Your Time

    Julie Johnson

    For Delilah Sinclair, catching a man's attention has never been a problem.It's the part that comes later – the happilyeverafter part – that always seems to trip her up. Not that sh...

  • Say the Word synopsis, comments

    Say the Word

    Julie Johnson

    “I walked away from him… but I left my heart behind.”At eighteen, Lux shatters Sebastian’s heart – and breaks her own in the process.When their paths cross again unexpectedly in Ne...

  • One Good Reason synopsis, comments

    One Good Reason

    Julie Johnson

    Romance is a luxury Zoe Bloom simply cannot afford.After her childhood was shattered by unspeakable tragedy, Zoe has grown into a woman with walls so high, they're impossible to sc...

  • The Love That Lies Within synopsis, comments

    The Love That Lies Within

    Mia Sheridan & Barbara Först

    Er ist umgeben von Mauern aus Stein, Mauern aus Schuld. Sie ist gekommen, um sie mit der Kraft der Liebe einzureissen.Als die junge Tänzerin Clara von der geheimnisvollen WindisleP...

  • Hill of Greens synopsis, comments

    Hill of Greens

    Julie Johnson

    Hill of Greens explores what happens when a group of six strangers come together to address climate change through art activism in 2016.Most climate fiction stories are apocalyptic...

  • The Times I Knew I Was Gay synopsis, comments

    The Times I Knew I Was Gay

    Eleanor Crewes

    A charming, highly relatable graphic memoir about one woman’s coming out and coming of age that “brims with hope, and the joy that arises when one is finally ready to step out into...

  • Diamond Empire synopsis, comments

    Diamond Empire

    Julie Johnson

    All Hail Her Royal Majesty…In the wake of an unthinkable tragedy, Emilia Lancaster has become something she never imagined possible: the reigning Queen of Germania.Still reeling fr...

  • Glass Castle Prince synopsis, comments

    Glass Castle Prince

    Nicole Williams & Cécile G. Lecaux

    Heavy lies the crownPrinz Edward von Norland weiß, dass ein einziger Skandal genügt, um den Ruf seiner Familie und der gesamten royalen Dynastie zu zerstören. Während Gleichaltrige...

  • Womb Wisdom synopsis, comments

    Womb Wisdom

    Padma Aon Prakasha & Anaiya Aon Prakasha

    Tools to awaken the creative powers of the womb Contains exercises to open the womb’s energetic pathways, release toxic emotions, and harness creative potential Reveals how the w...

  • Never Your Royal synopsis, comments

    Never Your Royal

    Melanie Summers & Ralf Schmitz

    Wenn eine antiroyale Bloggerin in den Palast einzieht ...Tessa Sharpe verdient ihr Geld mit einem Blog mit einem antiroyalen Blog. Auf "The Royal Watchdog" hält sie mit ihrer nic...

  • The Daisy Chain synopsis, comments

    The Daisy Chain

    Julie Johnson

    At the heart of THE DAISY CHAIN are Geoff and Marcus, who, in 2018, are partners in love and business, and own and manage a vegan restaurant, The Daisy Chain. With Winona...

  • Golden Throne synopsis, comments

    Golden Throne

    Julie Johnson

    "The Princess Diaries meets Game of Thrones in this epic, engrossing royal romance..."Two months ago, Emilia Lancaster was a regular girl with a regular life.Now, through a cruel t...